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Pakistan: Specialised collection 1947-66 in 2 albums. 1947 opt KGVI India set to 25R (SG cat £160) plus Karachi opt 1a3p blk of 10 (mentioned in SG footnote), 1948 Pictorial set to 10R, plus perfs & redrawn designs. 1958 Scouts 6p opt plus variety blk, 1961 Decimal surch set to 13p plus 7p varieties inc blk with missing 'P' in 'PAISA', single with surch INVERTED & blk of 'A' in 'PAISA' missing. Also 1p inc various numeral sizes, surch INVERTED & blk with 1st stamp having 'PAISA' omitted. 1960 surch h/s in Mardan provisional range inc Officials. Officials inc 1947 opt KGVI India ½a-10R. 1954 Pictorial opt 10R perf 13, 1961 Decimal surch 7pa with surch offset. 1947 Provisional local h/s on various issues inc Officials. Interesting range of covers inc Postage Dues, Airletters, Official covers etc. Extras inc M & U. Most F-VF M/U for the basic stamps. SG cat £1200++, plus all the unpriced errors & varieties, & the covers. (660, 55 covers) (P)AVAILABLE at A$600