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Belgian Congo: 1886-1900 inc 1886 King to 5Fr. 1887 'Colis Postaux FR 3.50' opt King Fr. 1887-94 King to 10Fr inc 5Fr violet opt SPECIMEN 1887, 'Colis Postaux Fr 3.50' opt King 5Fr violet no frame plus 1889 5Fr violet opt with frame, flts. 1894-1900 Pictorials to 10Fr. All diff, couple doubtful items. Mostly F-VF M/U, some mixed condition. SG cat £4650+ = A$8300+. (31). (P)AVAILABLE at A$500
FDC Collection 1993-2013 on 320 hagners in 13 albums, extensive inc some AAT, Cocos, Christmas Is. Original cost for covers & albums (inc 320 hagners) $2000. All fresh & clean. (690+)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1858-1940s M/MUH on stock cards inc Austria 1858 Newspaper 1k05 imperf, Latvia 1931 Air Charity opt sets perf & imperf. Tuva 1935 Pictorial set to 5T. Tibet 1912-33 range of Native types. Romania 1865 Prince Cuza 20p. 1891 25th Anniv set. 1931 Scout set. Slovakia 1939-45 selection. Sweden 1858 Arms 24o (SG cat £550). 1874-1940s selection of Serbia, Montenegro & Yugoslavia inc 1941 German Occ opt set. Libau 1919 opt Germania to 50pf. Poland 1919 opt Austria to 2kr plus Newspaper 15h & 25h. 1921 Red Cross opt set. 1936 Gordon-Bennett opt set. 1934 Challenge opt set. F-VF M/MUH. SG cat £6900+ = A$12,000+, plus premium for the many early MUH. (900).SOLD at A$700

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Canada: 1860s-2000 Collection/accumulation on 80 hagners in massive slipcase binder with 1860s large QV (SG cat £690) inc 6c (3), 12½c (2) & 15c (9) small QV to 10c, 1893 QV 20c & 50c (2) - £155, Jubilee to 50c, 1897 QV set, 1898 2-leaf set, KEVII to 10c, 1908 Quebec set ex 15c (£320), then appears comp with at least 2 of every stamp, all the long Pic set to $1. From 1950 all have at least 1-3 of all M/MUH & up to 3 ea U. Also Official perfins (28) & opts (63) inc 1949 M to 20c inc extras (£200), Special Delivery, Postage Dues, booklets (45), some covers etc. Mixed condition early, generally F-VF M/MUH/U. Est cat £3200 to 1952, another £1000 for the later? -total £4200 = A$7600. (4000)SOLD at A$600

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Italy-Polish Corps & Settlements: 1946 collection inc Fieldpost set 45gr-2zl on greyish, low quality paper. War Relief set 15c-10L, plus opt set 15c-80c. Fieldpost imperf M/S. Airmail surch 5zl on 2zl mult plus error imperf at left UN. Airmail surch 25L+100L on 1l black & yellow. New Colours Fieldpost set 45gr-2zl, plus set in blks of 4. War Relief M/S set of 3, 1L+99 - 5L+195. Also Error of Colour 3L+246 red M/S & 3L+247 imperf M/S with extra large margins. Mostly F-VF MUH/M/UN as issued. Sass cat €6900+ = A$11,000+. Interesting & valuable lot. (41 plus 6 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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New Zealand: 1860s-1960s M/MUH on hagners inc QV perf Chalon 2d orange UN, plus Hausberg reprints 2d, 3d, 4d, 6d & 1/- (retail $690). 1873-1900 QV ½d to 1/-, 1898 Pics to 5/- no wmk, plus later with wmk & perfs, 1906 Christchurch set M plus 6d U, 1907 smaller Pics (3), KEVII set to 1/- plus extras, KGV 1915 set to 1/- ex 4d yellow & 4½d, plus extras, 1920 Victory set, 1925 Dunedin set, the 8 Airmails (none of the better Healths), 1935 Defs to 3/-, 1935 Jubilee (2 sets), 1936 Pics to 2/- inc perfs, then near comp to 1960 inc KGVI set to 3/-, 1940 Centennial sets, 1960 Defs to £1. Some G/FU, mostly F-VF M/MUH, some toning in earlies. STC £5400+ = A$10,000, most to 1936 with marked retail $3200+. (100s) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1975 Environmental Dangers 10c set on PO Official Publicity Card. F-VF. SG 586-88, ACSC 690x cat $150.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1897 QV Jubilee 1c-5c. F-VF fresh MUH. SG ex122-128 cat £106 for M, should be at least triple, £318 MUH, Unitrade 51-54 cat C$690/186. (4).AVAILABLE at A$100

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1941 Petain set 40c-2Fr50, plus Relief Fund 1Fr+10c, all IMPERF horiz prs. Superb fresh MUH, all 4 margins. SG 690-93(var), Maury 470-73nd & 494nd cat €690+. Very scarce. (5) (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1941 Petain set 40c-2Fr50 epreuvre collective. Superb fresh UN as issued. SG 690-93(p), Maury 470-73EPC cat €675. Extremely rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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Russia-Pleskau: 1941 'Pleskau' vert boxed opt Soviet set perf 20Kop/1k-60Kop/50k. VFU, on pieces with Pskov '17.10.41' cds. Mi ex 2-9 cat €690++, plus premium for such nice pieces. Only 2347 50k printed. Exp Krickmeyer & Krischke BPP, plus 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1891 Jubilee opt QV 2c carmine, blk of 4 from positions 5, 6, 11 & 12 with varieties 'short J in JUBILEE' on UR stamp & 'space between o & n' in Hong on UL stamp. VF MUH, dried gum evenly tropicalized. SG 51/51a/51f cat £3450 as M singles, should be at least double, £6900 MUH, plus premium for extremely rare setenant blk. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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1920 Pictorial 1/- black & sepia IMPERF Perkins Bacon reference sheet of 60 with centres greatly shifted left & sl diag. Defaced by large 'X' marked across. Top margin with m/s endorsements & '25 MAY 1920' h/s plus label affixed & endorsed '690 Printed, 600 Deld, 80 ?, 10 Specimens, 690' & initialled. SG 43(p) cat £420++ as normals. Unique sheet ex PB reference archive. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1952 Customs Clearance Card for parcel from the USA, franked def 40gr Refinery & Postage Dues 1zl (3) & 10gr vert BISECT (R half), tied by 'Lipnica Wielkan 23 6 52' cds. Mi 690, P143(var) & P151. Rare usage & franking. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200