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Thailand: Collection 1883-1985 in SG Devon album neatly written up with spaces for all issues inc 1883 SG 1 & 1887 to 12a U, 1899 to 64a U, 1905 to 9a U, 1909 surcharge odds to 14s U, 1910 to 5B U, 1928 to 5B U, 1947 defs U, 1950 values to 3B U, 1959 SEAP Games MLH, 1961 defs 1B, 3B MLH, 2B, 5B, 10B, 25B U followed by a good range of 1960s commems & special issues inc 1962 malaria MLH, 1963 Letter Writing Week, 1967 Birds part set U, 1967 Correspondence Week MLH, 1968 Fishes U & later inc 1973 Ranayama set U, other thematic sets Birds, Animals, 1977 Railway set U etc. SG cat £1550. Mostly VF & good solid collection. Ideal to expand on. (850)SOLD at A$220