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Italy: Valuable 1850s-2007 collection in 2 German s/books inc 1862 10c, 40c GU, 1862 2c yellow (3 UN, 1 U). 1863 15c (2 UN, 2U), Officials inc 1878 2c Surch noted 2c on 2c, 1884 Parcel Post inc to 1L25, 1890 Parcel Post Surch, 1910 Plebiscite set, 1924 Advertising Stamps inc 25c Reinach, 30c Columbia, 1926 St Francis to 5L25, 1928 400th Anniv inc 20L, 1930 7L70 Trans-Atlantic Flight, 1932 Garibaldi set, 1933 Zeppelin, 1933 2L25 Express, 1934 World Cup set, 1935 Bellini sets, 1950 Pics to 50L, 1951 Triennial set, Social Republic inc 1944 War propaganda inc 25c Navy, 30c Army & others. Good post-war with later mostly MUH. BoB inc 1870-1925 Postage Dues to 10L, Parcel Post inc 1884 10c, 25c to 1L25. Also Dodecanese Is selection & others. Some mixed condition/UN in earlies, o/w mostly F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £7100 = A$13,200. (2300 + 20 M/S) (P)SOLD at A$1000