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Poland: Used collection 1860-1939 almost comp in pre-WWII Witkowski album inc 1860 Arms 10k (SG cat £190). 1918 Lublin opt Austrian KuK Feldpost set to 90h (£110). 1919 Krakow 'POCZTA POLSKA' opt Austrian to 2Kr (£4000+) inc rare 3h, 5h, 10h, 20h, 25h, 30h & 90h plus Newspaper set to 30h (£225). 1919 Eagle set to 1K. 1919 South & North Poland sets to 5K & 5Mk perf & imperf. 1919 Gniezno provisional set '5' & '10' (£600). 1921 Red Cross set to 30Mk (£130). 1924 Eagles Inflation set to 2,000,000Mk (£375). 1925 National Fund to 50g (£320). 1928 Warsaw Exhib M/Sheet set (£425). 1937 Katowice Exhib set (£816). 1937 Romanian King visit set of 3 M/S (£105). 1938 Warsaw Exhib M/S perf & imperf (£220). 1938 Balloon M/S (£75) etc. Then very expensive BoB sections inc 1921 Poznan Air set 25m & 100m Upper Silesia Arms & Miner set to 300Mk. Polish Levant 1919 opt set to 5Mk (£1200) & 1919 2nd issue set to 20Mk. Port Gdansk almost comp inc 1925 Eagle set to 50gr, 1926-29 Pictorial set to 1z, 1934 Arms set to 15g (£140) & 1938 20th Anniv set. Strong coverage of 1915-18 Local Posts inc Luboml, Warszawa, Zawierce, Sosnowice, Przedborz all sets inc 1917 Eagle set, Zarki 1918 Church sets. Then 1918 Polish Corps in Russia range 3k-50k inc rare 10/7k. Central Lithuania comp inc 1920 Arms opt set to 10Mk /5A (£7200), 1922 Parliament set etc. Lastly strong section of 1918 Liberation local opts from a variety of towns inc on Austria with Tarnow 'Rzp Polska' opts to 10k, then on Germania with Brzeziny to 30pf, Leczyca to 60pf, Makow to 30pf, Otwock to 60pf, Plonsk to 60pf, Pultusk to 60pf, Sieradz to 60pf, & Wloclawek to 60pf. All diff. Almost all VFU. No certs so reserved cheaply. Mi cat €27,000+ = A$40,000+. Valuable collection offered intact as received. (850 +9M/S).SOLD at A$3000