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Stamps on Stamps collection in 350 hagners in 4 thick binders. Huge range of countries from Afghanistan to Zambia, mostly VF MUH. Also 5th album with a further 50 M/Sheets & 30 MUH Pic sets ready to be added. Interesting not often seen thematic subject. (1800+ stamps & 260 diff M/S)SOLD at A$325
France collection ca 1981-2000 in Davo illustrated album. 1961-92 Comp MUH, 1993-2000 largely G/FU with some gaps. An attractive assembly with excellent range of Thematic related sets covering Art, Flora, Fauna, Aviation related inc 1984 Airmail set MUH. Also a solid range of M/sheets for various Exhibition Anniversaries etc. Also a selection of Council of Europe, UNESCO issues. Mostly VF cat approx £2000 = A$3700. (810 + 12 M/S)SOLD at A$375

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Indian States - Gwalior 1885-1949 collection on leaves inc 1885 QV ½a, 1a & 2a, 1885 red opts inc 4a 15mm opt & both 1R, 1885-97 15mm to 5R, 14mm opt to 5R. 1903-11 14mm opt to 1R, 13mm to 5R, 1912-14 to 5R, 1928-36 to 25R, 1938-48 to 25R, 1949 Alizah print opt inc 12a pr. SG 137. Officials inc 1885-96 to 1R, 1927-35 inc 1R-10R, 1942-47 inc 2R, 5R & 10R & others. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £4450 = A$8100. (226) (P)SOLD at A$700

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New Zealand: Collection 1953-83 in Seven Seas hingeless album inc Lighthouses & Ross Dependency comp inc 1967 Pic set of 4 (retail $200). Appears comp inc 1953 QEII set of 10/-, 1954 Officials to 3/-, 1958 opt 2d on 1½d Stars, 1960 Pics to £1, 1967 1st & 2nd decimals to $2 Geyser both & Health M/S comp 1957-75. Then 2nd album with Best of Packs set of 4 1996-99 (retail $180), plus 2001-03 Lord of the Rings Pics, some occasional tropicalisation, mainly on the pages. Stamps generally F-VF MUH, Retail $1700, plus extra for albums. (810 & 69 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$170

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1½d Black brown wmk INVERTED left marginal blk of 18 (6x3) wit unlisted printing flaw 'missing shading lines below Emu's tail' (stamp no 4). Superb fresh MUH. SG 51w cat £810 as single hinged stamps, should be at least double, £1620 MUH. ACSC 84Aa cat $3150 as single MUH stamps, large position multiples hard to find! (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200