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1928 Kooka 3d M/Sheet strip of 3 from top of the sheet, major error IMPERF between first & second M/Sheets. Very fresh M/MLH, 2 M/S hinged in margins, left M/S light crease beside perfs due to folding, central M/S small gum translucency, none of which effect the superb appearance of this amazing item. ACSC records 2 known with the comment "the third M/Sheet may also exist" (comp sheet was 15 M/S, 5 wide & 3 high, so only 3 can exist) - this is actually the missing third item. SG MS106a(var) unlisted, but should get listed in future as SG does list all other imperf between errors. ACSC 133MSba the current low cat value (2014) has remained unchanged since the 2007 edition as no examples have sold at auction in decades. (But in comparison, a fully imperf example of this M/Sheet recently sold for $300,000+, & the ACSC cat value has been increased to $350,000, while the SG cat value has increased to £200,000. A whole sheet of 15 imperf M/S existed, of which a blk of 12M/S is in the Royal collection, from which 3 were sold off in the 1950s). We would estimate the imperf between to be worth at least 10% of the fully imperf sheet so would be $35,000+. An opportunity to own this magnificent variety, which is w/o doubt one of the key items of Australian commemorative issues. 2009 Ceremuga AIEP photo-cert. (P)SOLD at A$15000