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USA-Local Posts: Collection 1842-1880. Probably early reprints etc inc issues in both original & fanciful colours. Good coverage of posts. Carriers inc Baltimore City 1850-55 1c red & 1856 1c red & 1c blue. Honours 1851-58 2c in 3 diff frames. Brown & McGill 1858 Eagle 2c. Locals cover many posts inc Adams, Barrs, Bonton's 1848 General Taylor 2c. Boyds 1844-80s range of Eagles of diff types. Broadway 1849-51 Train 1c. Bronson & Forbes 1856 Train. Carnes 1864 Beor (5c). City Dispatch Post 1842-52 Washington 2c. Cummings 1844 'Safe' 2c. East River 1852-55 Ship (1c). Esses 1856 Ship 2c, Floyd 1860 Portrait (1c). Hontords 1845 Horse 2c, Humbolts 1863 Pony Express 25c. Wells Fargo 1861 Pony Express $4 & 1861 $1 blue. Westerfelds 1864 India Chief range. Westtown 1853-67 School Post (2c). Most diff. Most F-VF M, odd flts. Scott cat US$110,000+ as originals. Interesting reference collection. (230)AVAILABLE at A$500