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Wakizashi, late 1500s early 1600s, Momoyama period signed "Shizutane'. Shinogi-ji blade (flat blade) is 244mm from the tip to the hilt, and the tang is 72mm. Copper habaki is 19mm. Total length 335mm. Blade is in good order with a good point, full hamon and is free from the usual nicks and faults. Shizutane, Tensho (1573- 1592) Taira- Takada school. Also included is a kozuka or small knife, the brass kozuka handle is uniface with an ornate design depicting dragons and other animals highlighted in gold. The kozuka blade is signed Kumimasa. Minor surface rust but is free from nicks or other damage. Wakizashi has a black lacquered tsuka & saya. Overall a great wakizashi, worthy of a substantial bid. See website for additional photos. (P)SOLD at A$2200