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Australia: 1939-45 Member of the Order of the British Empire, Militia Captain's, 55/53rd Infantry Bn group of 7: MBE, Type II, Mil; 1939-45 Africa & Pacific Stars; Defence; War; Australia Service Medals. Last two impressed officially: 'NX12447 A C Pepper'. Arthur Ecil Pepper, born Coogee, NSW, 1921. Newington College & Service Cadets with 55/53 Bn Marrickville. Lieut 1940 AIF 23/5/1940 to 55/53 Bn as Lieut to Middle East 3/8/1940 to 2/3rd Infantry Bn & Ops Mersah Matruh to Greece, evacuated 26/4/1941. To Syria & HQ 16 Bde as Liaison Off. Aide De Campe to GOC, Ceylon 24/3/1942. To Australia 4/8/1942. To New Guinea & Ops as Captain with HQ 6 Div Gona/Sanananda later Ops. Wewak. Disch 31/101945. Captain Sydney Univ Regt, CMF. 1/5/1948, Major 1951. To Royal Australia Armoured Corps, 6NSW, MR 1955. Retired 1964. Medals awarded 1951. All on original ribbons & mounted on original bar as worn. (P)SOLD at A$1000