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Australia:WW2 POSSIBLY THE MOST INTRICATE AND BEST SOUVENIR TRENCH ART ITEM OF THE MIDDLE EAST CAMPAIGN. A 1930 dated Australian Army alum. mess Dixie (double pan) covered in engraved pictures and pattern work unparalleled in accuracy to any we have seen. The small pan features on the underside a large Muslim mosque with a 3D perspective courtyard. The longer sides features a very detailed army medical staff car on one side and a Bren gun carrier on the other. The shorter sides feature an Egyptian and a digger's head in slouch hat and the other end a detailed rising sun hat badge. The larger pan features on the flat bottom a very large RAF/RAAF biplane, a 303 rifle, Vickers MG and the Pyramids. The longer sides with the diggers name and reg no., 'Egypt' 'Palestine' '1940 1941'. The other side a British fighter plane. The short side features crossed Australian and British Flags with 'Australia 2nd AIF'. The other end a Kangaroo and a Kookaburra. A first rate piece of art. Grade I (P)
 SOLD at A$325