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Germany: WW2 INTERESTING GROUP OF 5 DOCUMENTS TO HELMUT ROCHE THIRD REICH JUSTICE DEPT. Official. The first document consists of a larger than A-4 size pre Nazi era degree or doctorate written in Latin dated 10/04/1930. Centre crease. The next document from the early Third Reich period is a certificate for passing the first 'legal exam' at the court of appeals. Ink stamped 'superior court Berlin' with the Third Reich justice dept eagle and swastika. Dated 22 Aug. 1934. Document 3 is on letterhead and printed in fancy old German script 'Im namen Des Reichs' (IN the name of the empire). This larger than A-4 size document is for Roche being accepted as 'court clerk' on 24 September 1934. Large embossed justice dept. eagle and swastika with 'superior court Berlin'. 5 punch holes to the left hand side. Centre crease. The fourth document is for the 'trainee Helmut Roche' stating that he had passed the 'Great State examination' with a grade of 'sufficient'. Also larger than A-4 this document is printed on the letter head of 'The president of the Reichs Justice Dept'. in old German script. Impressive embossed NSDAP state eagle and swastika stamp to the lower. Signed by a representative of the dept. in ink. Dated 30 March 1938. The last document is in a larger format measuring approx. 36x 24.5cm. This certificate with the heading 'Im named des fuhrers und reichskanzlers' in large letters, states that Roche has been appointed as an assessor for the government. Dated 18 July 1939. Large embossed NSDAP eagle and swastika to the lower, 80mm in diameter. 5 punch holes to the left hand side and a centre crease. All the documents have some age related yellowing and some marks from handling, but are in very good overall condition. A not often seen group of certificates and documents to a justice dept. tracing his career from university to just before the outbreak of hostilities in 1939. Grade II-