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Circular Delivery Companies: 1865-68. Good coverage of towns. Aberdeen inc 1867 ¼d & ½d (SG cat £170). Clark & Co 1866 (¼d), Dundee 1867 set ¼d & ½d (£300). Edinburgh & Leith 1865-66 range of colours inc imperf, roulette & perf. 1865 Parcel Stamp 2d & 3d (£295). Glasgow set perf & imperf. Liverpool ¼d perf & imperf, & ½d. London 3 colours perf & imperf, plus blue error vert pr IMPERF horiz. Metropolitan (3). London & Districts part set. National 3 colours. Also 1868 Delivery Company ¼d-1d range of diff towns with cnr letters. Also blks from Edinburgh & Leith, Metropolitan, London & Districts, & National. Reference range of forgeries inc se-tenant strips & blks. All diff inc multiples. Mostly F-VF M/UN, odd flts. SG cat of originals £3500+ = A$6500+, plus forgeries not counted. Useful collection of these classic issues. (320) (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
Circular Delivery Companies: 1867-68 Collection of Delivery Company issues, all being private printings with no cnr letters. Covers all towns & values from ¼d-9d with both imperf & perf. Also range of se-tenant double strips of 18 perf & imperf to 6d, ea stamp representing a town, plus se-tenant blks. All diff inc multiples. Most F-VF M/UN, odd flts. Very unusual & interesting reference collection. (410)
Railways: 1860-1970s specialised collection inc printed 1860 folded letters (2) with 'Eastern Countries Railway' or 'London & North Western Railway' imprints at LL, then Railway Station PO pmks inc on 1902-15 PPC (21), cds 1880-1925 on stamps or piece (40), & 1960s commem covers (3). Railway Parcel Stamps (43) from 10 diff companies, plus on cover (5), inc 1892. Castlethorpe-Rugby franked QV 1d & London & North Western 2d & 1932 Express cover, Parcel tags (2), plus KEVII stamps 1d-7d (19) with opt 'Coach Road Borne' 2-line cancels used by Postal Motor Vans on routes where it was cheaper to send by road. Finally Welsh 'Talyllyn Railway' covers (5) 1958-77 with Railway stamps. Extremely interesting lots. (100 stamps/pieces, 42 covers, cards or tag). (P)
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