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Note: MUH = MNH = UMM = **,    other abbreviations click here
Unsold lots available for sale at indicated reserve plus 21.45% buyer's commission plus postage & insurance. First | Previous | Next | Last | Index
Great Barrier & Marotiri Islands: 1898-99 set of Pigeon Posts (no opts) with Great Barrier Is Special Post dark blue on white & pale blue on white, 'Pigeon Gram' on buff, the 2 triangles & Marotiri Is 1/- red. F-VF M/MLH. CP VP1, 2, 4 & 6-8 cat NZ$1675. (6). (P)
 SOLD at A$500
Great Barrier Island: 1898 original design Special Post 1/- blue on white. VFU. CP VP1 cat NZ$350. (P)
 SOLD at A$275
Great Barrier Island: 1899 'Pigeon Gram' 1/- pale blue on buff. VFU, 'Pigeon Gram FEB 1 1900' pmk. CP VP4 cat NZ$275+. Scarce used. (P)
 SOLD at A$130
Great Barrier Island: 1899 'Pigeon Gram' 1/- pale blue on buff. VFU, 'Pigeon Gram 23 SEP 1900' pmk. CP VP4 cat NZ$275+. Very scarce so nice used. (P)
 SOLD at A$180
Great Barrier Island: 1899 Triangle set 6d & 1/-. F-VFU with 'GBPP FEB 16 01' boxed pmks. CP VP7-8 cat NZ$600+. Very scarce used. (2) (P)
Great Barrier Island: 1899 'Flimsy' Lettersheets with company letterhead. All unused, 2 w/o stamps & 2 with 1 of each Triangle stamps affixed. Some tones. (4) (P)
Great Barrier Is: 1902 printed envelope for 'Great Barrier Pigeongram Agency Pigeon Mail Carriers' stamp removed, Registered with 'Auckland 5 AP 02' cds & reg cachet, to England with the enclosed letter containing M & CTO stamps as per enclosed letter on company letterhead. Also 1899 Receipt for one message & another printed cover headed 'The original Great Barrier, Marotiri Copper Syndicate & Port Charles Pigeongram Services' etc. (4)
 SOLD at A$525
Pigeongrams: Collection 1898-1997. Starts with original stamps 1898 dark blue 1/- on white (3) inc fake, 1899 Special Post 1/- pale blue, 1/- Pigeon Gram on cream, 6d triangle inc circular blk of 6, plus single U & Marotiri 1/- red U, 1931 FFC illustrating Pigeongrams, 1938 Anniv Pigeon Flight 'flimsies' & outer envelope to send after Pigeon delivered (2), 1948 Anniv covers, replica labels inc M/Sheet, various Pic covers, then large selection of Christchurch Stamp Week covers, M/S, flimsies 1978-88 with M/S inc imperf & missing colours M/S in unsevered prs, plus much more related. Excellent basis for a thematic collection. 15 stamps, 45 M/S, covers with flimsy (15+), other covers (20+), booklets, Postcards etc. Original stamps alone cat NZ$3000. (P)
 SOLD at A$800
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