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Army. Berets All different colours & ages. Of note 1940s Army beret in khaki with leather edging. Light blue aviation coloured beret with square dark blue patch. Average-GC. (9 berets)
Army Aust/GB helmet . WWII Mk II Brodie helmet, well used condition. No visible dates, large section of paint rusted off on both upper sides, chin strap present & WWII slouch hat with puggaree, unlined holes for badge to upturned brim. Small holes to front crown area, not seen when displayed, small nick from brim just forward of press stud fastener. Economy type with no brim edging. Fair condition. Nice relics of WWII. (2)
 SOLD at A$300
Army. Helmet WWII dated 1942. Brodie MkII steel helmet in good condition, minor scuffs to paint but these are typical of age, webbing chin strap size 7. Plus khaki tropical Wolseley helmet, underside marked 'A Whitlock' or similar. Has had puggaree fitted which is no longer present. GC. 2 nice helmets.
 SOLD at A$160
Army. WWII Civil Defence etc white MKII Brodie helmet dated 1942. Surface rust showing through white paint. White helmets not often seen. Pith helmet made in India for J Lever Adelaide, very poor condition coverings. Peaked cap dated 1945, dark blue with red/blue/red band, black chin strap. 1st GC, 2nd Poor, 3rd Fair. (3)
 SOLD at A$140
Army: WWII Air Raid Warden's Brodie steel helmet, painted black with 'W' for Warden. Helmet is dated 1942, liner & chin strap fitted. Paint & finish tired & surface rust patches over some areas. Average condition. Getting harder to find.
 SOLD at A$110
Army. Military Cross & Bar winner's peaked cap & Bombay bowler pith helmet. Peaked cap private purchase officer's sold by W Chorley & Co Pty Ltd Sydney & named to sweatband Major E W Stutchbury. Minor moth holes over top & crown circumference. Pith helmet made for Costis G Mal Garinos merchants, chinstrap, broken in 2 places. Major Stutchbury earned the MC & Bar with 55Bn with which he served on Gallipoli & on the western front. Cap probably dates from the 30s into WWII. (2).
 SOLD at A$250
Army Peaked Barathea cap unissued WW2 era missing 1 button. KC map. 1940 sidecap KC map button, unissued. Indian pattern pith helmet in white cloth some stains. Made Grose Bros. Average - GC. 3 WW2 hats.
 SOLD at A$150
Army. Peaked cap WWII Officer's. KC rising sun & matching buttons to side, brown leather chin straps. Initials 'W.R.B.' stamped into sweatband. Several 5mm moth holes to top. Army wool sidecap, khaki, dated 1941, unissued. Post 1970 Colonial pattern fibreglass helmet by Mountcastle. Missing most of the liner. Fair-GC. Possible to research cap owner. (3)
 SOLD at A$150
Army. Peaked cap , WWII with separate chin strap, no buttons to sides, unusually of Officer quality with leather trim around front peak. Small moth holes to top. Also 1940 dated Army wool sidecap plus Navy rating caps (2). Post war with grey lining 1940/50s with owner number & name but hard to read. No buttons to front, heavy mothing. Fair-VG condition. The peaked cap nice. (4)
 SOLD at A$160
Army. Peaked cap Dress blues, no badges or buttons, another dark blue peaked cap with black oak leaf hat band, RAAF side cap with no button or badge date 1944, Police baseball cap, American style side cap, 2 foreign Navy/Merchant Sailor caps & a Taronga Zoo pith helmet. Good-Fair. 8 cheap hats.
 SOLD at A$60
Army/RAAF. Peaked cap by CGCF with Warrant Officer's staybright badge. Army Officer's khaki peaked cap by Chorleys Canberra, no buttons or chin strap. Green beret by Beret Mnfrs with issue name & number, moth grazing overall. Grey NSW Bushfire Brigade slouch hat size 61. Army Dress blue peaked cap with KC map buttons & chin strap, made by J Compton Sons & Webb. Mostly GC. (5)
Army. RAAF peaked caps (3), all no badges and/or damaged. Peaked cap, khaki with British general service buttons, RAE badge sewn on, chin strap damaged. RAAF sidecap, no badge & buttons, dated 1941. Unknown sidecap, possibly foreign. Ideal spares or repairs. (6)
Army. Slouch hats (2) , ca WWII, austerity pattern & the other is a commercial hat made in the Military style (Cadets?). The austerity pattern hat is unissued & appears to be broad arrow marked on the felt. Liner present but curiously only displays the size (7 3/8). Hat has raw edge, brown vent eyelets, riveted chin strap fittings & sewn-in clip to fold up the brim. This is probably an early 1942 made hat. The commercial hat is made from brown wool felt (not rabbit), brown air vents, bound edge, press stud fold up & riveted chin strap fittings. Unissued. Relatively inexpensive WWII slough hat. (2)
 SOLD at A$100
Army Slouch hat, WWII 1942 dated on sweat band with raw edge, no puggaree. Push stud brim clip, chin strap eyes, no chin strap, size 7½. GC, unissued. Nice 1942 dated slouch hat.
 SOLD at A$350
Army Slouch hat, 1944 dated WWII with raw edge. Size 7 3/8, chin strap eyelets fitted but no chin strap. With puggaree, no brim clip fitted. Unissued, GC.
 SOLD at A$325
Army. Slouch hats (4) , all post 1980. All undated, 1 with puggaree for Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps approx size 56. 2nd Cadet red puggaree, approx size 55. 3 tears to front & 2 tears to rear of body of the hat. 3rd brownish khaki puggaree, approx size 52. Some moth holes, edge trim tired/worn, discoloured. 4th unissued, size 62, no puggaree. None have chin straps. Fair-GC. (4)
 SOLD at A$100
Army Slouch hats khaki (4) inc RAR, Kings Cadet & two generic slouch hats. Ca1990s-2000s. The RAR hat has the rising sun 'skippy' badge & a pugaree. Nice bashed shape for parade, medium use. The Kings Cadet hat has a faded pugaree & earlier white metal badge to the side. Private purchase. The next hat has a rising sun on the side, pugaree, and is in VG condition. The last hat is private purchase (likely Pittwater High Cadets), no pugaree or badge. Made of wool felt, near excellent condition. (4)
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Slouch hat with puggaree dated 1981. Blues peaked cap RAC of Sigs badge, KC map buttons. By J. Compton Son & Webb. Named to Sergeant Geelong College Cadet Corp Glengarry with sewn on badge. Balmoral DD 1953 dated with Clan McIntosh badge in silver. By Beret MFRS Victoria. GC. (4)
Army/RAAF. Slouch hat dated 1990, size 54, slight tear on brim liner, with puggaree, no chin strap. Army Officer's peaked cap, QC Stay bright Rising Sun fitted, dated 1968-69. RAAF slouch hat with puggaree & chin strap, dated 1995, size 52, moth grazing on top & bottom sides of brim. RAAF dark blue peaked cap dated 1969. RAAF average others GC. (4 nice hats).
Army/RAAF. Slouch hat Army dated 1991, size 52 with Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps puggaree. RAAF slouch hat dated 1995, size 54 with chin strap, also unknown Cadet/School Boy's cap with Priest's hat badge. Knox Grammar School hat with embroidered thistle. Royal Hong Kong Regiment baseball cap. GC. (5)
Army/RAAF. Slouch hats, RAAF dated 1995, size 52 with chin strap. Army dated 2004, size 57, no chin strap plus 2 Air Training Corps sidecaps with light blue piping to crown. GC. (4 nice hats.)
Army. RAN, RAAF, slouch hats (3). Army dated 2002, size 53. Navy dated 2002, size 60. RAAF dated 1994, size 56 with Officer's bullion badge. Plus khaki beret dated 1958 by Beret Mnfrs. Light blue UN coloured beret by Kangol 7 1/8 & Royal Australian Navy baseball cap. GC. (6 hats)
Army. Slouch hat , 2007 dated, size 57 with puggaree & chin strap. Officer's khaki peaked cap dated 1972. RAAF slouch hat dated 1995, size 52 with puggaree & chin strap. RAAF dark blue peaked cap dated 1968-69. Good-VGC. (4)
Army/Navy/RAAF. Slouch hat to Army with puggaree, Vietnam era, dated 1966, size 6 5/8. Slouch hat RAAF dated 1995 with embroidered Officer's badge, size 56 with puggaree. Slouch hat Royal Australian Navy with puggaree, dated 1991, size 58. Khaki Balmoral type beret by Beret Mnfrs. Light blue beret of colour used by UN. Royal Australian Navy baseball type cap. All GC. (6 hats)
 SOLD at A$150
Army/RAAF. Slouch hat puggarees (16), various colours & sizes. Good selection Cadets, Militia, Regulars etc. GC. Many hard to find. (16)
 SOLD at A$160
Army Slouch hat with puggaree 1990 size 56. Army dress blues peaked cap by Emerco dated 1971, QC staybright map buttons. Maroon beret, by Beret Mfns Victoria 6¾. Black armoured Corp Beret, by Beret Mnfrs Victoria 6¾. GC. Nice group of hats. (4).
Army. Wolseley pattern 1939 dated by RZ Bloomfield with later cast NSW Military Forces badge, no chin strap. Fibreglass colonial pattern pith helmet made by Mountcastle with lower section of copy white metal NSW helmet plate & separate QC in different shade of white metal. Fibreglass Wolseley pattern helmet, arrow marked & dated 1970 by Mountcastle. Great for re-enactors (3)
 SOLD at A$100
Army WW2 pattern Brodie helmet with a goldish/silver finish. Some rust showing through. Dated 1941, shell stamped CS?463. CS is Commonwealth Steel Factory Waratah NSW. Liner missing 1 rubber spacer & chinstrap broken. GC.
Army. Cadets: Balmoral caps (2) Knox Grammar Cadet unit. Blue Balmorals, type without diced band. Badges are backed on tartan. One hat badge is current bi-metal type. The other badge is smaller silver version. Plus khaki beret with chromed Trinity Grammar School Cadet badge. No lining in the beret. No moth or other damage.
Army. Cadets: Balmorals. Knox College Balmoral with current bi-metal badge. Full tail present from ca2000 plus a similar unbadged Balmoral with red/white banding. Named to an Officer, Government contract. Plus Government issue khaki beret dated 1974. Has gilt QC rising sun collar badge to front. Backed in school colours dark blue/maroon/dark blue. Most likely for Mackay State High School (hat is marked 'M'KY HIGH'. No moth/damage. VGC. (3)
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Cadets, berets. Lot of 4 wool berets, three of which are blue Scottish bonnets, one is khaki beret. One blue bonnet is badged to Scots College Cadets Melbourne. The khaki beret is dated 1975 for Peninsula School Cadets with chromed Cadet badge on a blue patch. Plus two blue unbadged Scottish bonnets. One has red/white diced band, the other plain blue (unissued, dated 1957). Nice condition. Another red/white/black diced bonnet has a chromed Scots College, Melbourne hat badge made by Lega Melbourne. Small moth on the unbadged bonnet with diced band. Nice condition overall. (4)
Army Cadets Slouch hats (2) with coloured puggarees & unit badges. One to Barker College & other to Sydney Grammar School. Ca 1960s-90s. Barker cadet Corp badge is earlier nickel silver version. Pugaree is dark blue/red & is heavy wool material, ca 1960s. Scattered moth grazing on/under brim. Fur felt. Sydney Grammar School badge is in gilt. Pugaree black/yellow/black/yellow. Commercially made hat ca 1990s. (2)
 SOLD at A$120
Navy, tally bands. Collection of 30 diff, mainly Training Ships tallies, 4 tallies are for Cadets. In nice, mostly unissued condition.
 SOLD at A$120
Navy. Cap WWII Ratings cap round shape with grey lining. This type of cap was used between 1939-45 & for some years prior. No sweatband ever fitted, cotton top. Plus Navy peaked cap, cloth top by Segraves Sydney. Another peaked cap, vinyl top by Keepshape dated 1940 & a Navy Ratings cap by Mountcastle. Discolouration on 3 of the 4, Fair-GC. First is quite hard to get. (4)
Navy. Peaked Cap. RAN Officer's cap post WWI up to late 30s. Cloth top, short rounded brim. Headband has mothing to top & bottom, badge now dull. Misshapen. Made in Adelaide for RAN under sweatband. Fair condition plus rating cap with tally band for Training Ship Sydney 'T.S. Sydney' dated 1995 GC. Nice early RAN cap. (2)
Navy Peaked Cap. Officer's Navy peaked cap bullion Qc Officer's badge, maker's label removed. Naval Reserve Cadet ratings cap. Small amount personal graffiti on inside, no chin strap plus a white Wolseley pith helmet by Hobson & Sons, size 7. Some typical discolouration o/w GC. Interesting selection of hats. (3)
 SOLD at A$100
Navy Peaked Cap. RAN Chief Petty Officer's cap. RAN Woman Officer's peaked cap. RAN slouch Hat date 2016 plus a Navy ratings cap, no tally band. GC. (4)
Navy. Peaked cap with vinyl top, RAN ratings cap with vinyl top. RAN cloth cap cover, RAN vinyl cap cover. White Wolseley pattern fibreglass helmet. Some discolouration o/w GC. (5)
Navy. Peaked cap , RAN Chief Petty Officer's vinyl topped visor cap. Made by AGCF in 1980, size 6 3/8. HMAS Culgoa ratings cap, no sweatband, with elasticised chin strap. Wolseley pattern pith helmet, white (discoloured) by R.Z. Bloomfield London, 6 7/8 dated 1937. Fair-GC. All three have marks & discolouration. (3)
 SOLD at A$100
RAAF 1950s Officer's peaked cap with KC buttons holding chin strap & gilt brass QC RAAF badge. Size 7½. GC.
RAAF Flying Helmet, type B, size 7¼ by Lasscias Melbourne unfortunately has reasonably fresh paint spills to the front & interior. Plus pr of type 3A flying goggles, Australian made as used in Battle of Britain, no lenses. Made by Stokes. Fair condition. 2 rarities that need lots of TLC. (2).
 SOLD at A$150
RAAF Peaked Cap. Officer cadet white banded cap (very nice). RAAF cap dated 1989. Light blue RAAF peaked cap dated 1994 plus a side cap with gilded brass RAAF badge dated 1975. GC. 4 nice caps.
RAAF, Slouch hat , 1965 dated, size 6 5/8, with puggaree & RAAF flash. chin strap fitted, brim latch needs sewing back on. Blue Glengarry cap made for Christies. Army dress blues peaked cap. KC map buttons, by CGCF. RAAF light blue peaked cap with badge dated 1975, no chin strap. RAN Navy Dockyard Police peaked cap with silver Staybrite QC buttons, label R.A.N. keep shape. GC. (5)
 SOLD at A$100
RAAF Slouch hats (4) of which 3 are light blue & 1 khaki, this being dated 1992 with dark blue fold in puggaree, size 59. 3 light blue hats are dated 1995, size 53 (2) & 56. All slouch hats have chin straps. Air Training Corps sidecap dated 1967 by AGCF. All GC. (5)
RAAF. Slouch hats, 4 dated 1995 sizes 52, 53, 54, 62. All have chin straps, 2 have badges plus RAAF peaked cap dated 1989, no insignia, no chin strap. GC. (5)
RAAF. Slouch hat ca 1944 , for tropical areas as made for & issued by the RAAF. Unissued with 4x brown vent eyelets per side, press button fold up & a raw edge. This design was made to take a special green leather liner that was laced/tied through extra eyelets around the base of the hat. Excellent condition, large size. The correct lace in liner is also included but it is size 6 7/8 & is small for the hat. Dated 1944. Unissued hat & liner, excellent condition. An uncommon slouch hat variation.
 SOLD at A$180
RAAF/RAN, Women's caps. Inc 1989 dated RAAF badged cap & a RAN cap. GC. (4 diff)
 SOLD at A$80
Fire Brigade, NSW Fire Brigade brass helmet, original. Made by Rider & Bell with makers plate & size 7. Names under neck ground 'The Ant'. With minor denting & creased as expected with an issued helmet. With chin scales. Fair-GC. A nice original helmet.
 SOLD at A$525
Fire Brigade NSW Original Brass, post 1920s Helmet. Makers label under brim, Rider & Bell Makers & size 7 1/8. In uncleaned condition, retaining its brass/leather chin scales & sweatband. Some surface dents, typical of a helmet with long service life. Bend to rear neck guard. GC.
 SOLD at A$500
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