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Army. WWII Panzer Afrika Korps 1940 peaked cap, service faced made on cotton twill, lined in red for air recognition, size 56 Schlesische, Mutze fabrik, company logo & Frankenstein 1942 stamped to interior 3 out of 4 air eyelets retain their olive finish. Pink colour soutache is factory stitched, inside of cap shows wear & the peak is somewhat misshapen with minor stains but o/w undamaged. An almost identical cap with similar characteristics & markings was sold retail on the web for US$10500.
 SOLD at A$10000
Army. 1939-45 Foreign Volunteer to the Wehrmacht, Russian Cossack Fur cap. Black Astrakan wool body. Crimson wool cloth crown. Black silk-like lining. Army cap insignia attached to front via stitching (holes drilled through badges). Army National Eagle (check) in grey metal over aluminium cap wreath with 3 x piece compressed card & metal Reich cockade. Ex Angolia Collection. Rare
 SOLD at A$1600
Army. 1939-45 Officer Model 1938 Field cap, size 55 cotton lining to field-grey wool body, leather brow band to interior, aluminium cord piping to crown seams & front scallop, hand embroidered bullion National cockade & bullion bevo woven National emblem. Near mint. An exceptional example of this item of headgear utilised throughout WWII.
 SOLD at A$500
Army. 1939-45 Camouflaged Tropical/Temperate to Winter Mod 1935 Army steel helmet. Shell size 64 but maker code indistinct under tan paint on nape. Original Continental green/grey paint finish, overlaid by tan (tropical) then overlaid with white (winter/snow). Exterior much cleaned back, exposing the various layers. Full tan finish to interior. Evidence of original single decal below layers. Aluminium liner marked '64/65' by Schuberth-Werke, GMBH, Brauns-Weig & dated 1937. Leather liner size 56 with maker mark 'Ba' inside. Named on liner to 'R.HAASE' & 'D.M.' chin strap comp & with aluminium buckle 1 x liner stud missing. VGC. A scarce, original camo. M.35 showing usage on various fronts
 SOLD at A$1400
Army. 1939-45 Mod 1935 helmet green textured finish. 1942 dated chinstrap, size 57. Solid steel construction, good copy. VGC.
 SOLD at A$140
Army. 1939-45 Mod 1935 helmet. Grey blue paint over khaki with army decals to sides. Shell stamped ET66 at ear guard & 1575 on rear. Chinstrap by Wallisch & Co Wien 1942 very solid steel construction. A nicely aged copy. VGC.
 SOLD at A$170
Army, 1939-45 Mod 1935 steel helmet, stamped to shell 1448 & ? Painted black finish with crazing & scratches typical of age, minor touch ups, no decals. Light colour liner with mild oil stains, white replacement? Cord tie. Chinstrap present but beginning to tear. Some light surface rust. Overall GC, typical of age.
Army. 1939-45 Mod 1935 single decal steel helmet. Retains near all of the original pea green parade finish. Tri decal removed as per regulations of 1940. Army eagle decal with some light wear. Maker marked ET64. Good original liner but missing chin strap. A very good original example of the type. EF
 SOLD at A$1100
Army. 1939-45 Mod 1940 Steel helmet. Single decal, army. Paint finish toned to rust brown. Army shield with toning that makes it appear to be a Navy shield (still a possibility) approx 60% intact. Size 56 liner. chin strap comp (dated 1940). Shell inner flare stamped: '4850-ET64'. Light fracture evident to front. Overall GC
 SOLD at A$500
Army 1939-45 Mod 1942 steel helmet. Shell stamped HK064 & 3428. Painted in dark grey post 44 paint over original 'rough' finish light coloured liner worn but intact. In blue ink 'SPS'. Chin strap intact. Paint show typical touch up signs.
Army. 1939-45 Mod 1942 Single Decal Steel Helmet ca1942. Nape stamped 'NS 64' (Vereigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte) production No 4393. Orig grey-green finish (85%) & silver/black Army decal (80%). Evidence of inner dome stamp (inspector seal). Original liner (size 57) & chin strap. Evidence of owner name in pencil to inner nape. Generally VGC
 SOLD at A$800
Army. 1939-45 Mod 1942 steel helmet. Smooth Continental finish (possibly cleaned back) with evidence of single decal. Liner size 59 by 'DRP 1942'. chin strap stamped 'JLN 1942'. Helmet rim stamped '2520' & 'ET 66'. Small fracture to rear rim - not affecting. VGC.
 SOLD at A$400
Army. 1939-45 Mod 1942 steel helmet ('flared rim'). Rear rim stamped 'CK(?)64/4285'. Liner size 57. 40% original finish intact, no decals. Surface pits (minor) overall. chin strap with aluminium fittings. Liner complete & with owner's surname in ink. Quite presentable M42, worthy of restoration. Nice toned overall. VGC.
 SOLD at A$400
Army. 1939-45 Officer's original peak cap for a signals unit. Fine gabardine wool body, with brown sweat band. Lined in grey cotton. Celluloid diamond now gone but you can see where it once was. Peak is immaculate with good stitching. Nice early/pre-war quality insignia aluminium eagle & bullion wreath. Very lightly worn. Slight mothing to the wool piping to the rear half of the hat. O/W GC.
 SOLD at A$625
Army. 1939-45 'Africa Korp' type tropical Helmet, 2nd Model, pressed, stiffened green/brown felt, green brim underlay, with green leather trim. Felt covered zinc dome-vent to top. Army & National shields in painted aluminium intact to sides. Tan leather sweat band (marked 'JHS') with red felt liner/vent. Green leather chin strap in situ, but this now torn. Minus 11cm of leather trim to front. VGC. Worn by most Army units in temperate climates, most famously by the Africa Corps.
 SOLD at A$250
Army. 1939-45 Officer Mod 1943 visored cap, field-grey wool body & visor, piped with aluminum cord to crown, 2 painted, pebbled finish buttons to front, khaki/green cotton lining with maker stamp partially visible & date 1944, size 60 combined Bevo 'Mouse' grey National emblem & colour cockade on trapezoid ground. No moth to body, light wear to nap of cloth to visor edge & minor fray to piping consistent with use, overall VGC. A good, honest Officer's M.43. Rare.
 SOLD at A$600
Army. 1939-45 Mod 1943 visored field cap, Enlisted Ranks. Size 58. Coarse, field grey wool with grey cotton lining. Pebbled printed aluminium buttons to secure flap. 1x piece bevo insignia to front (triangular). Moderate wear consistent with use.
 SOLD at A$450
Army. 1939-45 Early Issue 'saddle-form' (ca 1937-38) Army Infantry Enlisted Ranks walking-out Visor cap. Field grey crown, blue-green body band, white piped. Black patent leather chin strap & finish to vulcan fibre visor. Early quality silvered metal insignia to front. Lined in blue tricot & cotton with leather sweat band (this partially detached). Overall wear consistent with use. VGC & full of character
 SOLD at A$525
Army. 1939-45 Enlisted Ranks Mod 1943 Visored Field cap. Size 57. 1 x piece (triangular) Bevo. Em's Cockade/National Emblem to front 2 x painted alum. Pebbled finish buttons to flap. Cotton lining. Cockade with wear. Exc
 SOLD at A$500
ca 1936-39 Protection Police Model 1916 'Austrian' re-issue steel helmet with light green finish. Double decal (Police Eagle Shield without border as common with this type). Liner with replaced 2 x pad leather harness & brown leather chin strap. No size stamp evident but about size 64 judging by the vent lugs. VGC.
 SOLD at A$1000
1943-45 'Schuma' (Schutzmannschaft) Officers' M.43 Visored Field cap. Early quality 'police green' cloth with black rayon lining. Size 55. Aluminium cord piping to crown, pebbled aluminium buttons to front flap. Bevo woven dull aluminium wire on black 'Schuma' Insignia patch factory (zig-zag stitch) applied to front (ovoid, Swastika within wreath). The 'schuma' were collaborationist Auxiliary Police Bns from the occupied Countries of the East (Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Tartars etc). They served alongside & eventually under the control of SS units as Extermination Squads mainly engaged in the murder of Partisans & Jews & their families. Minor wear consistent with use. gVF. Extremely scarce
1936-45 Soldier's League, Registered (Soldatenbund eV) 1936 Pattern visor cap. Piped with red waffenfarbe for prior service with Artillery. A high quality cap constructed of fine 'doeskin' black cloth with mohair braid band. Black vulcan fibre visor with patent leather, double-buckle chin strap secured by plain black buttons. Cream liner. Celluloid sweat diamond to interior with gold impressed Soldier's League Eagle, size 57. Aluminium Soldatenbund Eagle to front over aluminium cap wreath & cockade. No moth, virtually no wear. EF. Scarce visor cap.
 SOLD at A$400
1939-45 TeNo Organisation folding side cap. Dark blue wool cloth, grey cotton lined. Aluminium Bevo national emblem & separate cockade. TeNo stamp to interior & size stamp '56'. VGC. Very scarce. See Defending the Reich, pub by Bender.
 SOLD at A$425
1939-45 Organisation TODT helmet. Police variant reissue. Lightweight helmet with top-pad liner. Black paint finish 99.9% intact. Decal to left side (as viewed) 'Org TODT' over swastika. Black leather chin strap intact. Minor damage to chin strap tip. VGC. Scarce variant to org TODT.
 SOLD at A$400
Luftwaffe. 1939-45 Officer's Fliegermutze (side cap). Dark blue/grey tricot, black polished cotton lining (with white size stamp '58'). Aluminium bullion cord piping to fold. Hand embroidered aluminium bullion 2nd pattern eagle. Standard silk woven rosette. Exc
 SOLD at A$400
Luftwaffe. 1939-45Extremely rare SSK90 Fliegerstahlhelm. Brown leather goat skin covered metal helmet. Nice makers label inside liner. Shows use & light soiling. Leather chin strap present. Nice example of a very scarce aircrew helmet. gVF
 AVAILABLE at A$2500
Luftwaffe. 1939-45 Flying Helmet, Summer, with full electrics. LKpS101 by Siemens, size 56. Brown/khaki canvas body lined in synthetic satin. Brown leather straps & earphone housings. Throat mikes with brown harness. Complete electrical cord with jack. A comp flight helmet. In exc condition.
 SOLD at A$725
Luftwaffe. 1939-45 Officer Mod 43 'Flyers' Cap blue-grey wool with green/gray tricot lining, aluminium cord piping to crown seams. Silvered aluminum pebbled buttons to front. Enlisted pattern trapezoid woven National emblem (2nd Patt) & cockade (1 piece). No markings evident. Light grease staining to interior. A superb example.
 SOLD at A$500
Luftwaffe. 1939-45 'Normandy Pattern' camouflaged double-decal Model 1935 steel helmet. Original paint finish 90%, shows evidence of various patches of light, alternating with dark, green patches (faint, but discernable in good light). Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern eagle decal 90% intact, the National Shield being a contemporary hand painted variety. Interior with repainted green finish, but area left unpainted on rear curtain displaying original white painted name: 'Groer' - this name repeated to liner. Liner comp, but rivets loose. No chin strap. An interesting example of field camouflage finish. Size: 'ET64'. Overall VGC. Scarce camo finish.
 SOLD at A$1000
Luftwaffe. 1939-45 Mod 1935 double decal combat helmet. Decals now 90% missing & paint back to original metal. With light overall surface rust due to poor storage shell stamped "ET 62". Light coloured liner with white tie cord with service wear. No chinstrap. Size 55. Named on line 'F1. Hans Kollges". Good, typical of age.
 SOLD at A$600
Luftwaffe. 1939-45 Mod 1940 single decal steel helmet. Q66 - batch run DN257. Size 59. Liner & chin strap comp showing little wear. 99% original blue/grey paint finish intact, decal 99.9% intact. Light scuff to surface paint areas. VGC.
 SOLD at A$1250
Luftwaffe. 1939-45 Mod 1940 single decal steel helmet. Size 64. Liner comp, only partial chin strap in situ. 70% original Luftwaffe dark blue/grey finish & 85% original 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Eagle decal. Overall VGC, presents well.
 SOLD at A$600
Luftwaffe 1939-45 Mechanics/Ground Crew HBT side cap. Originally black HBT, the outer now shows considerable fading from wear, or possibly display. Correct EM's eagle & swastika insignia, looks to be period applied. Couple of very minor moth nips or small holes that do not detract from display. Inner retains much more of the original black colour. No visible size or maker markings. These caps are now difficult to obtain. Overall VGC..
 SOLD at A$400
Luftwaffe Paratroopers WWII Model 1938 helmet in camouflage pattern paint with Luftwaffe eagle & shield decals. Clip on helmet net attached. Interior lined in light brown leather with grey leather chinstrap. Excellent copy. VGC.
 SOLD at A$250
Luftwaffe WWII Model 1940 double decal helmet. Eagle to one side, shield to the other. Dark green to grey paint with brown leather liner. Stamped ET68 & 546. Chinstrap stamped Berlin 1939. A well made copy of heavy steel construction with aged liner. VGC.
 SOLD at A$180
Luftschutz. 1939-45 collection with Czechoslovakian re-issue of original steel combat helmet with Luftschutz overspray & 80% intact decal. 5 pad liner with light soiling. chin strap broken on end. Also includes 4 (4) 'DIE SIRENE' (The Siren). Official magazine of the Luftschutz. Generally GC - VGC (Total 5 items).
Luftschutz. 1939-45 Luftschutz Emergency Pattern helmet. A captured Czech or Russian helmet, comp with original liner, repainted & re-issued for Luftschutz. Dark blue outer body paint finish, black interior. emblem decal (99.9% complete) to front. Holes drilled around rear circumference presumably to attach leather neck shield. VGC. Great helmet.
 SOLD at A$250
Luftschutz steel helmet. Dark blue helmet with 90% of the decal still intact (Swastika has been removed). Chinstrap of later manufacture.
Luftschutz steel helmet with eagle & swastika decal to front still intact. Stamped to shell RL2 40/14. Size 56. Original chinstrap present but broken o/w nice condition.
 SOLD at A$220
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