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Asia: 1950-70: Ghurkha Kukri blade 260mm, wood grip. In its leather covered wood scabbard with frog & 2 x small knives; small Burmese Dha, brass mounted, rattan bound grip. Hand forged blade with Burmese script stamp. In its brass bound wood scabbard 290mm o/a; Malayan Parang with blade made from a cut-down machete by 'Crockodile-Chillington'. Horn grip. In its wood scabbard with brass binding 540mm o/a; Indonesian Kris blade made from Aluminium wood grip & brass mounted wood scabbard of traditional form 480mm; India Sword 'made in India' in imitation of British '1898 Infantry Pattern' - but of reduced size & low quality. In its velvet covered scabbard 930mm. Quality & condition variable. Gen VGC. (5)
 SOLD at A$85
Cambodia. Pole Arms: ca 1500 Khmer Empire pole-arm heads (2). Spear head, iron. Blade leaf shaped with low medial ridge, double edged 280mm, on round, iron tang 160mm D440mm overall); Lance head, iron. Solid diamond cross section base tapering to leaf shaped blade 325mm. Round, tapered tang with 'cork-screw' twist 165mm (490mm overall). Browned with age, surface pit. GC. Scarce early Cambodian weaponry, possibly pre-dating the above age estimate. (2)
China. Pike: ca 1900 Boxer Rebellion iron pike head. An elongated diamond shape spear point, tapered shaft attachment. Part of shaft remains inside attachment area. Heavy age patina with overall light pitting. Nice Boxer rebellion souvenir, possibly brought back by an Aussie. Fair condition. Scarce.
China. Sword: 1900 'Boxer Rebellion' ring-hilt 'Execution' sword. Broad, single edged blade, tapering toward hilt, spatulate end, small octagonal cross guard, leather 'washer' grip designed for 2 handed wield, iron ring pommel. Blade with chased decoration of wave patterns to both faces. Much age pit to blade, particularly towards point, but does not detract from overall appearance. Blade 580mm, grip 285mm (910mm overall). Overall VGC. Scarce, original 'Boxer' sword. (P)
Ethiopia. Sword; ca1875 Scimitar Blade, possibly for Government or Diplomatic Official. English made: 'manufactured by Mrs Harrison, Imperial Furnisher' with a retailer stamp to ricasso (part legible)' Z.S---Ian, Harar, 15'. (Harar was an Independent City/State from 1647-1875, incorporated into the Egyptian Empire 1875-1884; Ethiopian Empire 1887-1902). Long, curved s/edged blade with double fullers 865mm. Floreate etched 3/4 of its length with maker details & a 2 x line Ethiopian script (undeciphered) motto to one side. Opposite face bearing the British (Queen Vic) Royal Crest ('dieu-et-mon-droit') & with etched depiction of St George slaying the Dragon to ricasso. Minus its grip & hilt, but with domed brass pommel cap still in situ. This bears evidence of silvering & has traditional Ottoman type decoration. 990mm overall. Minus brass proving disc from Ricasso. Overall age toning. VGC
European. Sword: ca1800-1880 'Court' sword. Fine d/edged, slim (14mm wide) tapering blade with double fullers to ea face. Gilt brass semi-shell guard with wolf-head quillion finials. Bronze twisted wire-bound bulbous grip. Gilt brass pommel bearing the portraits (presumably) of Christ & Mary. 870mm. Overall length. No scabbard. VGC. Possibly belonged originally to Fraternal or Religious Order, an interesting C19th Sword
France. Bayonet. M1866 Yucatan sword bayonet with number to crossguard 13578 & scabbard 04, sharpened blade with small fissure near crossguard. Switzerland 1914 pattern pioneer saw back bayonet number 794711 on crossguard, blade sharpened with 2 edge nicks. Comes with scabbard & frog. Aust/GB No 4 MK II spike bayonet for Lee Enfield with sheath & brown leather frog. Typical condition for age. (3)
 SOLD at A$200
France. Bayonet 1914-18 Epee (Lebel rifle) Modele 1886 with quillion & round locking catch stud. White bronze grip. In its blackened steel scabbard. Together with another Modele 1886/93/16 (without quillion) minus its scabbard & with yellow bronze grip. The 1st with rust to blade & guard fittings, but will clean back well. VGC overall. 1st Pattern Epee scarce. (2)
 SOLD at A$150
Indonesia. Kris: Traditional Javanese Kris dagger with old, straight-etched blade with surface rust to blade. Carved dark stained timber handle & timber scabbard with decorated brass sheath. LOA 50cm, blade 38cm. Estimated vintage early C20th. Comes with protective cloth cover. Minor repair to sheath handle. Fair-GC.
 SOLD at A$100
Indonesia: Kris dagger & scabbard. A traditional Javanese dagger with a wavy, patterned etched blade, timber handle/hilt with jewelled decoration & carved timber scabbard with decorated brass sheath. Overall length 50cms, wave pattern blade, 38cm. Estimated vintage, early C20th. Comes with protective cloth cover. Good.
 SOLD at A$220
Indonesia. Kris: Traditional Javanese Kris dagger with a straight acid-etched decorated blade. Carved timber handle & timber scabbard with decorated brass sheath. LOA 48cm. Tip of blade slightly chipped, GC. Minor repair to handle. Still a good Kris.
 SOLD at A$110
Iran. Sword: ca 1920 Cavalry sword. Design based on the Russian Dragon Shaska, but of lesser quality manufacture. Ricasso with Arabic inscriptions. Arabic characters to pommel. Brass mounted hilt with single row guard & diagonally grooved wood grip. Steel scabbard with oxidised finish. Single edged, slightly curved blade with broad fuller each side. Overall VFC. (P)
 SOLD at A$400
Italy. Dagger: 1939-45 Scarce second patt 1932 M.V.S.N. dagger for enlisted ranks. Plain wood grips (no rivets). Clean bright blade with a few edge knocks to one area. C/W steel scabbard with raised 'M.V.S.N.' (letters, has been repainted black). VGC. Scarce. (P)
Italy. Sword: 1939-45 Regia Aeronautica (Royalist Airforce) Officer's Sword. Thin Blade etched with Royal Savoy Coat of Arms & Knot, martial trophies & a depiction of an early mono-plane No '44' stamped at Ricasso. Gilt brass guard in form of Eagle Wing, back strap & pommel in form of crowned eagle head. Propeller shaped release catch. Dark blue painted wood grip with wire binding. In its leatherette covered steel scabbard with brass mounts. Scabbard covering absent in 2 places. Generally VGC
Japan. Sword: 1939-45, Naval Officer's sword, maker marked on the tang for Yoshishige 1944. The blade is bright & has no nicks to the edge or staining, faint temper line visible. Handle binding is tight & complete. Blade is approx 68cm long. Black lacquered scabbard with 2 gilt mounts (one of which shows green verdigris). Scabbard throat piece also shows green verdigris to one side & some minor lacquer chipping. The sword presents very well & has a very clean blade.
 SOLD at A$1250
Pocket Knives. Collection of 23 diff of which 2 are Military marked (British 1944 & 1973), an Indonesian keris, the others are a mix of old & relatively new. Inc knives made in USA, Britain, Germany & Switzerland. Makers inc Shrade, Victorinox, Southern & Richardson, Taylor, Joseph Rogers, Imperial. The keris is complete with wooden scabbard. All knives are used. Some have damage/repairs, mostly average-GC. Interesting group. (23)
 SOLD at A$120
Portugal. Bayonet: Guedes Model 1886 Sword Bayonet. Back edge of blade with maker name 'Steyr 1886'. Fullered, singled edged (slightly curved) blade. Cross guard No. '00369', wood grips. In its original blackened steel scabbard with frog hook. VGC
 SOLD at A$160
Russia. Sword: ca1900-21 Shashka^ of traditional military form. Curved single edged blade with broad fullers & sharpened back edge (for 23cm). Stamped at ricasso: \'H.G.7/B9538\'. Brass mounted, fluted grip with the same numbers stamped to \'guard\'. Overall very minor surface pit to blade consistent with age. Appears to be an old copy using some original parts.. 930mm, overall, no scabbard. VGC
 SOLD at A$300
Russia. Sword: ca1920 Civil War period Soviet Shashka. Curved blade with broad fillers & false back edge to point. Heavily cleaned-back blade but bears evidence to one face of a lightly engraved design, possibly a Chinese dragon. Plain wood grip with brass mounts of traditional form. Again worn, the pommel bears evidence of an engraved 'Red' star design to its back. An intriguing weapon which has seen much use. No evidence of maker or issue stamps 370mm overall. Overall VGC. Vendor states Russian Civil War provenance
 SOLD at A$300
USA. Knife. US Marine Corps fighting/survival, 1969 dated & original sheath with US Marine Corps badge stamped into the leather. Sharpened blade retains its matt grey finish plus with an aqualung US diver's knife of a similar size, in its original plastic sheath & a WWII vintage letter opener. GC. Vietnam era USMC knife for 1969, uncommon. (3)
 SOLD at A$150
Unidentified Bayonet, unmarked cruciform blade, spike bayonet. LOA 37cm. Stub metal handle for fixing to rifle (no grips). Appears to be WWII era or later, no scabbard. Client advises it is a French Lebel. VGC.
 SOLD at A$40
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