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Imperial Baden. 1914-18 Artillery Oberleutnant shoulder strap pair. 3rd Baden Field Artillery Regt no. 50 (attached to XIV Armee Korps). Flat, silver cords with black chevron pattern on red cloth ground. Each set with large gilt brass flaming bomb over numerals '50' over single gilt brass 'pip'. Stitch-in variety of strap. Moth to backing cloth. gVF
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial Bavaria. 1870 Model Lieb Infantry Regt Officer's shoulder board 'paddle'. Silver bullion with l/blue stripes (for Bavaria). Silvered button bearing Bavarian Crown. Applied frosted & polished, vaulted, Bavarian crown with silvered 'crescent'. All on red superfine cloth ground. EF. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial Bavaria. ca 1900-18 Officer's waist belt plate. High frosted & polished gilt on tombac. Bavarian crown applied to central dome, surrounded by laurel wreath. EF. Scarce.
Imperial Bavaria. Pre 1914 Enlisted Ranks helmet plate for Pickelhaube. Gilt brass. Both loops intact to reverse (1 x with minor damage). Still retaining curvature for helmet. Minor rub to gilding. gVF/aEF.
Imperial Bavaria. 1914 helmet plate, Enlisted man's, w/m, 2x loop lug reverse, minus cross to top of orb o/w aVF.
Imperial Bavaria. 1914 Enlisted Ranks Shako plate. Brass, State Arms. Small size 111mm x 85mm. Minus cross & orb from crown. Lugs resoldered. Still retaining curvature from Shako. Near VF.
Imperial Bavaria. 1914-18 Enlisted Man's belt plate. All iron type with applied central device. Complete with rear hook bracket & prong roller. 'In Trewe Fest'. Minor dents to central device. VF.
Imperial Bavaria/Prussia. 1914-18 Offizierstellvertreter Rank Should boards, Mod 1910. 1/ Bavaria. Silver tress with light blue stripes set on dark cerise cloth ground, field grey backing with cotton securing tab. 2/ Prussia. Silver tress with black stripes on dark blue cloth ground, field grey backing. 3/ Another. Near identical to last but shorter & with cloth securing tab. All with evidence of removal of insignia. gVF (3)
Imperial Hanover. 1895-1910 Enlisted Ranks 1 year volunteer shoulder strap pair, 10th Field Artillery Regt von Scharnhorst (1st Hanover) no. 10. White with red applied bursting bomb & chain stitched '10'. B/W twisted cord edgings for 1 year volunteer (Prussian state colours). Moth to rev of each, but obverses free of moth. Removed from seams of uniform tunic. Generally VGC
 SOLD at A$120
Imperial Hesse. ca1914-18 lapel or throat badge , Red Cross Helper. 'Rotes Kreuz Hessen-Helferin'. Bronze & enamels 36mm. By Klein Quenzer A.G., J Oberstein. Brooch fitting rev. aEF
Imperial, Hesse. 1914-18 Enlisted Man's belt plate model 1915. Iron with grey zinc finish (20% remaining). Belt hook brackets & rolling prongs to reverse. gVF. Very scarce.
 SOLD at A$150
Imperial Oldenburg. 1913-18 Insignia lot, Infantry Regt No. 91: shoulder strap, 1915 for Offizierstellvertreter (Snr NCO in an Officer appointment). Grey cloth, white piped with bullion braid overlaid with heavy gilt crown over 'P' monogram with an m.'15 strap button; 1 Regt No. 91 commem gilt breast badge; an Oldenburg NCO cap cockade (most red worn). gVF.
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial Prussia 1847-1895 Belt Plate, Enlisted Ranks. Large, early version 64mm x 53mm (to accommodate 50mm wide belt). W/M, large state disc with rayed Cross to Crown. Brass, stepped side plate with brass roller & prongs & brass tip end bracket, 4 x solder points to rev (some evidence of Epoxy repairs to solder). Type in use from 1847-1895. VGC. Scarce
Imperial Prussia.. Artillery model 1895 Gun Layer Proficiency badge. Embroidered 'bomb' with top & side flames in yellow silk thread on black wool cloth ground. Near EF. Scarce.
Imperial Prussia.1895 model Field Artillery Enlisted Man's cartouche box badge. Brass, 'Bomb' with flaming top & sides, 'FWR' cypher to centre. 2 of the 3 lugs intact to reverse. 86mm. Less one lug to reverse. Near EF. Very scarce.
Imperial Prussia. 1895-1910 Enlisted Ranks Shoulder Straps (2). 1/ Infantry Regt Kaiser Friedrich, Konig Von Preussen (7th Wurttemberg) No. 125 (Stuttgart). Red with yellow applied crown over cypher. Black backed; 2/ Dragoon Regt No. 26 yellow with applied red crown over 'W' cypher. Blue backed. VGC (2)
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial Prussia. 1895-1910 Enlisted Ranks shoulder straps (2). 1/ Konigen Elisabeth Garde Grenadier Regt No.3 (Charlottenburg), Garde Korps. Yellow with red crown over cypher 'E'. Silver tress applied to end, possibly junior NCO status with a tombak button. 2/ Baden Leib Grenadier Regt No. 109 (Karlisruhe). White with applied red crown, black backed. With a nickled button. VGC.
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial Prussia. 1895-1915 lot of 3 Artillery Enlisted Ranks Shoulder straps. 1/ Mod 1895, 21st Field Artillery Regt. Yellow with red cross hatched flaming bomb over red '21'. 2/ Mod 1910, 13th Foot Artillery Regt. Yellow with red crossed flaming shells over chain stitched '13', field grey backing cloth. 3/ Mod 1910, uncertain ID. Grey cloth with red applied crowned cypher (similar to Lieb Gren Regt 100, Saxony) over crossed red guns. gVF (3)
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial, Prussia. 1900-14 Guard Star device for Guard Officer's helmet plate. 8 point rayed star in 'German silver' set with 'German silver', gilt & enamel central disc bearing Prussian eagle in black & title 'SUUM CUIQUE' on white ground. Multi-piece, high domed construction. Reverse comp with folding pins to secure to helmet plate. Pin holes to all star points (partially repaired). Only minor restoration required to points. gVF. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$250
Imperial Prussia.. Guard Star. 8 Pointed rayed star (silvered brass) backing plate 93mm (flat). Set with enamelled (flat enamel) disc 33mm dia bearing 'SUUM CUIQUE' & lower wreath around Prussian eagle. Single, small, screw post to reverse. Origin uncertain, possibly intended as a cuirass plaque(?). Evidence of removed fittings to star points east & west. gVF. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$120
Imperial Prussia. 1900 East Asian Corps (China) Marine Artillery Rating's tally band. '3 Matrosen Artillerie Kiautschou 3' gold thread woven on black silk. Repaired tear to centre (under the 'T'), 930mm. The Kiautschou Bay (Shandong Peninsula) was a German Colonial Concession from 1898-1914. Repair, minor stains. VGC. Rare.
 SOLD at A$475
Imperial Prussia. 1900-18 Major-General Shoulder Board pair. Gold bullion interwoven round cords, the central cords being silver with black chevron pattern. All set on a yellow cloth ground with yellow cloth securing tabs. Moth to cloth underlay & securing tabs. Overall gVF. Scarce. A large & impressive pr of boards. Current retail US$750+
 SOLD at A$250
Imperial Prussia. ca 1900-10 Dress shoulder straps. 1/ Yellow with red applied crown over script 'E' = 3rd. Garde Gren Rgt Konigen Elisabet; 6th Baden Inf Reg, Kaiser Friedrich III no. 114 = Green ground with red applied & Chain stitched crown over cypher, black backing cloth. Both stitch in varieties. Fade to 2nd. Overall GVG (2)
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial Prussia. ca 1900-10 Dress Shoulder straps for Enlisted Ranks in Saxon blue cloth with red applied designations. 1/ '113' with black/white cord trim for 1 year volunteer, 5th Baden Inf Regt no.113 (attached to XIV Armee Korps, Freiburg w. Br) black cloth backed; 2/ Flaming Grenade over '7' = 1st Westphalian Field Artillery Regt no. 7 (less backing cloth). gVF (2)
Imperia, Prussia.. Guard Grenadier Regt model 1910 & 1910/15 shoulder straps, both diff, Enlisted Man's Mod 1910 field-grey wool cloth with lemon yellow piping. Scarlet applied crown over crimson 'E' in 'Russia' braid. White metal crown button. Mod 1910/15 field-grey wool cloth, slightly broader than 1st faded yellow piping. Red applied crown over crimson 'Russia' braid monogram 'E' with darkened white metal crown button both stitch-down variants. gVF. (2)
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial Prussia. 4th Jager Bn model 1895 coloured shoulder straps (2), both diff. One for greatcoat, other for blue tunic. Both of red cloth, the first larger with field-grey backing cloth & grey cotton fastening tongue, yellow chain stitched numeral '4'. Second smaller & stiffened, black cloth backing (stitched-down variety). Finely embroidered yellow thread numeral '4'. Both with plain, pebbled finish bronze buttons. On card display backing (stitched, not glued). gVF.
Imperial Prussia. 1914-18 Major's shoulder strap. 1/Major (Jager?), War-time subdued, 'silver grey' with black chevron pattern interwoven flat cords on a dark green velvet ground green cloth securing tab; 2/ Major, musician (?), flat interwoven, silver cords with red braid centre thread. All on a purple/pink cloth ground with matched cloth securing tab. EF (2)
Imperial Prussia. 1914-18 Artillery Leutnant Shoulder Strap pair. Flat, silver cords with black chevron patter (evidence of insignia having been removed) on red cloth backing. Stitch-in variety of strap. Removed from display board. gVF
Imperial Prussia. 9th Train Bn shoulder strap pr model 1915 Saxon blue wool straps, field-grey wool backed. Numeral '9' chain stitched in red to each. Stitch-down variety. EF. Nice matched pr.
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial Prussia. 83rd Infantry Regt Major's shoulder strap pr, model 1888. Twisted silver wire braids with black chevron pattern. Scarlet cloth backing & fastening tongue. Each set with a gilt tombac rank star & numerals '83'. EF. Rare.
 SOLD at A$110
Imperial Prussia. 1914-18 Infantry Hauptmann Shoulder strap pair (matched), 4th Lothringisches Infantry Regt no. 136. Flat silver cords with black chevron pattern on red cloth ground. Each set with gilt brass insignia of 'pip' over numerals '136' over 'pip'. Stitch into seam variety of strap. A lovely matched pr. EF
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial Prussia. 1915-18 belt plate for Enlisted Ranks, 2 piece grey metal (painted iron). Unusual double-prongs/hooks in place of belt hook bracket or single flat hook. Less the double prongs to roller. Cavalry or mounted units variant? gVF.
 SOLD at A$70
Imperial Prussia. 1915-18 Army Enlisted Ranks Belt plate. Iron set with grey metal State disc. Complete with its original leather tab bearing the maker stamp of an Offenbach maker & date 1915. Scarce Wartime Emergency issue example. Minor surface rust stains. VGC
 SOLD at A$95
Imperial Prussia. 1915-18 Enlisted Man's belt plate. One piece iron striking with roller prongs & brass hook bracket to reverse. Original field-grey paint finish 97% intact. Minor surface rust stains. gVF.
Imperial Prussia. 1915-18 pr of officer's shoulder straps in wartime 'subdued' grey (with silver fleck) flat cords with Prussian State colour (black/white) chevron patterns. 1x on a backing of d/blue velvet with tongue slide - the other minus its backing. Both with a black cord dividing 'light' between the cords. Evidence of insignia removed. gVF.
Imperial Prussia. 1913-21 Military pilot's badge. Hollow with a plated over reverse. 'C. E. JUNCKER' maker & hallmarked '800' with faint crescent moon & crown stampings. nVF. Rare
Imperial Saxony: 1914-18 shoulder board (single). Crescent shaped brass on a darkish green cloth backing, aluminium silver tress (now faded) with green corded borders, 2 brass pips (1 with glue mark), red woollen underlay with 1 moth hole. Fair condition
Imperial Saxony. 22nd Saxon Infantry (?) Regt shoulder board pair. Silvered wire, flat woven with green chevron fleck. Straps for Leutnant on scarlet ground. Gilt numerals '22' to each. Plain tombac buttons. Stitch-down version straps. gVF. (2)
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial Wurttemburg. 1880s-1910 Officer's single shoulder scale. Dark blue material upper with silver braided tress, interwoven with a black & red pattern check, plain brass retaining hook button & brass crescent. Red felt underlay. GC.
 SOLD at A$60
Imperial Wurttemberg. ca 1900-14 enlisted man's helmet plate. Brass 2x loop/lugs to reverse. Still retaining curvature as removed from helmet. VGC.
 SOLD at A$150
Imperial Wurttemburg. 1914-18 Enlisted Man's belt plate. Grey iron with rear hook-loop & prong roller. 'Furchtlos und Trew'. gVF.
Imperial Wurttemberg. 1914 shoulder strap, 'dunkelblau' uniform, Enlisted Man. Red with yellow applied '122' (Fusilier-Regt Kaiser Franz Josef von Osterreich, Konig von Ungarn-4 Wurttembergisches-Nr 122). Attached to XIII Armee Korps. Black underlay. A little frayed at base where attached to uniform. gVF.
 SOLD at A$60
Imperial 1900-14 Sergeant Rank Collar Button prs. Prussian in white metal; Hesse in tombac; Wurttemberg in white metal. All matched prs. gVF or better. (6)
Imperial 1900-14 State rank collar buttons for Sergeant: Prussia, white metal; Prussia, tombac; Saxon, brass/tombac; Bavaria, gilt (rampant lion type); Mecklenburg-Schwernin, tombac; Mecklenburg-Schwerin, white metal. gVF/aEF. (6)
Imperial 1900-14 State Arms collar rank button pr for Sergeant: Prussia in tombac; Hesse in silvered white metal; Hesse in tombac. All matched prs. gVF. (6)
Imperial 1902-18 Colonial Officer's Mod. 1902 helmet plate. For Bortfeld tropical helmet. Gilt Colonial pattern Eagle with screw-post (x2) rev, still retains curvature for helmet. EF. Rare
 SOLD at A$425
Imperial 1902-18 Colonial Troops Officer's silver bullion pugaree for Model 1902 Bortfeld tropical helmet. Quite a small size with painted, pressed aluminium stitch-down national cockade attached. Approx 580mm diameter & 35mm broad. Exc. Very scarce
 SOLD at A$150
Imperial 1910-18 Marine Infantry (see Bn) buttons. 3 x gilt brass (22mm), 3 x tombac (22mm), 1 x white metal (23mm). gVF or better. Scarce. (7)
 SOLD at A$70
Imperial 1914-18 German Field Honour Badge & stickpin. Miniature in their original titled white cardboard carton of issue. Enamel, gilt & silvered badge with corresponding stickpin. Maker 'M. Fleck & Sohn Hamburg' to the inside of the carton's lid. Badge & stickpin EF. Carton gVF.
1922 Colonial Merit (the Lion Order) in silver. issued in 1922 by the German Colonial Veteran's Union, rev 'In Memoriam' 'Ges Gesch' & 'NR 34162'. Approx 46x46mm, vertical pin back. Genuine VGC. Rare.
 SOLD at A$150
1930s SA tinnies (2) . One for SA march-out for Group Nordmark on 7 May 1933 in Kiel. Shows a warship & a swastika. The other is a winter sport meeting for 13/14 Jan 1934 for SA Group Thuringen, displaying a swastika 'sun', skier & SA symbol. 1935 seafarer's tinnie. The Hindenburg Airship badge is almost 35mm long in a silver metal. Simple pin to rear. It is marked with the ship's name. The last badge made of pot-metal, sword over swastika design has markings to rear (1944?) & is likely a donation pin. All pins complete. (5)
 SOLD at A$100
1939-45 Infantry Assault badge 2nd Class, missing most of its silver, General Assault badge & SA Sports badge, the last slightly corroded. All made from zinc. Good-VGC. (3)
 SOLD at A$300
1939-45 Army Close Combat badge, Anti Aircraft badge, Luftwaffe pilot's badge, 1941 German Cross in silver (pin damaged), pr helmet decals (no pins), bullion eagle, damaged party badge & pr of shoulder straps. All post-war reproductions. Good collection gap fillers. (9 items)
 SOLD at A$200
WWII, framed display of cloth & metal insignia attached (sewn) to material backing in wooden frame. 10 items identified as original plus a couple more possible. The embroidered eagle on dark green has been restitched on right wing. Balance copies. Some metal badges have prongs, others not possible to check. Mostly GC. (1 frame).
1939-45 AFRIKAKORPS cuff titles (2), unissued/mint, the famous tartan backed type. SS metal cap insignia. Nice quality pieces made by M373/43. Heavy pot metal (Kriegsmetal) with painted silver finish (the type/style used late in the war). Prongs soldered to round plates then fixed to the badge. Eagle & skull matching maker & manufacture style. Police M-43 bevo cap eagle. Unused & a 'thank you' badge for an SS helper. RZM marked, M1/133. Post WWII reproduction or suspect insignia. Most very convincing & hard to tell. (6)
 SOLD at A$130
ca 1921-38 Sturmabteilung (SA) Belt Plate, 2 x piece, brass, centre disc with Eagle bearing 'Sun Wheel' or 'Mobile' Swastika, Eagle's Head below border. Silver plate worn from centre disc. gVF. cf Angolia: 21(1)1a
ca 1921-45 Sturmabteilung (SA) Enlisted Mans Belt Plate. 2 piece, all brass (silver plating polished off central disc), Eagle's Head below border, rotated Swastika variant. gVF. cf Angolia: 21(3)2
 SOLD at A$100
ca 1921-45 Sturmabteilung (SA) Belt Plate. Enlisted Man's, all brass (evidence of 'silvering' to central disc). Rotated Swastika variant with Eagle's Wing's 'hunched' & Head superimposed border. gVF. cf Angolia: 21(3)2. Scarce
 SOLD at A$100
1925 Der Stahlhelm 'Tradition', Year of Membership badge. 1925, 30mm silvered & enamel, 2 x piece, 'GES Gesch' & 'Sth' (Stahlhelm Logo) marked. Vertical, flat pin rev. gVF
1934 SA Sports Badge Type III silver grade by Werner Redo & a copy SA Sports badge bronze grade Bevo type cloth version. (2).
 SOLD at A$75
1933-45 National Socialist German Worker's Party Membership badge lot of 3: Party Member, enamel on silvered brass, marked 'RZM' & 'M1/153'; Party Member, enamel on silvered iron, marked 'RZM' & M1/101'; Propaganda badge 'Deutschland Erwache 1933'. Design based on Party Member badge, enamel on German silver marked 'RZM' & GES. GESCH.'. gVF. Interesting variants. (3)
 SOLD at A$350
ca 1933-45 SA-Military Sports badge in 'Gold'. Gilt iron, rev marked: 'Fechler/Eigentum Der O-Rste?/SA. Fuhrung/Bernsbach/SA.', minus its 'C' catch; SA-Military Sports badge in 'bronze' (bronze wash on iron) by W.R. Redo, Saar-Lautern. Wear to wash on both (2)
 SOLD at A$100
1933 Deutschland Erwache (Germany Wake up). Badge, maker marked GES. GESCH. gVF.
 SOLD at A$65
1934 Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend) Proficiency Badge 1st class. RZM M 1/101 for Gustav Brehmer, Markneukichen B in case above arrow on back. EF.
1935 Labour Day commemorative badge by G Danner, Muhlhausen TH 33x46mm pin back. 1939-45 Army Visor Cap Wreath comp with 3 blade lugs on back. Army Driver Proficiency Badge of Merit silver grade made of silvered zinc. 3 of 4 prong intact on back.
1935 DRA Sports Badge type I, without swastika & bronze DRL Sports Badge type II gold plus DRL grade Sports badge bevo cloth version. (copy?) (3).
1935 DRL Gold Grade Sports Badge bevo cloth version (copy?). 1957 DRL Sports Badge in silver & bronze (3).
1935 DRL Sports Badges type II gold & silver, officially de-nazified both with swastika removed. (2).
1933-45 Sturmabteilung (SA) Gruppe Westmark staff bevo cap eagle on rust background, for motoring cloth helmet. Unissued.
1938 Deutsche Jagerschaft 50 Year Membership Badge, East Prussia. Silvered bronze & enamel with separately affixed silvered Prussian Royal Elk 40mm. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$130
WWII Shoulder boards (4) inc Major General, sl moth on edge.. Collar tabs (4) inc Amstsleiter Orts level administrative position, Waffen SS Rank, SA. Chevrons (3). Luftwaffe cloth eagle (copy?) (3), Ribbon (3). Some removed from uniforms most appear genuine but arrived too late to research. (15).
 SOLD at A$150
WWII 1940-42 Black Wound Badge Type II (tombac) with maker's mark L/11 for Wilhelm Deumer in Ludenscheid, in LDO box of issue. 1939 War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords, also War Merit medal. Plus Commemorative Medal for 1 October 1938 (Sudetenland Medal). EF. (4).
 SOLD at A$180
WWII 1939 Wound badge, blackened. Brass?(1), steel (4).gVF. (5).
 SOLD at A$170
WWII 1939 Infantry Assault Badge Silver grade constructed of silvered zinc, silvering no longer present. Maker marked FZS for Fritz Zimmerman und Sohne, Ludenscheid gVF.
 SOLD at A$130
WWII 1939 Infantry Assault Badge Silver grade, constructed of silvered zinc, most silver wash no longer present. Makers mark GWL for Gerbruder Weger, Ludenscheid. VF.
 SOLD at A$120
WWII 1939 Infantry Assault badge Silver grade constructed of silvered zinc, most silver no longer present. Makes mark RS for Rudolf Souval, Wein gVF.
 SOLD at A$120
WWII 1939 Infantry Assault Badge, bronzed grade maker marked L/58, Rudolph Souval. gVF.
 SOLD at A$140
WWII 1939 Infantry Assault Badge Bronze grade constructed of zinc, little bronze wash remains. With makers marked with the logo of E Ferdinand Wiedmann, Frankfurt. gVF.
 SOLD at A$220
WWII 1939 General Assault Badge zinc with silver wash, semi flat back. No makers mark. Silver wash, sl bubbling on rev. gVF.
 SOLD at A$100
WWII 1939 General Assault Badge with evidence of silver wash. Semi hollow reverse, round pin & hook. No makers mark.
 SOLD at A$150
WWII 1939 General Assault Badge, solid back, not maker marked, struck in zinc. gVF.
 SOLD at A$100
WWII 1943 Kuban Shield (Kubanschild) struck in bronzed sheet metal on army grey-green cloth, original backing paper. VF.
 SOLD at A$150
WWII 1943 Kuban Shield (Kubanschild). Brass shield on Luftwaffe grey cloth with original backing paper. Bit spotty, has been cleaned. gVF.
 SOLD at A$150
WWII Army Heer Breast Eagle Bevo, silver flat wire thread on dark green ground, dirt mark, unissued plus an officer's breast eagle made with rolled bullion wire interlaced with black thread, green ground (tunic removed). Fair-GC plus 2 Panzer breast eagles, 1 Bevo, 1 woven, both probably copies (4).
 SOLD at A$80
WWII Mountain Infantry Edelweiss (Gebrigsjager Edelweiss-Abzeichen) cloth sleeve insignia on field gray wool backer plus Jager Regiment 4 colour sleeve insignia on dark green wool. Cost vendor $275. Original? EF. (2)
WWII SS Totenkopt skull insignia in silver coated zinc. Reverse with one of two attachment prongs intact. Maker marked. Reichszeugmeisterei (RZM) logo & code M1/52 for Deschler & Sohn, Munchen. Very scarce.
 SOLD at A$400
WWII 1939-45: Arm shields. Lapland Shield, Narvik Shield, Demjansk Shield all with green army cloth backings plus M43 Army cap size 58, with woven eagle above national cockade, swastika h/s ???213 below on inner lining. All replicas. Convincing group (4 items)
 SOLD at A$50
WWII SS Collar tabs for Oberfuhrer (Senior Colonel), matching pair. Quality manufacture, no maker mark, silver bullion (aluminium wire) edges, machine embroidered wire oak leaves with 3 acorns. EF. Rare.
WWII Waffen SS-Brigadefuhrer pair of shoulder boards (Heer equivalent to a General). Constructed of gold & silver entwined thread & flat wire on grey fabric. Have been removed from uniform, gold wire brighter where previously covered by a button & remains of threads used to attached to uniform as base. Quality late war issue. Small moth to grey reverse on 1 board. VF condition. Rare.
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
WWII 1939-45 Early c1936-39 Breast Eagle for Army Waffenrock machine embroidered. Minor moth to edge. gVF.
WWII Equestrian Badge 3rd Class in bronze, maker marked L.Chr Lauer Nurnberg-Berlin. VF.
WWII Deutsche Labour Front (DAF) Women's Badge in silvered bronze & enamel marked RZM maker M1/104 for Otto Fechler, Bernsbach. Reich Labour Service for Women Badge silvered zinc marked J.B.U Co for Julius Bauer & Sohne, Zella-Mehlis. Both scarce. (2).
WWII 1942 Krim Shield, bronzed, 4 steel prongs (1 prong resoldered) on Luftwaffe field grey ground remnant (cut to shape). Trace of 'blue tak' on swastika, should clean. VF.
 SOLD at A$120
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