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Army. ca1800-20 Georgian Artillery Officer's leather 'Tarleton' Helmet or Busby badge (Horse Artillery?). Large (94mm) 'Bursting Bomb' with 'GR' cypher within roped border to centre of ball. Gilded brass. Reverse with 2x flat brass lugs. Very minor verdigris to cypher field. Gilt 98% intact. gVF/aEF. Very scarce.
 SOLD at A$400
Army. 1854 West Suffolk Regiment. 1844-1855 Pattern 'Albert' Shako plate, Enlisted Ranks, Centre Companies, 63rd Regt of Foot. Relic dug in the Crimea c/1990's, but comp with its original iron loops to reverse. Cleaned & expert repaired. The 63rd formed part of the 4th Div of the Army of the East 1854-56. Present at the actions of Alma 20/9/1854, Inkerman 17-18/6/1855 & Siege of Sevastopol from >08/9/1855. gVF. An attractive & scarce comp 'Albert' plate with Crimean War provenance.
 SOLD at A$300
Army.1854 Crimean War Royal Artillery 1844 'Albert' Pattern shako plate. Enlisted ranks. Relic, dug in the Crimea. Lugs no longer present & holed at Queen Vic crown & gun wheel-hub areas. Plate bearing Royal Arms, gun & title scrolls. Excavated c/1990s. Cleaned overall to obverse. A poignant relic of the siege of Sebastopol.
 SOLD at A$300
Army.1854 Scots Guard Crimea War period ammunition pouch badge. The original 4 lugs to the reverse have been removed c/1870 for wear with the valise equipment. Solder to centre indicates where the valise bracket (now removed) was added. Later struck badges were identical in design, but without the 4 x lugs to reverse for ammo pouch flap. gVF. An excellent addition to a Scots Fusilier Guards Crimea War display.
Army.1865-14 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Other Ranks raccoon skin 'Busby' badge. Brass, 95mm. Both lugs intact. aEF. K&K: 0952. Scarce.
Army.1874-81 53rd (Shropshire) Regt of Foot pre Territorial Glengarry badge,. brass with lugs. KK-0512. VGC.
Army.1874-81 The Suffolk Regt Other Ranks Glengarry badge or Bandsman pouch badge. Not listed in Kipling & King. Wreath & Queen Victoria crown around title belt & voided centre bearing castle gateway over key. Twin-lug reverse (lugs squeezed but intact). Brass. gVF. Rare.
 SOLD at A$120
Army.1874-81 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regt of Foot Glengarry badge. A scarce sterling silver (not hallmarked) strike, possibly for Senior NCO or Band. Brooch fittings to rev (pin removed, no catch) 68mm. K&K: 473
Army.1878-1901 Queen's Westminster Volunteers helmet plate Other Ranks example, blackened brass. QV crown over 'Maltese' Cross design, coronet over portcullis in centre. 2x lug reverse (top lug removed), 94mm. aEF.
Army.1878-90 King's Royal Rifle Corps Enl Ranks Helmet Plate. Queen Victoria Crown, Brass. Battle honours to 1885. Worn on the green cloth 'Home Service' Helmet prior to the KRRC's adoption of the Rifle Regt's 'Busby'. gVF. Nice old-time finish.
Army. Cap badges & a few others. Mostly original with a few later strikes, inc 4 trade badges. Of note pre 1900 Rifle Brigade Glengarry badge in bronzed brass, post 1900 Wolseley helmet badge to same (other ranks), lugs, Officer's Middlesex Regiment cap/collar. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Territorial Lancashire Fusiliers, no lugs. GC. Some scarce badges here. (29)
 SOLD at A$150
Army.1881-1914 Helmet plate centres, lot of 3 Other Ranks examples: 'Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry', all brass, 4x lug reverse; 'Dorsetshire', all brass, 4x lug reverse; 'East Surrey', bi-metal, 4x lug reverse. VGC. K & K 323, 330 & 360. (3).
 SOLD at A$100
Army.1881-1901 Helmet plate centres, lot of 3 Other Ranks examples: 'The Welsh', bi-metal, 2x replaced lugs, toned; 'East Lancashire', bi-metal, 3x lug reverse (of 4 originally); 'Middlesex', bi-metal, 4x lug reverse. VGC. K&K 366, 397 & 410. (3)
 SOLD at A$75
Army.ca1890 Cornwall Rifle Volunteers Officer's bronze waist-belt plate, rectangular. Title scrolls above & below county shield with Prince of Wales feathers, all on pebble field. Oxydised finish. gVF.
 SOLD at A$150
Army.1890 1st Volunteer Bn of the Leicestershire Regt W/M Helmet plate. QV crown, for blue cloth helmet. Enlisted Ranks example. 2 of 3 Lugs to rev. Minus cross to top of orb on crown O/W VGC. aEF.
 SOLD at A$75
Army.1896-1903 scarce Victorian Cavalry Regiment hat badges: 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales) Dragoon Guards Bi-Metal QVC; 13th Hussars, Bi-Metal, QVC; 19th (Queen Alexandra's Own Royal) Hussars, 1st pattern elephant on single scroll. White metal. All original strikes (collected during WWI by Private Joseph Edward James Blow, 53 Bn, AIF). gVF/aEF. K&K Nos: 743, 769 & 789. Scarce. (3)
 SOLD at A$100
Army.1899-1902 2nd Anglo-Boer War 'RH' shoulder title, field made from shell-case brass 'RH' in monogram entwined. 2 x brass loop lugs to reverse, either Roberts Horse or Royston's Horse. Both units contained some Australians. 26mm. gVF. Scarce original Boer War title.
 SOLD at A$100
Army.ca1900-30 Cameron Highlanders Bandsman/Musician dress shoulder-belt buckle, slide & tip-end. Large silvered metal buckle with thistle & oak branch decoration & single roller prong; slide with similar & title 'Camerons'; Tip-end similar decoration but with representation on St Andrew & cross on star ground. All constructed from silvered, cast metal, the slide bracket appears silver. aEF
 SOLD at A$80
Army. WWI & later hat badge collection plus a few other badges. Mostly originals with some later strikings. Inc Officer's Royal Army Dental Corps QC, Officer's GVR Royal Engineer, bronze on blades. Royal Monmouthshire Engineer KC, slider by J R Gaunt London, Liverpool Scottish pre 1926 missing horse tail plus many other scarcer badges. Overall GC. (25 diff)
 SOLD at A$120
Army.1901-14 'The Welsh' helmet plate, Other Ranks. King's crown with separate bi-metal plate-centre of the Welsh Regiment. All lugs intact to reverse. EF. K & K 358 & 397.
 SOLD at A$100
Army.1901-14 Royal Artillery helmet plate other ranks, brass, King's crown. 3x lug reverse. Lightly toned. EF. K & K 807.
 SOLD at A$100
Army.ca1902-40 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders plaid brooch. White metal quoit of Celtic design with 4 bosses & bearing regimental devices of cat, coronet, Princess Louise' cypher & boars head. Retains most silver coating. Good solid brooch pin. nEF
 SOLD at A$100
Army.ca 1900-50 Malta Regt Hat badge lot of 3 diff. All bi-metal, King's crown & all with lug damage: 'Royal Malta Militia' (repair to rev); 'King's Own Malta Regt of Militia' (lead repairs); 'King's Own Malta Regt' (evidence of lead repairs). The title 'King's Own' was granted in 1903 by Edward VII, thus No. 1 pre-dates 1903, but bears a true 'King's' crown. Minor damage as described. VF. Scarce individually, let alone as a set
 SOLD at A$75
Army. WWI/WWII & later Military hat badge collection. A mix of originals & a few copies. 3 badges missing lugs are Glasgow Yeomanry, Tenth London, enamel Royal Army Service Corps. 2 sand-cast are Berkshire I.Y. & Royal Scots greys. Scarce badges inc Cheshire Regt post 1916, all brass. Loyal Suffolk Hussars missing flags o/w GC. Some scarce badges. (28)
Army.1912-18 Territorial Force 'Imperial Service' badge ('Tablet'). Solid brooch-pin reverse. Silvered brass (issued to members of the Territorial Forces who had volunteered for service outside the UK. Instituted 1912, but issued into the early WWI period). Together with a 'National Reserve-London' lapel badge by Gaunt. Button-hole '½ moon' fastening numbered '22325'. Gilt brass & enamel. gVF. (2)
Army. WWI & later, cap & glengarry badge collection in 2 frames. A mix of originals with some later strikings. Inc 14 mostly light Infantry badges. These behind the glass. Of note King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry smasher/slouch hat badge, varnished or a copy? Somerset Light Infantry Territorials. Yeomanry badges inc Hampshire Carabineers, this & the Sussex Yeomanry badge missing lugs. Overall GC. Display. (23)
 SOLD at A$120
Army.1939-45 Coldstream Guards Officer's silver, gilt & enamel cap badge. Attributed to a Captain T C Metcalf by vendor (no details). 4x piece construction. Light wear & minor tone. gVF. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$80
Army.1939-45 Royal Army Chaplain Department Hat badges, 1939 patterns: Christian Chaplain in bronze (for Service Dress), blades absent from rev; Jewish Chaplain, oxidised bronze with rev blades intact; Jewish Chaplain, blackened brass on slider. gVF/aEF. K & K: 2110 (3)
 SOLD at A$60
Army.1940-90 Royal Marines Insignia: Cap badge, King's Crown, brass on lugs (K&K 2100); Cap badge, 1954 to current in oxidised brass, Queen's Crown; Cap badge, Queens Crown; gilt anodised aluminium (last 2 x both K&K, 2101); Para Qualification Wings, red embroidered on khaki-drill cloth ground; curved cloth titles, red on black wool 'Royal Marine Commando, 1 x with original 'Sealed Pattern' no. still intact; another, straight line embroidered, 'Royal Marines'. Lug damage to 1st. gVF/aEF. (7)
Army. Collection of 28 Military cap badges, collars & titles. Mostly original with a few later striking. Of note are WWII Lugger Royal Marines. WWI Non Combatant Corps (this was a cap & title badge). New Zealand WWI 3rd Rifle Brigade cap badge, also 12 Nelson Infantry Regiment collar. WWI/II Cambridgeshire Regiment cap. Mostly GC. Some nice badges in this lot. (28)
Army. Collection of 28 diff Military badges, predominantly WWI & WWII era. Mostly original with a few later manufactured. Of note are Military Foot Police, South Irish Horse. All brass 1916 Suffolk Regiment, this varnished. Also Territorial Royal Field Artillery WWI. RMP & HAC badges missing sliders. Malta Regt & Welsh Guard sliders repaired. Mostly GC. (28)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. Cavalry related badges (15) inc a mix of original with some later struck badges. Of note are post 1952 Fifth Dragoon Guards silver plated Officer's badge. Machine Gun Corps, Tank Corps, post 1940 17th Lancers Sgt's arm badge. Also a Royal Tank Regiment feather OR's plume. Comes with a pair of Officer King's crown Cavalry shoulder chains, scales. GC, shoulder scales would benefit from a clean. A good group to Cavalry Regts. (18)
 SOLD at A$150
1914-18 Recruiter's badge 'War Office Recruiting Area 37'. Gilt brass, 43mm on button-hole fitting rev. King's crown over title belt, large '37' within, with scroll at base. EF. Scarce
1914-50 Sweetheart Brooches with Scottish Regimental Interest: 1/ Royal Scots Fusiliers, silvered brass & enamel, brooch fitting, 35mm; 2/ Black Watch, officers bronze collar or sporran badge, 37mm, brooch fitting rev; 3/ Highland Light Infantry, silver & brass, multi piece construction, brooch fitting (minus pin) - probably a ca 1900 Officer's Dress collar badge; 4/ Seaforth Highlanders, chrome & enamel, 28mm. gVF (4)
 SOLD at A$80
1914-18 Sweetheart Brooches. All in shape of Regimental Cap badges. 1/ 10th County of London Bn (Hackney), brass & enamel, brooch fitting (minus pin), 33mm; 2/ East Yorkshire, gilt brass & enamel, 27mm, brooch fitting; 3/ Yorkshire Regt, silvered brass & enamel, 31mm, brooch fitting (minus pin) with safety chain; 4/ Yorkshire Regt converted from Hat badge with brooch fitting & safety chain added. gVF. The 1st scarce. (4)
 SOLD at A$80
1914-18 Sweetheart badges, all in design of Regimental cap badges. 1/ Bedfordshire Regt, bronze, button hole crescent rev 24mm; 2/ Durham Light Infantry, bronze, brooch fitting rev 31mm; 3/ The Essex Regt, brass & enamel (en chips) - brooch fitting but minus pin 31mm; 4/ The Gloucestershire Regt brass & enamel, brooch fitting - missing pin (en chip) 34mm. Gen gVF (4)
 SOLD at A$60
1914-18 Sweetheart Brooch Royal Engineers 9ct gold (rose gold) & tortoise shell. Circular shell 28mm with 9ct gold surround & badge design of the RE (engraved) inset into obv. Hallmarked rev with brooch pin. 4.17g. EF
RAF. 1914-18 Women's Royal Air Force Shoulder Badge pr, 1st Pattern worn 1918-20, white eagle on black ground, opposing pr, intended for wear below 'W.R.A.F.' title. Tiny stain to 1. VGC. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$100
RAF.1938-53 Lapel badges: Air Training Corps, chromed, by Gaunt. 20mm on crescent lug rev; Royal Auxiliary Air Force 'R.AUX.AF', King's crown above circlet, title across, RAF Eagle below 24mm, by Gaunt, on crescent lug, white metal; Territorial Army 'TA: with King's crown at top on circlet, lion head at base 23mm. Not maker marked. Crescent lug stamped '346700', white metal; Royal Army Reserve, title belt below King's crown with lion, crown & crossed swords within 26mm. Hallmarked silver, Birmingham 1938, by Gaunt. EF. The last & second scarce. (4)
 SOLD at A$60
RAF. 1930-38 Full dress shoulder board pr. Flight Lieutenant. RAF blue/grey superfine wool cloth on convex board with white leather backing & tongue. Bullion (embroidered directly on cloth). KC over eagle (opposing) with 2 x bullion rank stripes below. Brass eyelets to the top of ea to accommodate buttons (buttons absent). gVF. A scarce opposing pr
RAF. 1939-45 Aircrew ½ wing Brevets, lot of 3. All with upward swept wing & padded varieties, brown wreaths. 'LM' (Load Master); 'AE' (Air Engineer); 'N' (Navigator). All on black grounds. Minor age stains & moth nips, overall VGC.
 SOLD at A$100
1914-18 St Dustan's Badge for the War Blinded. Lapel badge in bronze & enamels. 'Crescent Moon' button hole attachment. By Fattorini, Birmingham. St Dunstan's Hospital was where the majority of those blinded on war service, in both wars, were treated. Sl enamel chips, not detracting. gVF. Scarce
 SOLD at A$60
Buttons: KEVIII 1936 EVIIIR or E1R cypher. Royal Engineers Brass 25mm by Firman, JR Gaunt 14mm by Pitt & Co London. Army Service Corp 26mm & 19mm by Gaunt, London. Honourable Artillery Co Volunteers chrome plated. Uniform Livery Officer by JR Gaunt. Supply & Transport by Towell & Co. Gilt & brass Tunic button 14mm. All VGC. Vendor cost $270+. All scarce-rare. (10)
 SOLD at A$50
Northern Ireland. Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) Lapel badge & fob, bronze. Lapel in form of 1913 Patt badge but in solid bronze finish 28mm with brooch-pin fitting reverse, unnumbered. Fob in same, ovoid 1913 Patt. but smaller, 25mm, with loop (now removed) at top. EF. Scarce. (2)
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