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1937-41 KGVI Defs to 1/4 specialised collection with 1937 perf 13½x12½ group inc QM 1d green Die I imprint blks of 4 (3), KGVI 1½d brown Ash imprints (3), KGVI 2d Die I wide gutter Ash imprint, KGVI 3d blue Die 1 MUH (4) inc vert pr, upper stamp FM. Die 1 'white wattles' MUH (SG 168a cat £180) & U (£65). Die 1a (TA cut apart) MUH (SH 168b cat £180), M (2) & VFU. Die II thick paper Ash imprint pr M perf G/NSW & MUH singles (3) & VFM. Die II thin paper imprint blk of 4 (rev spot) MUH/M & MUH singles (2). 1/4 magenta Ash imprint blks (4) one with variety 'flaw in A of Australia' (ACSC 211zc cat $150). 1938-41 perf 15x14 group inc QM 1d green Die II Ash imprint blks (4), plus blank Coil Machine Test strip of 4 MUH. 1d brown imprint blks (2). 1½d brown McCracken imprint blks (2), 1½d green imprint blks (4). 2d violet imprint blks (2), Coil strips of 4 MUH (2, cat $200) & medal flaw in upper positional blk of 20 MUH. 3d blue Die III Ash imprint blk of 4 M/MUH & imprint pr MUH. 3d brown imprint blks of 4 (5) with Ash (2) & Authority (3). Few Used inc odd multiple. Odd minor tone spot to be seen. Mostly VF M/MUH. ACSC cat $4000+. (326) (P)AVAILABLE at A$650