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M/Sheets group of 4 with 100 of ea for CAPEX 96 Toronto, issued by Romania, OLYMPHILEX 2000 Sydney issued by PNG, Cyprus 2006 Europa 50th Anniv & PNG 1999 Hiri Moale Festival. All fresh MUH, cat A$2100. (400)AVAILABLE at A$80

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Papua New Guinea 2002 QEII Golden Jubilee M/Sheet (100) FV K725 = A$315, 2007 Personalised Stamp 85t Orchid with 'Common Spotted Cuscus' tab sheet of 20 (100 sheets). FV K1700 = A$765. All fresh MUH, total FV = A$1080.AVAILABLE at A$130

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1911-22 KGV Admiral set 1c-50c. VF fresh MUH. Unitrade ex 104-120 cat C$3570/1080. SG ex 196-215 cat £275 for M, should be at least double, £550 MUH. (8). (P)SOLD at A$450

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Venezia Giulia: 1918 opt set 1c-1L, plus express. F-VFU on pieces, nice range of diff pmks. SG 49-E60 cat £570, Sass 19-29 & E1 cat €1080. (12). (P)AVAILABLE at A$220

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1907-10 Lakatoi small Papua 6d black & myrtle-green wmk upright inverted, perf 11, sheet of 30 (5x6) inc varieties 'rift in sky' & 'comet'. Stamps MUH bit troplicalised with some spots. SG 53 cat £540 as M singles should be at least double, £1080 MUH, plus premium for varieties & full sheet. Extensive positional variety notes.AVAILABLE at A$130

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1938 Voortrekker Fund ½d + ½d, full sheet of 120, Sheet No 8576 all marg, plus 6 stamp-size tabs at base. VF MUH. SG 76 cat £1080+ as prs, plus premium for very rare full sheet.AVAILABLE at A$150

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1896 type-set 1a black thin '1' horiz setenant pr, left stamp variety small 'o' in POSTAGE. VF UN as issued. SG 54/54a cat £720+ as singles, plus premium for positional setenant pr which should be +50%, so est cat £1080. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500