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4d Olive No Imprint (Mullett) blk of 4, plate 4, variety 'line through king's neck'. VF M/MUH. ACSC 114C(4)za cat $550. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250
France late 1960s-ca2000 collection on 25 double-sided hagners with an extensive range of Commems inc Art Series, Tourist Publicity, Flora & Fauna, Soccer/Football & other themes, plus Defs & Airs. Largely F-VF U, cat £1150 = A$2100. (1020)SOLD at A$150

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Germany: Massive 4 carton estate lot of covers & postal history with 1940s-80s Philatelic/commercial mail inc scattered 3rd Reich, 1946-52 mail to & from Allied Occupation Zones, Postal Stationery UN & U, 1950s-60s Internal Philatelic Mail (quantity) inc FDC. 1960s International Inwards Mail inc France, Ireland, Malta inc 1956 Defs to £1 QEII (cat £60). Denmark, Ireland, Italy, plus Austria-Australia 'Parcel-Post cards' (7) with Wood Carvings 10Fr (22) & 20Fr (15). Similar period International outwards inc Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Ethiopia, Oman & others inc a variety of 'Merchant Ship' cachets, plus 1970s Airmail FDC (50+) to Australia, approx 600 covers/cards in total. See website for scans. Then First Day card massive collection (1500) with West Berlin (350) 1975-90 & Federal Republic (1150) 1975-94, plus 1965-71 Philatelic covers/FDC (600) in large shoebox. Massive hoard to sort through. (approx 2700 items)SOLD at A$400

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Great Britain collection to late 1990s with KEVII to 9d, KGV to 2/6 Seahorse. Strength in 1940s-90s with earlier Commems inc 1948 £1 Royal Wedding marginal strip of 5 MUH (cat £200), 2½d MUH (240) in large multiples, plus set to £1 MLH. 1951 KGVI set to £1 MLH (£100). 1950s QEII Defs MLH/MUH on leaves, plus phosphor band Commems inc 1963 FFH, 1963 Lifeboat, 1963 Red Cross, 1964 Botanical Congress sets MUH, other contemporary sets in glassines, plus 1953-71 Commem collection in hagners. Then decimals inc 1972 ½p left sideband Machin MUH & 24p brown Postal Forgery. Then 1980-90s PHQ Card sets (35), FDCs inc 1951 Festival of Britain, later Commem covers inc 1970 National Army collection of 20 covers & others inc Millennium FDCs. A useful assembly mostly F-VF. SG cat £1000+. (1150, 45 covers & 150 maxicards)SOLD at A$250

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1d Bright violet imperf Plate Proof left marginal pr on thin glazed card, left stamp with 'weak shading lines behind kangaroo', right stamp with 'left frame flaws' & 'thin lower frame'. Minor rev tropicalisation o/w VF UN as made. ACSC 70PP(2)D cat $1150 as 2 singles. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1897 QV Jubilee 8c slate-violet, imperf Proof on card. Superb fresh UN as made, 4 margins. SG 130(p) cat £55 as normal, Unitrade 56P cat C$140. Only 1150 printed.AVAILABLE at A$50

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Greece & Islands: 1918-22 Issues inc 1911-23 Pictorials 1919-22 inc re-engraved high values 3D-10D U (SG cat £175), Litho print (6). Aegean Is opt on Italy inc 15c & 20c with wmk comp M for all 13 Islands (£1450) - Patmos 20c is no wmk, others U (£1150). Then Occup of Thrace 3-line opt engraved ser M (£250) & Litho set M (£50) - ex 30L, monogram opt set (£160), 2-line opt set, monogram set, plus Adrianople set U. Also Redestro issue 4 diff in blks of 8, Kydonis & Lesbos opts, E T Smyrna opts comp U (9, €1400) & Epirus unissued Large eagle sets of 4 M & U. VF M/U. SG cat £3500, plus €1450 = A$8800. (200) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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Italy: 1918-22 Used with 1921 'BLP' opt 25c & 40c (SG cat £187), Union of Venezia set (£130, Dante & Victory sets (£140), Express 1.20/30c & Pneumatic 15c (£48) & 1922 'BLP' 10c (£110), 2 covers & a BLP 40c Lettercard UNC (£110+). Also Austrian Italy Trentino opts to 2Kr (£5550), & 2-line opt set (£500) & surch set. Venezia Giulia 3-line opts to 2Kr (£1150), & 2-line opt set (£375), Postage Due set (£800) & Express (£160). General Issues comp M (£265) inc Dues, plus 2 covers & 2PC. Also Bolzano local 'Porto St' red opts (14, Sass cat €550), & 2 other 'TAXE' opts (€500+), plus Locals Udine (5) & Merano, plus Austrian Field Post in Italy comp M ex 16c Due, inc unissued surch set (£140). Then San Marino (22, £150). SG cat £9900, plus Sass €1100 = A$10,000+. Also Sassone Italy Specialised cat 2010 as new. (200, + covers etc). (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1893 Colombian $2 lake. Fresh UN, flts at top. Sc 242 cat US$1150. SG 247 cat £1300. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150