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4½d Pale violet variety 'shaved top frame at left' (pos 1L2). FM. ACSC 118De cat $120.AVAILABLE at A$40

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India & States 1854-1937 on cards inc 1854 ½a (2), 1a, 1876 12a 1895 QV 2R, 3R (2), 1902 KEVII 2R, 3R, 1911 KGV 1R to 25R, 1926 KGV to 10R, 1931 New Delhi set G/FU. 1934 KGV 2a vermilion blk of 6 MUH, 1935 KGV SJ set M, plus others inc Nine Pies, opt INV on 1 anna red. Officials inc 1948 1½a Ghandi pr FU (cat £200). Some states inc Gwalior 1932-35 2R, 5R MLH, total SG cat £1160. Nepal 1881-1959 group inc 1886-1900 imperf 1a blue (2), 2a violet, 2a brown, 1a green (4). 1899-1900 imperf ½a tete-beche pr, plus single FU. 1899 ½a pin perf tete-beche pr FU. 1900 Pin Perf 2a violet tete-beche pr. 1917 2a violet & 2a lilac. 1901-17 imperf 1a blue (2). Overall a useful group of these exotic primitives!!. Generally F-VFU with much to commend. Total cat £€2500+ = A$4500. (124).SOLD at A$450

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Armenia: 1919-23 specialist collection/accumulation with extensive h/s opts (880) with 60k/1k perf, imperf & all 3 opt types, plus cross gutter blks of 4 (2) SG cat £135+, then boxed 'Z' h/s perf to 10R with 2-7 of ea value & a range of diff h/s types in black or violet (200+ £1160) & imperf to 5R - again inc diff h/s types (£400), unboxed 'Z' h/s imperf to 5R inc h/s types (£440), & perf £1240). Surch range (275) to 100R/10R inc perf & imperf with SG unlisted types (perf £2300 imperf £1940). 1920 Romanov types surch (35, £1290) to 100R on 4 diff values to 3R, Charity types (11, £1260), plus Romanovs with 'Z' h/s unlisted (8). Then Arms with both 'Z' h/s & surch (90, £1260), with 'Z' h/s & surch numerals only w/o monogram (26, £260). 1921 boxed star opt set both M&U, plus 1R missing '5000' value. Also the 4 diff Pictorial sets w/o surch inc perf & imperf, then 1st set of 8 surch to 20k/5000R, 2nd type (54, £3200+) to 50k/25,000R inc black & red opts, wide & narrow numerals, double or inverted opts etc inc 1923 Currency Reform (7) & finally the last type of surch (24) with 2+ of all but 1 value, as usual with diff types & colours of surch. Forgeries & reprints sure to be present. VF M/MUH, some U. SG cat £16,000+, pricing unlisted types at a nominal price to similar values. Impressive & valuable collection. (1300+). (P)SOLD at A$3500