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Small multiple wmk perf 13½ x 12½ Specialised M/MUH selection with 2d brown, Plate 1, MUH blk of 8 with varieties 'thinned left frame & dot below 'AU'' (Pos R45) & 'shading lines doubled on King's face' (R47). ACSC 99(1)I j cat $290 & unplated blk of 4 VF M. 2d red Die II strip of 3 left stamp (Pos 1 L49) variety 'retouched lower frame' ACSC 100(1)g cat $80 & right marginal blk of 8 (Pos 39-42/45-48) with same varieties MUH (cat $190). 2d scarlet Ash Plate 2, N/A imprint blk of 4 ($150). 2d/1½d UR plate 1 & Plate 2 dot cnr blks of 4 ($120). 3d blue Die 1A upper marginal A-B joined pr MUH, left stamp (Pos L3) variety 'spot in front of King's head (ACSC 107c(3,4)d cat $575). 3d blue Die II Plate 5 blk of 4 (R32-33/38-39) UR stamp 'white flaws in left wattle & on R of Australia' (ACSC 108Af cat $195) & Ash imprint blk of 4, stamps MUH cat $275+. 4d olive UR cnr MUH (Pos 4R6) with 'white flaw in right wattles' (ACSC 116(4)i cat $120) & left marginal pr M, left stamp 'kangaroo's tongue out' (ACSC 116A(4)e cat $160). 5d/4½d UR cnr blk of 4 MUH, cat $80. Mixed M/MUH as noted, total ACSC cat $2380. (52)AVAILABLE at A$500