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1966-End 1985 MUH collection near comp (FV $180+) in Seven Seas hingeless album inc 1966 Pics to $4, 1970 Cook M/sheet, 1971 Christmas 7c sets (3) inc blk of 7 & all the other scarce 1970s Commem sets, Paintings to $10 & 1980s near comp to 1985 Christmas. Some toning, still better than postage.SOLD at A$140

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Great Britain Postal History: Collection of the 1841 QV 1d red-brown imperf used on 355 covers/entries 1842-1853 with an excellent treasure trove of pmks inc Maltese Cross (noted '6' cat £320 ), numeral cancels date stamps & other markings. Regions inc Scottish, Devonshire & Yorkshire, noted some used in Ireland & others. Some mixed condition but many F-VF & a value lot at estimate. Min SG cat £12400 = A$24000 as loose stamps plus premium for on cover or special pmks. See website for selection. (355)SOLD at A$1100

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Spanish Philippines: 1854-98 Classic collection inc 1854 Queen 2r. 1855 Queen 5c. 1859 Queen Interior 5c & 10c. 1861 Queen 5c. 1862 Queen 5c, Correos with period & 1863 5c & 10c, Correos with colon. 1863 Queen 1r, Roman & blk letter. 1864 Queen to 25c. 1868 Habilitado h/s to 25c. 1871 'Spain' set to 40c. 1872 Habilitado h/s Queen 2R. 1872 King to 1P25. 1874 Justice to 1P25. 1875-77 King to 25c with rosettes. 1878-79 King to 250m, no rosettes. 1877-79 Surch 12c on 2c & 12c on 25m. 1880-89 King to 25c. 1881-89 Selection of Habiltado issues. 1889 Recargo h/s to 124/8c. 1890-92 Baby range to 80c inc diff colours. 1897 Habilitado boxed h/s to 20c on 25c. 1898 Curly Head to 2P. 1892-96 Printed Matter range. All diff. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U. SG cat £2400+ = A$4500+ Seldom seen area. (164) (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1991 Aboriginal Crafts 37c Basket booklet stamp perf 14.8 (normally 15½) x imperf, tied on commercial cover by 'Preston Mail Centre 1991 JUL 8' machine pmk. Some tones. Apparently from 'essay booklets' of which only a few are recorded (cat $2000-$3500). SG 1095(var). ACSC 1245c(var) cat $3000 for this cover in 2002. Cost vendor $1760 in 2002 & the only recorded cover. 2019 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$800

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1963 Landscapes set 4f-50f. F-VF MUH, some gum sl tropicalised. S57, SG 2124-39 cat £700. (16). (P)SOLD at A$625

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1867-83 QV 10/- Greenish-grey, wmk Maltese Cross. Superb U, 'Parsley AP 25 82' cds. SG Spec J124, SG 128 cat £5600 inc SG specified +75% premium for lightly used. Exceptionally nice quality. (P)SOLD at A$1500

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1867-83 QV 10/- Greenish-grey, wmk Maltese Cross. GU, barred oval 'R' pmk, minor flts SG Spec J124, SG 128 cat £3200. Budget example of this scarce high value. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1935 KGV Silver Jubilee set 20c to 1/- perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh M. SG 124-127s cat £170. Scarce genuine set. (4). (P)SOLD at A$120

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1891-92 Surch selection inc '6 Cents' opt Arms 8c green, inscribed Postage & Revenue, '6 Cents' opt Arms 10c blue, inscribed Postage, '1 Cent' opt 4c rose-pink & '1 Cent' opt 5c slate. VF UN. SG 55, 56, 63 & 64 cat £124. (4).AVAILABLE at A$60