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2009-18 decimal MUH collection strength in the higher vals with Pics to $10 Kangaroo & International Post to $7.50. All fresh. FV $400.SOLD at A$275

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India: Collection Edwardian era to 1920s (170) with colour (46) inc Karachi, Benares, Johari Bazaar, Lukkar Bazaar & madras Beach. Mono- chrome types (124) inc Taj Mahal views, Darjeeling scenes, Calcutta, Ajmere, Bombay, Delhi, Benares, Simla Railway, plus Palaces, Tombs, Ancient Ruins, Temples, City Architecture & Buildings, Mountains & others. Mostly UN, F-VF (70), plus group of 38 1940s style Gandhi (Memorial?) cards. Also non-Indian cards (40) inc Australia (6), French WWI Comic (6) & Berlin 1890s Studio Photographs (11). (210)SOLD at A$160

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Set: ½d Orange to 1/4 turquoise. F-VF MUH. SG 124-131. ACSC cat $630. (8)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Postmark: Numeral 1244 of German Creek (RRRR) comp strike on 1897 Shield 1d. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1880 QV Chalon 5/- yellow-ochre. VF UN, part gum. SG 124 cat £550. (P)AVAILABLE at A$275

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1963 Hwangshan Landscapes set 4f-50f, on 4 illustrated official FDC. VF. SG 2124-39, China S57, Mi 744-59 cat €1500+ on FDC. Very rare & attractive. (4). (P)SOLD at A$1300

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1906-12 KEVII £1 purple & black on red. F-VF fresh MLH, beautiful deep colours. SG 124 cat £300. (P)AVAILABLE at A$170

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1902-03 Crown 16c green & brown, variety 'line through B'. VF fresh MLH. SG 124b cat £120. (P)AVAILABLE at A$80

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1864-71 QV Chalon 1/- green, wmk star, imperf, should be perf 12½. F-VFU, 4 margins, 'Dunedin 71' duplex pmk. CP A6m(T) cat NZ$1500. SG 124(var) unlisted imperf. Very rare. 2021 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$475

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1905 Cervantes set 5c-10P. Mostly F-VF fresh M/MLH, with 10P top value superb MLH. Ed 257-66 cat €1245. SG 307-16 cat £850. Key set.. (10) (P)SOLD at A$400

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1953 Airmail set 25P & 50P. Superb fresh MUH. Ed 1124-25 cat €1375. SG 1187 & 1191 cat £1040. Key set. (2). (P)AVAILABLE at A$375

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1869 Pictorial set 1c-90c, imperf proofs, on India paper (1c-30c), 90c on card. VF UN as made, all 4 margins. SG 114-124(p), Sc 112P3-121P5, 122P4 cat US$845, normal cat US$36,350. (10). (P)SOLD at A$575