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1981-1998 PO Year Albums. F-VF MUH. FV $960.SOLD at A$450

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1/4 Turquoise single wmk (5) & CofA wmk (3) inc shades. F-VF M/MLH. SG 66 & 131 cat £625. ACSC 128 & 131 cat $1700, both as cheapest shades. (8)AVAILABLE at A$350

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3d Blue opt OS, upper marginal gutter blk of 48 (6 x 8). VF MUH. SG O131 cat £360 as M singles, should be at least double, £720 MUH positional blk of 4. ACSC 109(OS) cat $1440.AVAILABLE at A$400

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1968 Famous Australians $1 range of all diff editions & advert combinations. Mostly F-VF MUH. SG SB44(var). Pf B130Ad-g, j, Bd-g, h-I, m, Cd-f, Dd/f/h - last no stamps, Fd-f, Gd-e, He/g, Jd-e & 131d cat $800. (30).SOLD at A$150

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Booklets: 1950s-72 specialised collection consignment remains with Pre-decimals (8) inc B58 wax (4, cat $600), plus stapled wax ($150). Decimals inc B109A, 109Bd, 110Bd, 111Be/f, 112Be, 112Af, 119C, 123Bf, 125, 126d, 127Be, 130Af, 130Be, 131D, 132Hf, 135d (5, inc stapled), 139Ad, Ae, Cd, Dd, Id & a few others. Appear generally F-VF. SG cat £370+++ as cheapest. Pf cat $1500+. (40)SOLD at A$210

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1938 Railway Parcel 'D' opt 2F35 on 1Fr65 brown on yellow. VF fresh MUH. Maury CP126 cat €950, Yv CP131 cat €1350. Rare genuine MUH. 2019 Scheller photo-cert. (P)SOLD at A$500

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Boer War South Africa: 1889-1900 QV Army Telegraphs unappropriated die set 1d-£5. F-VF fresh M/MLH. SG AT3-13 (under South Africa) cat £1315. Very rare set. (11) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1922-23 'Busta Lettera Postale' advertising lettercard (2 serie Piemonte) with advert for 'Societa Nazionale Navagazione' on front & for 'White star Line' on back & many small adverts inside, franked 'BLP' type II litho blue opt 20c orange. VFU, uprated 30c red, tied by 'Amb Torino-Piacenza 4 5 23' railway TPO cds. SG B131 cat £475++ for loose stamp alone, Sass BLP 7 ct €1800. Extremely rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1938-54 KGVI Pictorial set 1c-£1 perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh M. SG 131-150s cat £1000. Rare genuine set. (13). (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1921-32 KGV Peace & Justice set ½d-£1. F-VF fresh M/MLH, 5/- cnr spot but £1 superb MLH. SG 131-41 cat £150. (14) (P)SOLD at A$70