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Covers 1929-39 Registered Mail collection in box organised by reg label, almost all different, includes A1 Mine Settlement (2), Agnes, Ballangeich North SS, Balook, Bambra Rd Sth, Barrakee, Baxter, Big Pats Creek, Braeside, Breakaway Creek, Bullengarook, Bullioh, Bulumwaal, Burleigh, Burrowye, Cabarita, Cardinia, Carngham, Christmas Hills, Clydesdale, Cosgrove RS, Cross Keys (2), Delegate River, Devondale, Drumanure, Duverney, Fishermens Beach, Flynn, Flynns Creek, Forrest RS, Glenalbyn RS, Gorae, Greta West, Hazel Park, High Camp Plain RS, Homewood, Janiember East, Johnsonville, Jung, Kiamal, Knowsley, Ky Valley, Lake Tyers, Lethbridge, Mackintosh, Newhaven, Noradjuha, Pennyroyal Creek, Redesdale Junction, Rokeby, Ruffy (2), Tandara, Tarneit, Tarwin Meadows, Ten Mile, Three Bridges, Vervale, Wallinduc, Wedderburn Junction, Whorouly East, Whorouly South, Worrinen North (error for Woorinen), Wy Yung, Yarraweyah (error for Yarroweyah), etc. Label types approx blue (400), black and blue (280) and red (110) also a few with manuscript markings, a few space fillers – 3 missing label and 4 non-registered (Archerton, Ellinbank, Merricks North, Slaty Creek). Includes maybe 100 provisional labels, a few rubber violet cancels, some with punch holes or other faults. Heroic assembly, great basis for further expansion 750+ covers and about 45 fronts, (800 approx) (P)AVAILABLE at A$8000