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4d Olive perf OS. VF fresh MUH. SG O83 cat £60 for M, should be at least double, £120 MUH. ACSC 114ba cat $175. (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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KGV: ½d-1/4 with 1d red engraved (6), ½d green, ½d orange (7) inc opt OS, 1d green (11) inc OS opts, 1d violet, 1½ brown (2), 1½d green (2), 1½d red (7), 2d orange (2), 2d brown (3), 2d red (6) inc OS opt, 3d blue, 4d violet, 4d olive (7) inc perf OS NSW, 5d brown (5), & 1/4 single wmk (4) inc perf OS, plus U & CofA wmk (3), plus a few NWPI opts. Some flts Fair-VF M/MUH. The 1/4s alone SG cat £1420. High retail. Inspect. (79).AVAILABLE at A$275

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Nauru: 1916-88 Collection with 1916 opt KGV set, Seahorses set to 10/- MUH (SG cat £420, double MUH), 1924 Ship set rough paper to 10/- (£225), then comp 1935-88 inc all Def & Commems, M/sheets, strips etc. F-VF M/MUH, SG cat £1200. Plus Norfolk Is 1947-75 comp with Ball Bay set, all Defs & Commems inc 1960 set to 10/-, decimal Surch to $1, Ships, Birds, Buildings, Freeform inc UPU M/sheet. SG cat £220. Mostly VF M/MUH, a few CTO/U. Total cat £1420+ plus premium for the MUH Seahorse set. (550) (P)AVAILABLE at A$400