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1d Green left marginal vert pr, plate 4, upper stamp with 'wattle line' variety, lower stamp with 'neck flaw retouched'. Scarce multiple. Fresh MUH. ACSC 80(4),f,ha cat $310 as M singles, should be at least double, $620 MUH, plus premium for positional pr.SOLD at A$60

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Foreign countries collections. Part Six. Listed in no order inc USA (100s) to late 1940s inc 1857 Washington 10c green (£65). 1862 2c Blackjack (£65), 10c Washington (£60) & 30c orange Franklin (£180). 1869 Pic 2c Rider (£90). 1870 Presidents 12c lilac, 15c orange & 30c black (cat £350). 1890 'no triangle' Presidents (10) to 30c (£110). 1893 Columbian (15) to 30c (£200), 1894 Presidents with 'triangles' 15c, 50c & $1 (£185). 1898 Mississippi set to 10c (£150). 1901 Pan-American Expo (£135). Then wide range of Commems, pre cancels, Presidents & Pics to late 1940s.SG cat £1450 to 1902 Presidents = A$2500. Netherlands Indies in quantity, 1890s-1940s. New Caledonia Pics (400) to late 1970s. Italy 1866-1976 (100s) in 2 large s/book inc useful pre WWI selection. Belgium to 1970s inc Railway Parcel Post Stamps (300). Nicaragua Pics & Commems (200). French Polynesia (110) to mid 1970s. Fujeira 1960s Thematics. Plus Poland, Romania, Spain in separate volumes. Overall a useful selection with minimal duplication plus plenty of extras, all in 11 large s/books. (many 1000s)AVAILABLE at A$400
Germany - West: 1970-90 collection in 2 SAFE hingeless albums. Largely MUH, some FU, SG cat £1300. Also West Berlin collection 1957-77 FU & MUH inc 1959-63 Berlin Building to 3DM & 1961-62 Famous Berliners FU, plus later sets. SG cat £1000. Largely VF, total cat £2300 = A$4100. (1450, 24 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1873 Dept of Interior set 1c-90c vermilion LARGE DIE PROOFS on India paper (most about 62x75mm), removed from card. Mostly VF fresh UN as made. SG O194-203(p), (normal cat £1300). Sc O15-24P1 cat US$800 (normal cat US$1450). Rare & attractive (10) (P)AVAILABLE at A$375