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½d Green Electro 5 UL cnr blk of 40 (5 L1-4), 7-42) with ACSC listed varieties 'white spot on Kangaroo's back' (pos 5L11), 'flaw on Roos back' (5L16), '8 wattles at left' (5L17), 'notch in left side of cross' (5L22), 'white flaw after Y of Penny' (5L25), 'white flaw in King's hair (5L32). Some vert perf separation, all stamps MUH. ACSC 65(5)d, e, f, g, h, i, cat $75 ea as hinged singles ($450). Should be at least double, ($900) MUH, plus premium for positional multiple, total $1400. ½d pale green Electro 5 UL gutter cnr blk of 20 (pos R1-4/R25-28) MUH with ACSC listed variety 'horiz crack through King's head (pos 5R26) & 'white flaw at top of Emu's leg' (5R22). ACSC 65(5)n, o cat $75 ea as hinged singles, should be at least double, ($300) MUH, plus premium for positional multiple, total $570. Two scarce positional blks. Total ACSC cat $1970.AVAILABLE at A$325
South Africa 1885-1993 collection in 4 albums with Transvaal inc 1885 to 5/-, 1895 to 10/-, 1900 VRI opt to 10/- (no certs), 1902 KEVII wmk CA 1/-, 2/- M/MLH. Also Natal, Orange Free State. South Africa 1910-1993 noted 1937 ½d, 1d booklet panes (plain borders), 1933 5/- Ox wagon pr, 1939 Huguenot set in prs M/MLH & Huguenot set FU, 1941 War Effort, 1943-44 War Effort bantams selection MLH/FU, with extras. Later sets with extras. Also South West Africa selection 1931-1961 with extras. Cat £1450+ = A$2800. Homeland issues 1977-1985 excellent thematic range with defs & commems (105 sets in total inc 7 defins sets), 90 FDCs & 45 presentation cards. Some mixed condition but many F or VF. (1250+, 90 FDCs)AVAILABLE at A$200

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4d Olive-yellow No Imprint blk of 8 (Mullett) Plate 4 variety 'line through King's neck' (pos R55). Upper cnr stamps MLH, other 6 inc comp imprint blk of 4 fresh MUH. ACSC 114C(4)n,za cat $550 as M, & MUH should be at least double, $1100 MUH, plus an extra $350 for the other 4 stamps, total $1450. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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2d Red Brown MULLETT imprint strip of 6, Electro 12 with 3mm imprint. F-VF M/MUH, partial separation of imprint. ACSC 98(12)z est cat $1450 as a strip of 6. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1948-2018 Collection in 2 s/books inc 1948 KGVI set to $5, perf 14 M, & to $5 U perf 17½x18, plus $5 blk of 4. 1948 Silver Wedding set. 1955-59 QEII Pic set to $5. 1962-66 Animals & Flowers set to $5. 1969 Music to $10. 1970 Osaka Fair set. 1971 Art set to $1. 1973 Flowers to $10. 1980 Ship Def set to $10. Good coverage of Commems to 2018 with FV alone is $320. Almost all diff. VF fresh, earlier MLH or U, later mostly MUH with some issues VFU. SG cat £4100+ = A$7900+. Nice collection. (1450 + 50 M/S) (P)SOLD at A$600