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2d Red-brown Electro 16 UL cnr blk of 30 (6x5) with ACSC listed varieties inc 'small CRACK through crown top' (pos L1), 'flawed bloom in right wattles' (L2), 'flaw in LVT retouched' (L4, cat $300 as hinged), 'broken lower frame under P of PENCE' (L9) 'dent in left frame off wattles' (l21) & 'broken top to crown' (L28). Rare multiple mostly Fresh MUH, varieties cat $860, should be at least double, $1700, plus another $1800 for the other MUH singles, total ACSC $3500, plus premium for the positional ½ pane of 30.AVAILABLE at A$800

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Australia: Sweetacres 1930s accumulation in album with Australian Fighting Force Badges (22), Sweetacres Medal Series (19), Favourite Dogs set of 48 diff (cat £240), Sports Champions (26) inc Don Bradman, Jack Hobbs, Walter Lindrum & Amy Johnson, This World of Ours (comp set of 48). 1932 Test Match Records (20) inc Oldfield, O'Reilly, Ponsford, McCabe, Richardson & Bradman. Some sl mixed condition amongst the odd cards, the 2 sets of 48 generally F-VF. Est Murray cat (some types unlisted) £800 = A$1480. (180+)AVAILABLE at A$180