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2d Red Brown MULLETT imprint strip of 6, Electro 12 with 3mm imprint. F-VF M/MUH, partial separation of imprint. ACSC 98(12)z est cat $1450 as a strip of 6. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1d Red shade collection G10-77 on leaves, lightly duplicated for consistency with smooth papers (70) comp inc salmon eosin (G27A) VFU with 2003 Drury cert, ACSC 71SA cat $2250, salmon-red (G12, 3), reddish-pink (G15, 3), deep scarlet (G19, 3), rose-carmine (G22, 3), crimson (G23, 3), bright brown-red (G24, 2), orange-red (G24½, 2), brick (G25, 3), salmon (G26, 3), pink (G28, 3), carmine-pink (G29, 3) & brown-red (G32, 3). This group cat $3250. Rough papers (30) near comp inc pink (G66, 2), rose-pink (G67), rosine (perf OS, G69), deep rosine (G70, private perfin), plum (G71), red-brown (G76) & maroon (G77). These cat $1525. Plus orange-brown ACSC 72S cat $7500. Some possible mis-identifications (more than compensated by conservative reserve). Viewing recommended, total ACSC cat around $15,000. Plus duplicates (90) in Vario pgs inc reddish-pink (G15, 5), pale terra-cotta (G25), pink (G28, 3) & Damson perf OS (G70½). (190) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800