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Shihr & Mukalla; 1942-46 Sultan Pic set ½a-5R, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh M. SG 1-11s cat £325. Scarce genuine set. (11) (P)AVAILABLE at A$220

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1½d Red single wmk variety collection inc 'spot after E' in pr with normal (Electro 18 Pos R5-6), 'curved white flaw in RVT' (pos 22L6), 'HALEPENCE' & 'thin RAL' varieties in vert pr (22 L22/28), 'PQSTAGE' & 'flaw in 1' in vert pr (22R45/51), 'dark band' flaws (4) inc 2 in horiz prs (pos 23L5-6 & 11-12), plus singles. Blk of 4 LR stamp 'missing crown top' (pos 23R58), 'dot below TR of Australia' (2 diff shades, Pos 24R58) & 'neckless emu retouches' (2). Also wmk inv MUH, Perf OS MUH, pale pink shads (2 unconfirmed) & odds. M/MUH, total ACSC cat $1575. (28)SOLD at A$400

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1852-1998 collection on hagners in 2 binders with 1852-76 Kings & Numerals comp (SG cat £1575), 1891-99 Queens to 5G (£1100) inc 1898 Coronation 1G, 1913 Centenary set to 10G (£1340), 2.50G Surch pr U (£340), 1923 Anniv set M (£650) then all M inc 1924-32 Queens to 5G (£975+), all 1920s onward Charity & Commem sets, long Def sets to 10G inc 1946-48 (£975), 1949-51 (£2000) etc to 1998, no Airmails, o/w appears comp. 2nd binder with 1977-2009 M/S, sheetlets, booklets, self adhesives etc. F-VF M/MUH/U. Mi cat €11,000. SG cat £14,000 = A$25,000. Valuable & impressive collection. (2000, plus 180 M/S, bklts, sheetlets etc) (P)SOLD at A$2400