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Great Britain: A Glossary of Philatelic Terms compiled for the Philatelic Congress of Great Britain 1933, 39pgs, minor cover aging. VG condition. A rare survivor.SOLD at A$15

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Pre-decimal Coil perf collection with 1949 Kangaroo ½d orange lower marginal gutter double strip of 32 comprising 8 blks of 4 inc perf pip gutter blk of 8 (ACSC cat $100), 1942 Kangaroo ½d Coil perf strips of 10 & 4, KGVI 2d violet Die II pr, 1d purple brown QM coil join strips of 4 (6), 2d purple KGVI No wmk pr & strip of 4 & 1947 1d Princess coil join strips of 4 (7), total ACSC cat $820. 1951 QM 2d green coil perf blks of 4 (7, cat $280), 1953 QEII 3d blks of 4 (5, $125) inc UNLISTED right marginal 'albino' coil perf pair. 1959 QEII 2d brown blks of 4 (3, $60), 3d green (5, $30) & 5d blue coil perf blks of 4 (4, $400), plus 3 other pairs. All fresh MUH, total ACSC cat $1730. (41 prs & 30 blks of 4)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Italy-Former Austrian Territories: 1918-20 Collection inc Trentino 1918 opt on Austria comp to 1Kr U (SG cat £3960), 1918 opt on Italy set U (£500). Venezia Giula opt Austria comp to 2Kr M/U (£1730) & opt Italy set M (£200) & Postage Due set M (£425) - 20c is U, plus 5c opt inverted. General Issue 1919 opt Italy 3+ basic sets M & set U, Dues to 5L M/U & Dalmatia comp M (14, £520) inc unissued 1L20 Express -, plus extra throughout. Mostly F-VF M/U. SG cat £8000 = A$15,500. Valuable collection. (225) (P)AVAILABLE at A$650

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1993 Sydney Show opt $4.50 Dinosaurs booklet. VF MUH. Pf 173(1).AVAILABLE at A$5

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1903-12 KEVII set 1c-50c, plus 1c (2), 2c, 5c, 7c (2), 10c (2) & 20c listed shades. F-VF fresh MUH. SG 173-87 cat £2162 for M, should be at least double, £4324 MUH, Unitrade 89-95 cat C$31,400/$8978. 1999-2008 RPSL photo cert for ea inc shades (16). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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Locals: Liverpool Parcel Delivery Co ca1877 4d black on deep green Frank Stamp, inscr 'Head Office 6 Wood St', black control no.1731, perf 11½. FU, sl thins m/s line cancel. RL 10. Very rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1902 'PROVISOIRE 1319' boxed h/s on 'Special Adjutant Makhsoos' provisional seal h/s Lion 1ch grey, blk of 4 with central h/s, each stamp with control h/s. VFM. Persiphila 238, Sc 160/173(var), SG 171/181(var) all unpriced. Great rarity with only 1 other example of this combination recorded. 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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1922 Registered cover franked surch 30c/8a Worker horiz pr error IMPERF vertically & shifted background, plus Airmail 50c/10a error opt INVERTED, tied by 'Kaunas 17 XI 1922' cds. To Danzig with arrival b/s. SG 174(var) & 186a, Mi 173(var) & 185(var). Amazing & unique franking. 2005 Prof Klein BPP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1909-23 Pictorial 12c black & red colour Trial Proof with 'Waterlow & Sons Ltd Specimen' 25 deg opt & sm security punch, sheetlet of 9. VF fresh UN as made. SG 173(p). Rare. (P)SOLD at A$425