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Wrapper - PTPO: 1894 use of Stamp Duty large embossed type Platypus 3d red with blue lined borders (as used for WS25). Postally VFU with 'Launceston MR 22 94' duplex pmk, endorsed 'Book Only' & signed by W Petterd, to Adelaide. (In November 1882 the new Stamp Duties act made both embossed & adhesive stamps valid for all purposes. This meant that in addition to the St George & Dragon, and small Platypus adhesive stamp duty issues, the large Platypus embossed Stamp Duty designs were also officially authorised for postal use, although that might not have been the plan of the postal authorities. Thus the Platypus embossed issues could be legally used on postal articles, and examples of the 1d, 2d & 6d values are known, with only several of each recorded used, although their creation & usage is somewhat shouded in mystery). We last sold a 2d with edge flts for $1865 in 2017. 2024 Ceremuga AIEP photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500