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Kiloware: 1980s-modern era Pics/Commems. Elegant mix with wide variety throughout to 2016 $1 Pics. Mostly on close clip single paper, unchecked as received from Victorian source. Weight 10kg.SOLD at A$170

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1994 Counter Printed Stamps (CPS) Kangaroos & Koalas diff trial littorals of '012 345' (3), '00 000000', similar doubled & vertical rectangles. Mostly VF MUH. ACSC 1792(var). Spectacular rarities. (6) (P)SOLD at A$150

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1994 Counter Printed Stamps (CPS) Kangaroos & Koalas range of littoral printing errors with value only 45c (2), $1 & $2.10 or '45c KNNNNN' 4 diff designs, '45c M' & '45c ABC'. Also '45c NPC) set as uncut Proof blk of 6 (rather than strip). Mostly VF fresh MUH. ACSC 1794(var). Extremely rare group. (16) (P)SOLD at A$240

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1994 Counter Printed Stamps (CPS) '$100 NPC' littoral strip of 6, ea large red h/s 'VOID' ex machine technician. VF fresh MUH, FV $600. ACSC 1794c(var). Extremely rare. (P)SOLD at A$230

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1935 Bulolo Airmail £2 bright violet, plus 1932-34 Undated Bird 2d & £1 & Undated Bird Airmail 9d & 2/- (2), all used on large piece VF, 'Post Office 11 OC 37 Salamua' cds plus red registered crayon line, 1 x 2/- damaged. SG 179, 189, 198, 200, 204 cat £350++ as loose stamps plus large premium for use on parcel tag. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1875 Taylor 5c blue. VF fresh UN. Sc 179 cat US$700. SG 181 cat £750. (P)SOLD at A$200