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1937 KGVI 3d blue Die 1 'white wattles'. VF fresh MUH. SG 168a cat £170. ACSC 190 cat $400. (P)SOLD at A$100

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1812 Folded letter wrapper endorsed 'Reval 27 July 1812' with blurred 'REVAL' h/s. To Pernau. VF. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM200 = A$165.AVAILABLE at A$70

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1812 Napoleonic Occup of Danzig (Gdansk, previously in Kingdom of Prussia, then Free City of Danzig under Napoleon, now in Poland) folded letter headed 'Danzig 8 September 1812' (1st page gone) sent from Commando Depot, Danzig Regiment, to Bayreuth, Bavaria endorsed 'militaria' with 'Prusse' h/s & rated '7' & 36/6 with red wax seal. Rare historical letter sent by a Bavarian soldier of the Royal Bavarian regiment stationed then in Danzig as the logistics support for Napoleon's invasion of Russia. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1800-36 Folded letters with 1800 to Scotland with s/l 'CK ON SUIR', 1821 to Kilkenny with s/l 'Post Paid' & 'Limerick 94', 1827 to Castlecoomer with s/l 'Bathkeale 108', 1830 with 'Ln Bridge 45' s/l, 1832 to Castlecomer with s/l 'Post Paid' & 'Kilkenny FE 28 1832' 2 arc cds & 1836 To Castlecomer with s/l 'Rathkeale' in black & 2 arc cds of 'Limerick AP 15 1836', 'Clonmel AP 16' & 'Carlow AP 17' these all in black, others all in red, 1837 wrapper with 'Rathdrum 29', 1837 letter to Scotland with Sligo & Enniskillen cds, 'Too Late' h/s & 'Add 1½' h/s, plus 1842 & '44 Limerick to Wick -both with boxed 'Wick' b/s. Also 2 pieces with 1812 'CK ON SUIK 78' 2-line cancel, & 'Kinsale 146' with Waterford JA 11 1825 cds -all in red. All SG pmk cat £30+ for ea pmk on cover. (10 + 2 pieces)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1812 Napoleonic 'Grande Armee' occupation of Danzig (Gdansk, previously in Kingdom of Prussia, then Free City of Danzig under Napolean, now in Poland), folded letter headed 'Danzig, le 21 Octobre, 1812' sent by a French soldier, with 'No.12 GRANDE ARMEE' brown 2-line pmk & '9' m/s postage rate, to France. Rare historical letter. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800