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China: Yang's Postage Stamp Catalogue of the PTC, Part II, 1949-2006 (14th Ed), near new condition.SOLD at A$20

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Australia - Victoria: 'Postal History of the Port Phillip District' 1835-51 by Purves, 68pgs, pub RPSV 1951 inc PO openings, name changes, postal markings & postal rates. Near new VG condition dust jacket. Long out of print.AVAILABLE at A$30

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Samoa: A Postal History of the Samoan Islands by R Burge. Parts 1 & 2, 1830-1989 illustrated throughout, 400+ pgs. Pubs 1987-89 RPSNZ. Minor wear o/w VGC.AVAILABLE at A$70

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Great Britain - Postal History & Covers: 1830s-1930s inc 1825 folded letter Bristol to Glasgow, 1839 Free Frank front to London. 1842-51 1d red QV imperf covers (30) inc 1844 Numeral 7 in Maltese Cross cancel locally addressed (SG 8m cat £160 x 2 for on cover). 1850s 1d Stars inc blued paper or worn plate covers (12). 1860s 1d Stars covers (20). 1870s 1d Letters covers (8). 1880-81 1d brown QV covers (4) inc 1880 pr from Panama to Plymouth with C35 Duplex cancel. 1882-1900 QV era covers (140) inc single correspondence (55) to Virginia USA. 1901-20s covers (80) mostly to USA. Also 1840s-early 1900s Postal Stationery (40) inc Postal Cards, wrappers, embossed envelopes & Registered envelopes. Usual variable old-time condition but with many F-VF items sighted. (300+)SOLD at A$300

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1938 QV 1d Brown sheet of 160. Some minor tone spots. F-VF MUH. SG 181 cat £560. ACSC 183bz za cat $340. Scarce sheet.SOLD at A$150

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1995 Cinema $4.50 with small barcode or thin foil security tabs. VF MUH. SG SB90(var). Pfr B183Sb/Sd cat $85. (2).AVAILABLE at A$25

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1892-99 QV Tablet ½d to 5/-, wmk TAS. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 216-223 cat £183. (8). (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1930 Coronation 'Lion' 4g green, error of colour, UR cnr marginal blk of 4. VF fresh MUH. Yv 183a cat €4800 for M, should be at least double, €9600 MUH. Very rare as only 1 sheet of 50 was discovered. (4). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1906 Olympics DIE PROOF impressions in issued colours of 1l, 3l. 10l, 20l, 25l, 30l, 40l, 2Dr & 5Dr, printed on special New Year Greeting card (190 x 133mm) dated 1st Jan 1907, with greetings from the Minister of Posts & Telegraphs, & gold embossed coat of arms at top. Superb fresh. SG ex183-96(p). Spectacular & very rare so nice! (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1912-22 KGV set ¼d to 5/- wmk mult crown, plus ¼d, ½d, 1d, 3d (2) & 1/- shades. VF M/MLH. SG 46-57 cat £183. (18). (P)AVAILABLE at A$80

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1870 Allegorical 'Spain' 1E600m grey-lilac. GU, on piece with barred diamond pmk, small tear at left but NO punch cancel. SG 183 cat £1000, Edifil 111 cat €1475. Very rare genuine postally used. (P)AVAILABLE at A$220

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Elobey, Annobon & Corisco: 1905 Curly Head set 1c-10P, 'A000,000' no. on reverse (Specimen). VF fresh MLH. SG 19-34 cat £1000+ for normal. Edifil 19-34N cat €1830. Only 1000 such sets printed. (16) (P)AVAILABLE at A$900