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1890 Map 5/- lilac wmk 5/- in diamond, perf 10. Superb fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. SG 263 cat £275 for M, should be at least double, £550 MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$550

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Covers: Varied accumulation (550+) to 1960s inc GB 1842 Sailing Ship Barque Eliza auction circular franked QV 1d imperf. Asutria 1852 folded letter franked 3Kr Arms. Saxony 1853 envelope franked 1Gr pink imperf. 1890s Tasmania & Victoria Frank Stamp envelopes. German New Guinea 5pf Postal Card. 1930s Aust-New Guinea FFC (4). Malta 1935 KGV SJ set of Registered cover to Australia. Tonga 1937 Tin Can mail to Australia 1950s-60s Commercial/Philatelic Mail Europe/Australia. Pacific Area 1960s-70s FDC inc Australia 1968 Flowers on unaddressed individual covers. NZ 1947-63 Lighthouses set of 8 (retail $60) & 1963 Officials 2½d & 3/- ($100). Norfolk Is 1960 Surch set & 2/8 Local Govt & 1969-70 Birds to $1 (&90) & PNG 1960s-mid 70s Commem sets. Also Oxford FDC collection with 55 diff 1981-82 British Commonwealth covers & Official Collection of World Wildlife FDC with 108 covers in custom-made green album. (Over 700)SOLD at A$450

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Great Britain Postal History: Collection of the 1841 QV 1d red-brown imperf used on 355 covers/entries 1842-1853 with an excellent treasure trove of pmks inc Maltese Cross (noted '6' cat £320 ), numeral cancels date stamps & other markings. Regions inc Scottish, Devonshire & Yorkshire, noted some used in Ireland & others. Some mixed condition but many F-VF & a value lot at estimate. Min SG cat £12400 = A$24000 as loose stamps plus premium for on cover or special pmks. See website for selection. (355)SOLD at A$1100

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1800-36 Folded letters with 1800 to Scotland with s/l 'CK ON SUIR', 1821 to Kilkenny with s/l 'Post Paid' & 'Limerick 94', 1827 to Castlecoomer with s/l 'Bathkeale 108', 1830 with 'Ln Bridge 45' s/l, 1832 to Castlecomer with s/l 'Post Paid' & 'Kilkenny FE 28 1832' 2 arc cds & 1836 To Castlecomer with s/l 'Rathkeale' in black & 2 arc cds of 'Limerick AP 15 1836', 'Clonmel AP 16' & 'Carlow AP 17' these all in black, others all in red, 1837 wrapper with 'Rathdrum 29', 1837 letter to Scotland with Sligo & Enniskillen cds, 'Too Late' h/s & 'Add 1½' h/s, plus 1842 & '44 Limerick to Wick -both with boxed 'Wick' b/s. Also 2 pieces with 1812 'CK ON SUIK 78' 2-line cancel, & 'Kinsale 146' with Waterford JA 11 1825 cds -all in red. All SG pmk cat £30+ for ea pmk on cover. (10 + 2 pieces)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Postal Stationery/History: 1842-1900 (mostly 1850s-70s) inc QV 1d pink embossed envelopes (29) with range of diff Dies with & w/o date plugs inc PTPO - noted 'Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland' at LL, blue s/books, plus Lettersheets (2) & Postcards (40) inc with printed reverses. Also cutouts (26). All with Irish pmks inc Maltese Cross (8) on envelopes, s/booklet types inc 'Clare St', 'Grafton St', 'Termonfekin Drogheda', various cds types, duplexes etc. Mostly F-VFU. Rare offering. Also written on pages from the famous T Field collection. (70 covers + 236 cutouts) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700