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1915 Stampless cover endorsed 'On Active Service Stamps unavailable', with 'Duala 11 6 15' code a cds. To Togo with Lome arrival b/s. Arge cat €200 for this cds on German period cover. Rare usage. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Brazil: 1843-1977 extensive collection on leaves in 2 binders M/U & strong in earlies inc 1843 Bullseye 30r, 60r U, 1844-45 Slanted Numeral 10r (2), 30r, 60r G/FU, 90r M. 1850 Numeral (in black) to 600r, 1854-61 280r vermilion, 430r yellow G/FU, 1866 perf Defs to 500r (2) G/FU, also 200r UN, 1876-77 roulette Defins to 500r G/FU also 200r M, 1878-79 inc 200r, 300r (3 ea), 700r, 1000r (2) G/FU, 1878 300r M, 1881 50r, 100r (2), 1882-85 Sideface to 200r to 200r (5) G/FU, 1884-88 Defin series inc 50r, 700r M, 300r, 500r, 1000r G/FU, 1894-99 Liberty Head/Mercury series selection M/U with extras, 1894-1900 to 1000r, 2000r M, 1898 Newspaper opts inc 100r orange FU, others to 2000r G/FU, 1893 Liberty 100r rose M, 1931 Zeppelins SG 508/09 FU, 1931 Revolution Anniv to $10 & $5 M/MLH, 1932 Sao Paulo Govt set M/MLH, others 1930s issues M/MLH, 1937/38 Tourist inc 5000r, 10,000r G/FU, 1938 Constitution M/sheet (2 MUH), 1943 Stamp Centenary M/sheets MUH, then a solid collection through to 1970s with extras inc 1969 Pele 1000th Goal & M/sheet, 1970 Christmas M/sheet (2 MUH), 1972 Art M/sheet, 1972 Independence Anniv, 1972 Govt series sets M/MLH. Back of the Book inc Postage Dues, Newspaper issues inc 1889/1890 selection M/U, 1890 10r, 20r, 100r M, Officials selection M/U. 1948 Flight cover Rio to Zurich, few other cover & Commem pmks etc. A strong collection, some sl tropicalisation, mixed condition but largely F/VF. SG cat £7600 = A$14,000. (2260, 19 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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Brazil: 1843-1940s collection on album pgs. 1843 Bulls Eye 30R, 60R & 90R (2). 1844-46 Slanted Numeral 10R, 30R & 60R. 1850 Numeral set to 600R. 1854-61 Numeral 10R & 30R blue, plus 280R red. 1866 Numeral 10R blue, perf. 1866-68 Emperor dark beard to 500R inc perf & roulette. 1878-79 white beard to 1000R. 1878 Emperor 300R. 1882-85 Emperor to 200R inc types. 1884-88 Pic & Numeral set to 1000R. 1890-91 Southern Cross to 1000R. 1894-97 Liberty Head set to 2000R. 1898 Surch to 2000R. 1906-17 to 2000R. 1918-20 Liberty to 600R. 1920-40 Pic Def to 500R. 1889-90 Newspaper to 500R. Officials 1900 Portrait to 10,000R. Almost all diff. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £3800+ = A$7000+. Attractive old-time collection. (450) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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Covers-World 1839-2015 Postal History with earlies inc France 1839, 1846 & 1853 folded letters, Italy 1816-17, '39 & 1843, 1850s-60 Yugoslav area (10), 1860? Hannover 1gr, France 1863-64-65 franked 40c, then 1900-40 (only 30), strong post WWII inc Austria (100+), Germany East, West & United (180), plus Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, & Turkey. Also some Middle East with Aden, Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Iran (3), Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, plus UAE 1980s Parcel Despatch Notes (5) with multiple stamps affixed. (480).AVAILABLE at A$300