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1929 Airmail 3d Type A (vert mesh) plate number set 1, 2, 3, 4 UL cnr horiz prs. Lightly sun-tanned gum, VF MUH. ACSC 134 za-zd cat $900 as blks of 4.AVAILABLE at A$150

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Germany: Michel Specialised Catalogue 2023 part One, 1849-April 1945 with States, Unified Germany to end WWII inc Officials, Booklets & M/Sheet. 1920-23 Local Inflation issues, Foreign Post Offices. Colonies inc Allied Occupation opt, Danzig, WWI & WWII Occupations. WWII British & German Propaganda Forgeries plus more!! Illustrated throughout with over 1200 pgs. New condition. Retail €98 = A$160 plus shipping. Also some extra inc free illustrative maps.AVAILABLE at A$100

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Germany Michel Specialists Catalogue 1849-2023 Two Vol set with States, Unified Germany to end WWII inc Weimar Republic, 3rd Reich plus assorted Local Issues. German Colonies inc WWI Allied Occupation opts. Foreign Post Offices WWII German Occupation Propaganda Forgeries, Post WWII Allied Occupation, DDR, Saar, West Berlin, West Germany, Unified Germany & more inc WWII Locals & Propaganda issues. New condition, retail €196=A$320 plus shipping.AVAILABLE at A$200

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1840s-1960s collection on annotated pgs in a loose leaf album, strength is in Great Britain with 1850s-1860s 2d blue, 1d red brown (35) 1883 QV 4d, 1/-, 5/- (2), 1887 QV various to 1/-, various QV, KEVII to 1/-, 1934 2/6 & 5/- Seahorses, 1859 Ionian Islands ½d orange, Austria inc 1867, German States inc Baden 1851 6k, 9k, Bavaria mostly G-VF U. 1850 6k brown, Hamburg 1864 2½s, Prussia 1867 9k, Germany inc 1872-2k, 7k, Belgium 1849 10c brown, 1879 Railway Parcel stamps to 80c, Denmark 1854 4sk orange, France 1849 Ceres 20c, 1872 Ceres to 30c, 1853 Napoleon 80c, 1827 35c, 75c, French Colonies etc. SG cat £5000+ = A$10,000. (1300+). (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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France: 1849-1980s collection/accumulation in Scott album, s/book & binder. 1849-50 Ceres vals to 1Fr. 1852 President 25c. 1853-60 Emperor vals to 80c imperf & 1862 to 80c perf. 1863-70 Emperor with Laurel Wreath vals to 80c. 1870 Ceres imperf vals to 80c & 1871-76 perf vals to 80c. 1876-1900 Peace & Commerce vals to 5Fr. 1900-26 Blanc Mouchon & Merson vals to 5Fr. Good coverage of 1940s-60s issues inc Airmails. Postage Due 1859-78 Postage Due vals to 60c. 1926-27 War Orphans vals to 35c. Alsace & Lorraine 1870 Numeral vals to 25c. Mostly G-VF M/MUH/U, mixed in earlies. SG cat £5000+ = A$9500+. (1800+)SOLD at A$650

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German States - Bavaria: 1849-1920 collection/accumulation inc 1849-62 Numeral to 18Kr, plus shades. 1867-69 Arms to 18Kr imperf & 1870-75 to 18Kr, perf. 1875-1911 Arms to 2Mk inc wmks & shades. 1911 Prince to 5Mk. 1914-20 King to 20Mk, plus imperfs. 1919 Volkstaat opt to 20Mk perf & imperf. 1920 Freistaat opt to 5Mk. 1914-18 WWI King 10pf British War forgery. Mostly G-VF M/MUH/U, some tropicalisation & mixed earlies. SG cat £4500+ = A$8000+. (1000)SOLD at A$240

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Germany 1850s-1950s Extensive Collection/ accumulation in large 64 page Davo stockbook, with German States Baden (34) inc 1851-58 range Shields 1K-6K, 1860-68 range 1K-7K, 1862 Rural Postage Due 1K-12K, Bavaria (300+) inc 1849-62 various 1K-18K many with numeral pmks, 1867 Shield 1K-7K, 1870 various 1K-18K, 1875-88 various 2pf-2m most with pmks, later issues to 20Mks, Bergedorf (10) inc 1861-67 ½s-4s, Brunswick (14) inc 1857 ¼gr, ½gr, 1865 1/3gr-3gr, Bremen 1861-2g orange, Hamburg (60) inc 1859 2s, 7s, 1864-66 various ½-9s, Hanover (35), 1850 (4), 1851 1/30, 1/10t, 1859 KGV 1-3g, 1864 3pf, Lubeck (4) inc 1859 2s brown, 4s green, Meckleburg-Schwerin 1864 4/4s, Meckleburg-Strelitz (4) 15gr-3sgr, Oldenburg (5) 1861 ½ngr-5ngr, 1863 Arms to 5ngr, Schleswig-Holstein (13)inc 1865 various to 4s, Thurn & Taxis (50) inc 1852-58 various ¼sgr-15sg, 1859-61 1-5sgr, 1852 various 1K-9K, worth German Confederation (60) inc 1868-69 various. Germany 1871-1944, 1871-72 Eagle (90+) various ½g-18g inc 9gr brown, 1889 Wilhelm II 25pf orange (3), extensive range of Germania various printings, shades to 4k, 1920s various Bavaria opt to 20Mk, 1933-44 many comp sets inc 1934 Airs, 1936 Olympics, 1939 Danzig opts, range of Germany Colonies, Occupations inc China, Morocco, New Guinea, Samoa, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Saar, Bohemia & Moravia, Danzig etc, some post WWII issues. Generally GU-VFU, some rather mixed earlies as expected. SG cat £20000+ = A$38000. Some doubtful German State as usual but vast majority are ok. This is an extensive & valuable collection. (3200+). (P)SOLD at A$1500

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Cheever & Towie: 1849 envelopes & address (2c) red blk of 6, plus staggered printing blk of 4, classic forgeries from 1860s-80s. F-VF 1 M/9 MUH, almost all 4 margins. Sc 37L1 cat US$6000 = A$8500 for originals. (10)AVAILABLE at A$25