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1948 Airmail cover franked GB 7d pr & 1d, tied by 'Aust Army PO 214 1 AV 48' cds (Empire House, Tokyo), roughly opened. From Cornes & Co Ltd Yokohama to London. Rare Army PO use for business mail.AVAILABLE at A$30

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Australia: Library group with Kangaroos - ½d Green (Pope pub 2003), 1d Red (Adams, Bell & Pope, 2004), 1913 1d Kangaroo (Dormer Legge, 1980), 2d Grey (Pope 2002), 2½d Indigo (Pope 2003), 9d Kangaroo (Banwell & Parsons 2004). KGV: Halfpenny (Dix & Rowntree, 1995). One Penny (BSAP 1987), 1d Surface Printed (Wallen 1980), 1/4 Checklist (Wajer 1987). Airmails: AAMC 7th Edition 2002 signed by Eustis (cost vendor $80). Plus 12 other books inc SG Australia 2010 Edition. All excellent/near new. (24)SOLD at A$150

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Australia - Oceania-Antarctic Michel Specialised Catalogue 2003. 1400pgs inc AAT, Australia & States, Cook Is, French Oceanic, Marshall Is, New Guinea, NZ, Papua, PNG & others. Issue price $95. Near new.SOLD at A$8

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Indonesia: Catalogue of Vienna & Philadelphia printings 1947-51 & sub areas of the Republic of Indonesia. By Rankema & Vosse, 290 pgs, illustrated throughout, pub Dai Nippon 2003.SOLD at A$40

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New Zealand: Postal History of Campbell Island by M Jurisich, 58pgs pub 2003. New condition.SOLD at A$10
1970s-80s Decimal MUH accumulation (FV $860) inc PO Packs, folders & 2003 Year album. World collections in 10 s/books with Australia inc MUH Decimal odds, Territories Pics to $5, Asia inc Hong Kong QEII to $50. Europe inc German commems CTO, GB Pics to £5, World Thematics inc Sport, Soccer & Space, plus empty 'Numis' Coin album. Large carton.SOLD at A$550
1994-2003 FDC accumulation still in original glassines. Good variety inc AAT Scenes, Christmas Is New Year M/Sheets & sets, Cocos Is Pics & wide range of Aust Pics & Commems & M/S. Minimal duplication, fresh & clean. FV $650+. (300)AVAILABLE at A$150
2003 Die Proofs (No 3) Royalty. 'A Selection of the Engraved Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia'. Deluxe PO book with 32 diff Die Proofs in red inc 1913 KGV 1d, 1914 KGV 2d (unissued), 1938 Robes 5/- & 10/-, 1939 Duke of Kent (unissued), 1952 KGVI Royal Visit 7½d & 1/6 (both unissued), 1954 Royal Visit 2/-, 1963 QEII 5d, 1967 QEII 7c & proposed 1969 QEII new portrait master Die. ACSC cat $800 as single proofs. Difficult to find as few sold.SOLD at A$130

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Booklets: 1997-2004 Prestige Booklets (no AFL). 2003 Christmas Philatelic code, 2004 Cats & Dogs. All inc special M/S only found in these. All diff. VF MUH. FV approx $155. Original PO cost $169. Pf cat/retail $419. (16)SOLD at A$100

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Booklets - Prestige: 1997-2003 inc Classic Cars, Leunig, Lighthouses, Weddings, Namatjira & Special Occasions (6 diff). VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $125, SG cat £213, Pf cat $324. (11)AVAILABLE at A$70

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Booklets - Prestige: 2003 Murray Ships, Rugby, 4 diff code stickers & Special Occasions (4). VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/S only found in these. Original PO cost $107, SG cat £115, Pf cat $394 (9)SOLD at A$70

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Prestige Booklet collection 1997-mid 2003 in 3 Lighthouse booklet slipcase albums, or 20 loose. No AFL, & 2005 Zodiacs missing 2, no 'Snapshot' or coin types & 3 others, o/w comp inc extra listed 2005 Special Occasions types & 3 Christmas Is Chinese New Year. VF. All diff. SG cat £1530, plus 3 unlisted. Cost of albums extra $225. Pf cat $3080. Original PO cost $1085. FV approx $950. (102)SOLD at A$600

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Prestige Booklets: 1997-2003 inc Classic Cars, Leunig, Lighthouses, Weddings, Namatjira & Special Occasions (6 diff). VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $125, SG cat £213, Pf cat $324. (11)AVAILABLE at A$80

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Prestige Booklets: 2003 inc Murray Ships, Rugby, 4 diff code stickers & Special Occasions (4). VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/S only found in these. Original PO cost $107, SG cat £115, Pf cat $394. (9)AVAILABLE at A$70
AAT MUH Accumulation inc 1959 1/- Map (12) & 2/3 Penguins (16), SG cat £140 = A$260 plus other pre-decimals MUH to 8d blue in varying quantities & decimal MUH various inc 1966 Pic sets (retail $60). Also large U array inc pre-decimal Pic sets (8) & 1966 Pic sets to $1 (2). Total retail over $400, all in 58 hagners (many 100s). Australia 1981 Year album & 1988 Bi-Centenary Box set collection (FV $40). China (PRC) 2003 Special Souvenir Presentation Album with 11 MUH Pic sets or M/sheets 1993-2003. Solomon islands 1987 America's Cup collection & 1995 Nobel Prize 100th Anniv World MUH collection in Swedish-made commemorative album. Then Special Limited Edition FDC collections (3) with 1977 QEII Silver Jubilee, 1982 Soccer World Cup & 1984 Los Angeles Olympics plus WWF binder with 3 FDC/MUH sets. All fresh & clean.AVAILABLE at A$220
Baltic States 1990-2004 collection in springback binder & 2 albums with Estonia 1990-2004 strong range of mostly MUH sets, many in prs, some blks of 4 or M/sheets inc 1997 Coins (2 sets), 1999-2004 Arms with set with shades, prints, also small range (30) of period Commercial covers. Total cat £1300+, Latvia collection 1992-2003 mostly MUH sets, cat ca£300. Lithuania selection 1992-ca2000 etc cat £100. Also Russia 1979-93 MUH array cat £140. Overall a strong range of these areas. Fresh MUH, total SG cat £1800+ = A$3500. (960 + 56 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$400
Collection in 7 large s/books (no Aust, GB, NZ, South America, USA) inc Austria 1910-2007, Denmark 1920-70, Fiji 1905-90s, Greece post-war to 1990s, Hong Kong QV to 2003, India KGV to ca2000, Indonesia 1948-89, Iraq 1923-50s, Ireland 1950-90s, Italy 1900-2016, Malaysia 1960s-97, Yugoslavia 1930s-90s. Useful range of sets & singles, M/sheets, noted Antarctic inc British Antarctic, Animals inc Birds, Fish, Monkeys, Dinosaurs plus other countries in varying quantities. Generally F-VF M/MUH/U. Stated to cat £3600. (6500+, 55 M/S)SOLD at A$240

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New Zealand: 2001-14 PO Year collections comp set of 14 (FV $1300) plus added Stamp Points rewards with 2001 QEII strip of 6 imperf, 2002 Scenic strips (2), 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 single M/sheets. 2007 Skies strip of 6 CTO plus M/S MUH. 2008 Weather blk of 6 CTO plus M/S MUH, 2012 M/S, 2013 M/S (2 diff), 2014 M/S plus Seabirds strips of 5 MUH & CTO (these retail $260). Also 1996, 97, 98 'Best of' M/S set of 3 (retail $140) in original PO Packs, total retail $400 for extras plus the $1300 FV for the albums.SOLD at A$800

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Niue: 1967-2012 Ex dealer's stock appears comp 1967-77 with 5-10 of ea set, some 1978 then 1979-87 near comp with up to 5 sets of ea, noted 1981 Flowers to $10, 1984 AUSIPEX Animals 8+ sets (SG cat £80), various opts, STAMPEX 86 (7 sets, £224), then 1987-92 very little, 1993-99 near comp, then some M/S 2003-12 (18 diff). Vast majority of M/S are offered as separate lot. Vast range of virtually all thematics. VF MUH, some CTO. SG cat £1500. FV NZ$1600 = A$1500+. (1950 + 63 M/S)SOLD at A$600
Russia: 1980 Moscow Olympics Promotional FDC collection (81) with 'Cities' (30) & 'Sports' (51) still in envelopes as issued inc certificate of authenticity. Nepal 1959 Elections sheets of 100 MUH (10, SG cat £250). PNG 1975-2003 massive accumulation (1000s) in bulging 64 pg Davo s/book with around 500 Commem sets, 85 M/Sheets, 20 long Pic sets, plus an extra 500 est High Value odds to 5K Birds, assorted opts & some Framas. Post Millennium Pics & M/Sheets still hard to find (1000s). Kuwait 1968-72 Pic/Commem sets MUH (200+) inc 1968 Museum (prs), 1969 Portraits to 250f blks of 4, Ships (16 sets), Aircraft (6), 1970 Dhows (6), 1970 Commanders (4) & 1972 Health (4), these cat over £300, total much higher! Aust/World/Hungary accumulation in 4 s/books. GB 1953-83 Used collection in 85 hagners with approx 200 commem sets, plus Pre-decimal Defs to £1 Castle. Machins to £1 & Dec Machins to £5. In large heavy carton. (1000s)SOLD at A$350

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1d Orange-red (G24½) lower marginal with 'RA joined' variety. Fresh MUH. ACSC 71P(4)j cat $750 for M, should be at least double, $1500 MUH. 2003 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$230

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1d Lilac-rose (G71) perf OS, rough paper. F-VF M. ACSC 72KAbb cat $2000. 2003 Drury photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$600

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1d Dull red (G72) Die I + II rough paper horiz pr. Fresh MUH. SG 21d cat £425 for M, should be at least double, £850 MUH pr. ACSC 71E(1)ia cat $1500. 2003 Drury photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$350

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1911 'Commonwealth of Australia' 2/- booklet for Victoria (2nd issue 'Twelve ½d stamps', full contents of QV 1d x18 wmk crown A & ½d x12 wmk V crown, with red interleaves. Cover bright red on pinkish, inside red on blue green, all text with serifs, outside back cover revised text. Overall VF fresh, original contents & staple & never opened. Pf B6 cat $8000. ACSC B6(V)D cat $6000++ (in 2003) for incomplete booklet), SG SB4 cat £6000. Major rarity as intact original booklet as only several recorded of this combination. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3500

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1972 Prime Ministers 70c purple cover, error black OMITTED from front cover, so 'Ten 7c Postage Stamps: $0.70' etc missing, plus normal to compare. SG SB49(var). Pf B137(var) unlisted! ACSC B137c cat $2500 in 2003. Vendor paid $2565 in 2003. Believed to be UNIQUE & is an amazing error. 2019 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1992 Thinking of You $4.50 on Harrison cream paper -so either 1 Koala or 1 Roo printings, error all printing OMITTED, so totally blank. VF fresh MUH. SG SB77(var). ACSC B188Ac cat $4000 in 2003. Pf unlisted! Believed UNIQUE & an amazing error. 2019 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1913-23 £1 Red & green, thin paper, perf 14. Superb fresh MLH, perfect centring. SG D87 cat £950+. ACSC D104 cat $1350+. Only 708 issued & rarity with such excellent centring. 2003 Brandon photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1889-97 small QV 2c deep sea-green 2nd Ottawa printing. F-VF MUH. SG 103 cat £75 for M, should be at least double, £150 MUH, Unitrade 36i cat C$300/120. 2003 RPSL photo cert.SOLD at A$30

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1945 cover franked Hitler 12pf US Intelligence OSS Forgery, line perf 12½ tied by 'Hannover 2 4 45' fake cds. VF. Part of Operation Cornflakes which dropped simulated mail containing Allied propaganda near bombed trains in an attempt to get it included in the normal mail. Mi PFa16. Rare & historical cover. 2003 Schlegel BPP photo cert & 2013 Ceremuga photo certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1902-10 KEVII 2d pale greyish-green & carmine red, DLR printing. VF fresh MUH. SG Spec M11(2), SG 226 cat £85 for M, should be at least double, £170 MUH. 2003 RPSL photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$110

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1921 cover franked 1920 Pictorial 10Mk Zeligowski, tied by 'Wilno 17 III 21' cds. To Germany, with 'Wr.1' censor h/s. Mi 19A. Rare proper usage. 2003 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1922 cover franked perf Pictorial 10Mk, tied by 'Wilno 14 III 22' cds. To Poland, with Warsaw arrival b/s. SG 40, Mi 40A. Rare proper usage. 2003 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Johore: 1922-41 Sultan $100 green & scarlet, wmk script. Stamp Superb MUH with pristine never hinged original gum, UL cnr marginal. SG 127 cat £2000 for M, should be at least double, £4000 MUH, plus premium for cnr. Surely the best quality example in existence of this rare top value! 2003 Ceremuga & 2004 Brandon photo certs. (P)SOLD at A$3800

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Pahang: 1899 'Pahang Four Cents' opt plain paper (instead of on stamp!), issued for postage, pin perf. VFU, on piece with 'Kuala Lipis 9 MY 1899' cds. SG 26(var) cat £5000++. Extremely rare as only 1 pane printed, of which all were used & very few survived. 2003 BPA photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3000

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Trengganu: 1921-41 Sultan $50 green & yellow. VF fresh M, beautiful bright colours. SG 46 cat £3250. Rare high value. 2003 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$2300

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1916-23 opt KGV 1d carmine-red, variety 'DOUBLE opt, one albino'. Superb fresh MUH, bottom marginal. SG 2b cat £325 for M, should be at least double, £650 MUH. 2003 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert of blk it came from. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1914 'GRI 2 Shillings' opt Yacht 2Mk blue. Stamp Superb MUH, nice never hinged original gum, left marginal. Mi 11 cat €6000, SG 112 cat £3500 for M, should be at least double, £7000 MUH. Only 126 printed & rarity as MUH. 1964 BPA & 2003 Brandon photo certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$5500