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1889-94 QV 10/- dull mauve & carmine. VFU, 'MY 5 97' cds. SG 23a cat £325. Rare shade. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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2000-09 Exhibition M/Sheets with 2000 London Stampshow (14), Olymphilex Sydney (4), 2001 Parliament pr opt Centennial Show, 2004 Tasmania opt China Expo, or Salon du Timbre (3 ea), 2005 Rotary imperf sheetlet, & Pacific Explorer ship sheetlet (9), 2007 Harbour Bridge gold bridge opt at UR (40), plus opt Bangkok (9), & 'Sberatel' opt (4), 2008 Israel Exhib Light Horse (10), Sunstamp Qld (8), 2009 Hong Kong Exhib (5) & Melbourne Show Shipping Girl (6) & a few others. VF fresh MUH. FV $440 alone. Retail $1500. (125).SOLD at A$375

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Booklets specialised collection 2004-05 in Seven Seas slipcase binder, with Lighthouse or Manfred Junge illustrated inserts. Inc Philatelic & general barcodes, APTA/ANDA Show opts, SCDAA Petersham Fair/Christmas Dinner opts, Northern Beaches Expo etc. Notably inc 2004 $5 Landmark bridges with APTA/ANDA opts (2), Northern Beaches (2), Earlwood Dist opt (total cat $165). 2004 $5 Railways booklets with APTA, Toowoomba, SCDAA Christmas Dinner opts (total cat $188). 2004 $5 Grand Prix opt Earlwood District (cat $80). 2005 $5 Wildflowers opt APTA Conservation Townsville both barcodes (cat $150 ea). Various others. A strong range, VF. FV alone $600+, cat $2600. (110)SOLD at A$550
Covers: 2000 Sydney Olympics - 2017 Australia Legends FDC accumulation (FV $650) with wide variety inc International Post $20 Uluru (2) & others to $10 Scenes, 2004 Kangaroo £2 (7), M/Sheets inc $2.50 Surf Lifesavers 3 dimensionals plus Pic/Commem set se-tenant strips & plenty of the non-letter rate higher vals. Also 80 earlier FDC 1991-99 (uncounted FV) in album inc $10 Wetlands M/S (2). All fresh & clean with only minor duplication. (280).SOLD at A$300
Olympic & similar collections inc Sydney to Athens, Sydney Gold Medallist sheetlets National & Digital with extras, Athens 2004, 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2008 Beijing Olympics collection. Total FV $450+ plus 17 Maxicards & FDCs.SOLD at A$240
Prestige Booklets: Extensive collection 1997-2010 in shoebox & on pgs with Renniks/Manfred Junge booklet inserts. Wide variety inc 2003 Christmas with barcode suffix 166 (cat $100), 2004 AFL Clubs set of 16 (cat $480), 2004 Destination Aust (cat $100), 2005 Pacific Explorer (2) Pfeffer cat P78c (cat $80) + P78ca (cat $100), 2006 Commonwealth Games, 4 x 50c (cat $50), 2007 Zodiac set of 12 (cat $350), 2008 Centenary of Rugby league 4 diff (cat $160). Various others, FV alone $1280, cat $3870. (123)AVAILABLE at A$750

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Brunei: 1895-2004 on hagners in 3 binders. 1895 Local Star & Scene set to $1. 1907-10 River View set to $1. 1908-22 River View 1c-$1. 1922 Malaya Borneo opt to 25c M & set to £1 U. 1924-37 River View to $1 M & set to $1 U. 1947-51 River View New Colours set to $10. 1952-58 Sultan & River View set to $5, plus 1964-73 set to $5. 1974Sultan set to $10, plus 1975 set to $10. 1985-88 Sultan Def set to $10. 1996 Sultan Def set to $10. Good coverage of Commems which appear largely comp inc blks, strips & M/S. Mostly VF M/NUH/U. SG cat £4200+ = A$7800+. (1700 + 20 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$850
Covers: Extensive range of First Day & Commercial covers in large carton inc Canada 1935-2000, British East Africa inc Malawi 1990s-2000 Commercial covers, Central African Republic selection, New Zealand 1940s-90s First Day & Commercial covers also inc mid-1970s Campbell Is covers, Ross Dependency covers, Netherlands 1933-2000 inc 1933 Commem Flight Cards to Bundaberg (2), other First Day & Commercial covers, Papua New Guinea 1961-70s FDCs, Sweden 1920s-2004 First Day & Commercial covers. America, also small selections of SE Asia, Middle East, UN 1960s-80s FDC, others & a shoebox of more recent PPCs. A diverse range largely VF. (ca1000)AVAILABLE at A$240

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Estonia: 1991-2010 MUH collection in hingeless Davo slipcase album. Appears comp inc 1991 Arms set 5K-2R. 1991 Flag & Map set. 1992 Arms set. 1993-98 Arms set to 20K. 1997-2000 Coin set to 100K. 1999-2004 Arms set to 8K. Commems appear comp, plus M/S. All diff, FV 1600Kr & €40. VF fresh MUH. SG cat £1000+ = A$1800+, plus album retail $400 extra. (365 + 19 M/S)SOLD at A$250

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European covers/stationery accumulation in carton, a mix of First Day & Commercial covers inc Austria 1964-93, Denmark, Finland 1950s-90s, Germany extensive 1880-2005 inc 19th stationery, WWI Field Post Card, 1930s covers & propaganda postcard, 1947 Allied Zone covers, West Germany 1952-2005 First Day & Commercial covers, East Germany 1960s-90 Commercial inc 1990 combination (East & West) covers (300 covers). Selections pf Aland/Faroe/Greenland/Iceland FDCs, Estonia/Latvia 1990-2004 selections Commercial Mail (75 covers). Also Italy, Poland inc 1982 Martial Law Censor types, Romania, Russia, Switzerland selections. Well worth reserve, largely VF. (ca700)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Gibraltar: 1912-2004 collection in 4 groups with 1912-53 Mint inc KEVII (7) to 1/-, KGV (53, £700+) to 8/-, 1931 Pics (3 sets), 1935 Jubilee set & 1938 KGVI Def set to £1 inc many extras (£335), unchecked for better perfs, cat as cheapest. 1960-83 on Lighthouse hingeless pgs with 1960 Def set to £1 M (SG cat £80) & near comp to 1983 inc M/S. Then 1987-90 (pgs to 1996) Kabe hingeless inc 1987 Guns set & some M/S & finally 2002-04 (£130) on hagners inc2004 Flowers to £3 plus booklet & more M/S. VF MUH. SG cat £1800 = A$3300. (580)AVAILABLE at A$400
Large carton contents inc Canada 1989, 90 Year Books, Great Britain G/F U range QV-QEII, Germany slogan mails on Pres Heuss series, Indian Postal Card selection inc Hindu Imagery, Olympic issues inc Munich 1972, Moscow 1980, USA C19th G/F U. Also covers range inc South Africa 1954-2004, USA Commercial covers, Danish Royal Family PPCs & others. Mostly VF. (2000+)AVAILABLE at A$140

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Netherlands: 1852-2004 collection in 2 Davo hingeless slipcase albums. 1852 King set to 15c imperf. 1864 King set to 15c, perf 1867 King set to 50c. 1869-71 Arms vals to 2½c. 1872-88 King set to 2.5G. 1891-96 Princess vals to 1G. 1899-1913 Queen & Numeral vals to 5G. 1906 TB Fund set. 1913 Cent vals to 5G. 1924-26 Queen vals to 5G. Good coverage of 1920s Child Welfare sets. 1928 Olympics to 30c. 1940-47 Queen to 10G. 1949-51 Queen to 10G. 1953-65 Queen Def set to 10G. 1960s-80s appear largely comp. Court of Justice 1950-77 appears comp. M/S inc 1942 Legion set of 2. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £4900+ = A$9000+ plus high cost of albums. (2200+, 60M/S). (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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Postal History SE Asia & Pacific Is cover collection. SE Asia inc China FDC selection 1984-2004 inc M/sheets (35). Commercial Mail range 1993-2005 with 1965 cover, Hong Kong mostly FDCs 1956-2006 inc 1967 Sea craft, 1973 Lunar NY etc (37), Japan covers inc First Day covers & First Day cards 1964-2000 (95), Malaysia extensive selection 1958-2004. Mostly FDC plus some Commercial (150.), Singapore 1967-1999 mostly FDC inc 1970 People Assoc, 1970 National Day (50). Pacific Is inc small selection of Cook Is, Fiji, Samoa, Pitcairn Is, Solomon Is, mostly First Day but inc Commercial mail largely 1950s-90s. Tonga selection inc 1906 4d Registered envelope to Sydney F/W 1899 5d King tied by 'VAVAU/TONGA/JY 3 06' cds with Sydney b/s. Few others. An interesting range F-VF. (530+)SOLD at A$200

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Tristan da Cunha: 1952-2004 messy collection on hagners with 1952 opts M/U to 10/-, 1960 & '61 short sets M, plus both sets comp U (SG cat £115), then many issues to 2004 with commems, M/Sheets etc. Mostly VF M/MUH, some U. SG cat £500. (400+, inc 12 M/S).SOLD at A$110

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1d Rosine rough paper (G69) perf OS. VF fresh MUH. ACSC 72Ibb cat $750. 2004 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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2004 Dogs $100 'cheque-book' type comp with 20 x $5 sheetlets, error extra front cover instead of 4th sheetlet!, plus same again but all stamps gone. SG 2449d(var). Pfr unlisted as booklet. FV $100 alone. Vendor paid $410 many years ago. (2)SOLD at A$80

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1896-1902 QV 6d green, 2 cnr numerals, blank background, 2 numerals design, imperf DIE PROOF in issued colour, of almost finished die, with portion of 1895 2d at top from which the Die was derived. VF fresh UN as made, sl thin at top of little importance, 4 large even margins. Normal stamp is SG 230 cat £16,000, ACSC Q42 cat $35,000 as used (in 2004), & unknown mint. The ACSC prices all 6d proof colours the same, while obviously the issued colour is greatly more desirable than the others, as it can also be extremely useful in a standard unused collection. 2014 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3500

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2004 Birds SAPOA Joint Issue M/Sheet of 8, unissued (similar designs were issued by other Southern African countries but Angola M/S was unissued due to some dispute with the South African printer about payment). VF fresh MUH. Mi Blk 1 cat €1000. Very rare as virtually the whole stock was officially destroyed. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1945 Massa Carrara CLN liberation local 'Massa Carrara 1944-45 C.C.A.' opt 5L/25c, with opt applied across top of a blk of 4, with notary control cachet on back. VF fresh MUH. CEI 1 cat €2000. Rare genuine as only 250 printed. Copy of 2004 Raybaudi photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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German Colonies: 1897-1919 Collection inc German New Guinea 1901 Yacht 20pf-1Mk, 3Mk & 5Mk, no wmk opt Specimen, 2004 Ceremuga photo-cert. 1901 Yacht to 3Mk. Marshall Is 1901-19 Yacht to 5Mk. 1914-15 'GRI 2d' opt Yacht 10pf. Samoa 1901 Yacht to 80pf. 1914 'GRI ½d' opt yacht 3d. German East Africa 1897 Eagle 2p on 3pt & 3p on 5pf. Mostly F-VF M/U, 80%+ being M. SG cat £1350+ = A$2500+. (86). (P)SOLD at A$525

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1910-13 KGV Double Head 2d black & slate, perf 15. Superb fresh MUH. SG 171b cat £1000 for M, should be at least double, £2000 MUH. Rare so nice. 2004 BPA photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500