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1889-94 QV 20/- dull mauve & black on red. VF fresh MLH. SG 25 cat £180. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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2006 Commonwealth Games comp collection with set of 17 M/sheets, all 125 individual stamps from the M/sheets, 2005 Promotional 50c inc multiples from the Prestige Booklet & 2006 trio, plus M/sheet. All fresh MUH, total FV $170.SOLD at A$160

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Booklets specialised collection 2004-05 in Seven Seas slipcase binder, with Lighthouse or Manfred Junge illustrated inserts. Inc Philatelic & general barcodes, APTA/ANDA Show opts, SCDAA Petersham Fair/Christmas Dinner opts, Northern Beaches Expo etc. Notably inc 2004 $5 Landmark bridges with APTA/ANDA opts (2), Northern Beaches (2), Earlwood Dist opt (total cat $165). 2004 $5 Railways booklets with APTA, Toowoomba, SCDAA Christmas Dinner opts (total cat $188). 2004 $5 Grand Prix opt Earlwood District (cat $80). 2005 $5 Wildflowers opt APTA Conservation Townsville both barcodes (cat $150 ea). Various others. A strong range, VF. FV alone $600+, cat $2600. (110)SOLD at A$550
PO Year Albums: 1981, 88, 93, 93 leather, 2005, 06, Sydney 2000 16 sheetlets (FV $72), London 2012 & other sheetlets (FV $94), 2006 Commonwealth Games (FV $67), AFL Booklets Folder (FV $72). Few others. Total FV $630.SOLD at A$350
Prestige Booklets: Extensive collection 1997-2010 in shoebox & on pgs with Renniks/Manfred Junge booklet inserts. Wide variety inc 2003 Christmas with barcode suffix 166 (cat $100), 2004 AFL Clubs set of 16 (cat $480), 2004 Destination Aust (cat $100), 2005 Pacific Explorer (2) Pfeffer cat P78c (cat $80) + P78ca (cat $100), 2006 Commonwealth Games, 4 x 50c (cat $50), 2007 Zodiac set of 12 (cat $350), 2008 Centenary of Rugby league 4 diff (cat $160). Various others, FV alone $1280, cat $3870. (123)AVAILABLE at A$750
Australia: Pre-decimal 1960s on-paper mix 1966-80 (1.4kg). Collection near comp inc vals to $10 Painting. 1967-71 QEII 5c-7c off-paper accumulation (approx 13,000) 1980s FDC (350) in 2 albums & loose inc approx 170 over-size FDC inc 1984 AUSIPEX M/sheets set of 10 & plenty of long Pic/Commem sets. World inc Poland 1959-70 & 2005-10 collection, Belarus 2008-15 Pics & Russia 1980s-90s collection all in 4 large well-filled s/books plus Thematic collection in medium album. World on-paper mix (700g) mostly Spain in the shoebox. Another large box with semi-sorted mess in envelopes & plastic bags (weight 2kg) & more inc small collection on 1930s style loose leaf pgs. Intriguing group, all neatly packed in 2 large cartons.SOLD at A$200

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European covers/stationery accumulation in carton, a mix of First Day & Commercial covers inc Austria 1964-93, Denmark, Finland 1950s-90s, Germany extensive 1880-2005 inc 19th stationery, WWI Field Post Card, 1930s covers & propaganda postcard, 1947 Allied Zone covers, West Germany 1952-2005 First Day & Commercial covers, East Germany 1960s-90 Commercial inc 1990 combination (East & West) covers (300 covers). Selections pf Aland/Faroe/Greenland/Iceland FDCs, Estonia/Latvia 1990-2004 selections Commercial Mail (75 covers). Also Italy, Poland inc 1982 Martial Law Censor types, Romania, Russia, Switzerland selections. Well worth reserve, largely VF. (ca700)AVAILABLE at A$300
European range of collections inc Belgium 1988-96 U cat £130, German Occup inc Bohemia & Moravia 1939-44 inc 1939 opts (ex 10k) G/FU, 1939 defs M/U, various commems inc Mozart issue with various tablets MUH & others cat £560. Slovakia 1939-44 inc 1939-40 Dues (with extras), 1949 Dues set FU & others cat £220. East Germany 1967-69 collection MUH/FU cat £175, Malta 2019-20 sets in packs FV €40 = A$64 Netherlands 1990-2005 U collection in Davo illust album cat £580 & others. A useful range of collections & starters, F-VF SG cat £1740 = A$3000. (1140, plus 7 M/Sheets).AVAILABLE at A$200

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French Antarctic 2005-17 'New Issues' most still in glassines etc as bought. Appears could be comp? But hard to assess, there are at least 65 M/sheets alone! Plus 3 bklts. Most still with price tags showing total new issues cost of $1840+, a few w/o cost not counted. No obvious duplication. (100s inc 65 M/S & 3 bklts)SOLD at A$675

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New Zealand 'Back of the Book' collections in 3 Lighthouse binders & slipcase inc Ross Dependency issues 1957-2018 comprehensive MUH range of sets & M/sheets, retail $1000+ (FV $390+), Victoria Land 1910 1d MUH, retail $150. Collection of Game Birds issues (Duck Stamps) 1994-2018 singles & 19 M/S MUH, FV$440. Exhibition Semi-Officials & Exhibition sheetlets 1974-2005 38 M/sheets, FV $90+. Also extensive collection of Cinderella issues inc Green Peace issues, Pigeon Flight M/sheets, Birdpex 90 Exhib Cinderellas, Antarctic Research Program, label & more. High retail. A most excellent array in the 3 expensive Lighthouse slipcase albums (retail $750). See website for selected scans. (85, 180+ M/sheets, sheetlets)SOLD at A$600

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Off-paper mix separated into individual countries inc China 1930s-2005(?) inc 1950s-60s Pics/Commems (see scans for selection) then AAT, Austria, GB from KGV Sidefaces to QEII decimal Commems, France, Hong Kong inc vals to $50, Germany, PNG, New Zealand, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Japan, Netherlands & more. Approx 30,000 stamps in the carton. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Mission.SOLD at A$250

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Postal History SE Asia & Pacific Is cover collection. SE Asia inc China FDC selection 1984-2004 inc M/sheets (35). Commercial Mail range 1993-2005 with 1965 cover, Hong Kong mostly FDCs 1956-2006 inc 1967 Sea craft, 1973 Lunar NY etc (37), Japan covers inc First Day covers & First Day cards 1964-2000 (95), Malaysia extensive selection 1958-2004. Mostly FDC plus some Commercial (150.), Singapore 1967-1999 mostly FDC inc 1970 People Assoc, 1970 National Day (50). Pacific Is inc small selection of Cook Is, Fiji, Samoa, Pitcairn Is, Solomon Is, mostly First Day but inc Commercial mail largely 1950s-90s. Tonga selection inc 1906 4d Registered envelope to Sydney F/W 1899 5d King tied by 'VAVAU/TONGA/JY 3 06' cds with Sydney b/s. Few others. An interesting range F-VF. (530+)SOLD at A$200

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1d Deep rosine (G70) perf OS, rough paper. F-VF MLH. ACSC 72Jbb cat $800. 2005 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1966-2020 Massive comp collection on Prinz pgs in 4 thick Lighthouse slipcase binders - plus 100+ empty pgs & 5th binder. FV of ea album is 1966-85 ($230) 1985-2005 ($1300), 2005-13 ($1420) & 2014-20 ($2035). All diff, any duplication is setenant strips & blks also with singles, gutters, sheetlets, plus 1971 Christmas 2 panes of 25, Year Album special M/S etc - total FV $4985! plus huge cost of all the pgs & binders. Collection of the modern issues of the last decade are seldom seen for sale. (5000+)SOLD at A$3500

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Booklets: 2000 to mid 2005 collection basically comp in 4 albums inc all barcodes & Koala reprints, plus appears all extra empty pgs for opts, cheque books, & Prestige types. Noted all 4 Paralympics (PF cat $142), $4.90 Federation 1K reprint ($100), 2001 Birds $9 all 4 ($120) etc. Mostly VF MUH. FV $550 alone Pfr cat $1580, plus high cost of the 4 booklet albums. (118).SOLD at A$450

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1942 Military Airmail opt Petain 1Fr50 with 'Par Avion Batiment de Ligne Richelieu' issued on Battleship Richelieu in New York, tied by appropriate shipmail pmk on Petain 1Fr20 Postal Card, with large censor h/s. VF. Yv PAM 3, Maury PAM 4 cat €3500. Rare & attractive. 2005 Rendon photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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2005 5500R Butterfly 'Collas Auriona' comp sheet of 90 variety 'totally imperf'. SG 3119var. Pre-printing hole/paper fold effecting 3 internal units. Fresh MUH. (90)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1916 WAR STAMP opt KGV 3d purple on lemon, error opt type 20 INVERTED. VF fresh MUH. SG 72aa cat £325 for M, should be at least double, £650 MUH. Copy of 2005 BPA photo cert for blk it came from. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150