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1861 Swan 2d blue, wmk Swan, intermediate perf 14-16 (imperf at right, due to shifted perfs). F-VF UN. SG 34 cat £250. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Ascension Island: 1954-2011 Chaotically arranged MUH collection in Lighthouse s/book with 85 Pic & Commem sets inc 1956 QEII to 10/- (cat £140), 1963 Birds to £1 (£60), 1981 Flowers to £2, 1986 Ships to £2, & 28 diff M/sheets inc 2006 Exploration set of 4 (cat £40) & 2011 RAF. Some wonderful Pics/Thematics to be seen inc Birds, Fish, Space, Aircraft, Whales, Scouts & Royalty. All fresh MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180
British Commonwealth: Collection in 6 s/books with Australian States (360) mostly lower inc NSW 2/6 Lyrebird, NZ 1890s-2006 inc QV to 1/-, KGV Sidefaces to 1/-, 1930s Pics to 3/-. QEII Pre-dec to 5/- & 1960s Pics to 10/- plus high val decimals inc 1967 Defs to $2 Geyser & high val 2001-06 Pics/Commems (retail $1000+). Australian Terr in 2 s/books with Christmas Is, Cocos Is & Norfolk Is decimals. Pitcairn collection 1940-86 comp (?, cat £350+) in Seven Seas hingeless album (retail $120) inc 1940 Defs to 2/6, 1948 KGVI 10/- SW, 1949 UPU & 1954 QEII Defs VF MUH. Plus another Seven Seas album (retail $120) with Samoa VFU 1962-84 & 35 Pic sets MUH 1985-1990 (SG cat £400) inc 1989 Birds to $20. Some slightly mixed G-FU condition. Generally fresh & clean. (approx 2000 + 47 M/S)SOLD at A$230
Carton lot with 6 vol 1981 Royal Wedding & Diana 21st Birthday collection with sets, gutter blks (new issue cost $500 & still hard to find) & FDC. 1984 AUSIPEX collection in Official album inc limited edition 'Commemorative Album Souvenir Sheet' opt & extra FDC. Aust Post 2000 Olympic Games prestige album. Germany 2006 FIFA collection in custom album. PNG collection to 1998 in 2 Seven Seas hingeless albums (retail $ 350) inc 1952 Defs to £1 Fisherman, 1963 Pics to £1 QEII, 1964 Birds, 1966 Butterflies & most other decimals Pic/Commem sets & M/sheets with most sets VF MUH. GB FDC collection 1975-83 in album & shoebox, plus 1983 Aust Post America's Cup gift box. 2 medium/large cartons.AVAILABLE at A$350

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Covers/Postal History 1831-1940s. Interesting varied assembly inc Australia WWII Censor mail, Central & Sth America Flight flown + censor covers from 1930s French pre-war PPC selection (10). Germany inc 1923 (Nov) cover Berlin to OHIO f/w 4 x 200 Million Mk, Grenada 1933 Reg cover to Great Britain. Great Britain inc 1831 pre-stamp entire with Lombard St 23-11-1831, Maltese Cross pmk. 1840s 1d red-brown on covers. USA selection of Flight covers & many others inc French Marocco 1916-1921 selection covers. Also China 2006 Tibetan Railway commem book with stamps few other items inc modern PPCs etc. Mostly F-VF. (123)SOLD at A$190

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Norway: Collection to 2006 in rear new Davo album (retail $200), with 1856 4sk blue, 1863 Arms 2sk & 4sk, 1877 Post-horns (9) to 60o & 1883-1907 (14) to 50o. 1910 Post-horns set of 22 to 60o. 1910 Monarch & 1914 Independence sets. Then reasonably comp 1926-2006 with many Pic & Commem sets inc 1960s-70s Europa. Fresh & clean, G-F/VF U. (1200)AVAILABLE at A$170

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Poland: Collection 1860-2005 in 6 near new green slipcase. Schaubek hingeless albums (plus empty 7th vol 2006-14) with 1860 Russian Arms 10K. 1919 opt Austria 30h. 1919 Arms set to 1K. 1919 Exhib set to 1K. 1921 Constitution set. 1923 Copernicus set. 1924 President 1Zl. 1925 Airmail set to 45g. 1927 Education set. 1938 Pic set to 3Zl. 1946 1st Anniv set. 1948 Culture Fund M/S (SG cat £375). 1948 Roosevelt Air set (£130). Upper Silesia 1922-23 Miners set 1Mk-300Mk. Good coverage of issues from 1955 on being largely comp to 2000. Almost all F-VF MUH/U, later issues fresh MUH. SG cat £5500+ = A$10,500, plus albums extra retail $3000. (4400 + 165 M/S). (Few 1000)AVAILABLE at A$1200
WWF Collection 2006-10 with 64 diff MUH sets inc blks & strips, plus 256 matching individual FDC in 6 well-filled custom slipcase albums. Possibly comp, issue price $1600, plus an extra $200 for albums. (250+ stamps, 250+ covers)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1d Pink (G28) perf OS. Fresh MUH. ACSC 71Tbb cat $800 as M, should be at least double, $1600 MUH. 2006 Drury photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$450

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1d Pale rose-red (G64) perf OS rough paper. Superb fresh MUH. ACSC 72Ebb cat $800 as M, should be x1.5, so $1200 MUH. 2006 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1d dull red rough paper (G72) perf OS Plate 2, pane IV SUBSTITUTED cliche multiple (pos 31-36/37/42) with substituted cliche Die II (pos IV/34), substituted cliche Die 1 (IV/35), Thin G (IV/40) & Y dot (IV/41) flaws. Superb fresh MLH. Rare multiple. 2006 Drury photo cert. (12). (P).AVAILABLE at A$3500

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1½d Red Electro 17 perf OS variety 'cracked electro from emu's feet through king's lower neck to kangaroo'. F-VF MUH & rare as such. ACSC 89ba(17)r cat $600 as M, should be at least double, $1200 MUH. 2006 Drury photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$400

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4d Lemon-yellow CA Monogram single from upper plate. VF fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. ACSC 110C(1)zc est cat $3500+ MUH (as M monogram cat $900 -normal cat $250 for M, & cat $950 MUH). Very rare as genuine MUH. 2006 Dunkerley photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1d Carmine-rose (G104) wmk INVERTED, upper marginal single with 'Jubilee Line'. Fresh MUH with the usual centring. SG 50aw cat £1400 for M, should be at least double, £2800 MUH. ACSC 74Aa cat $4500. 2006 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1854 QV Halflength 3d blue, vert pr, Campbell & Co printing, top stamp 'retouched under C of Victoria'. Superb U, all 4 margins, light Butterfly pmks. SG 24/24a cat £205+ as singles & such se-tenant pr should be at least double, £300+. Beautiful quality multiple. 2006 Perry photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$850

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1922-2006 MUH Collection in Davo & Lighthouse hingeless albums. Strength from 1966 on inc Commems & Defs. 1974-74 Def to £1. 1992-95 Heritage Defs to £5. 1997-98 Bird Defs set to £5. Good coverage of Commems inc M/S & sheetlets where issued. Almost all VF fresh MUH. FV Alone E£500+ €100+ = A$1150+. SG cat £2600+ = A$5000+. Hibernian cat €5200+ = A$8500.AVAILABLE at A$450

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1848-59 QV Post Paid 1d red on greyish wove paper, worn impression pos 5. VFU, 4 margins, boxed 'INLAND' pmk. SG 16 cat £950. 2006 Sismondo photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500