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2005 Thaipex $4.50 SES set of 2, 50c Bumble Bee Toy, or 50c Kangaroos at sunset with generic photo tabs. VF fresh MUH. (2).AVAILABLE at A$30

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Australia: ACSC QEII Pre-Decimals 1952-1966, 2006 Edition listing varieties inc Missing Colours, Plate Number blks, Proofs & more inc SPECIMEN opts. Near new. Current Edition retail over $120.SOLD at A$20

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China: Yang's Postage Stamp Catalogue of the PTC, Part II, 1949-2006 (14th Ed), near new condition.SOLD at A$20

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Falkland Islands: Specialised Stamp Catalogue inc Dependencies, Postal History & Cancellations 1800-2006, 5th edition. Pub by S Heitz, 270+ pgs in colour. Near new.AVAILABLE at A$30

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France: 2007 Yvert & Tellier Tome (Vol) 1. Timbres de France (1849-2006) inc booklets, framas, postage dues, proofs 'Epreuves de Luxe' & pre-cancels. VGC inc CD as issued.SOLD at A$25

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1981 PO Year Album, 1990-93 green cover PO Financial Year albums trio, 1980s-90s PO Publications with Postage Stamp Inserts, 2006 Melbourne Games collection in blue album. Contents all fresh MUH.SOLD at A$120

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2004-06 collection on DIY leaves in 2 binders, largely MUH. Inc sets, M/sheets, booklets, International Post & 2006 Games set of 17 sheetlets. Total FV $900+.SOLD at A$475

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2006 Melbourne Games collection in Official 4-ring album with comp set of 17 M/sheets from Opening Ceremony to Most Memorable Moment. Scarce format, much harder to find than the Year Album style album. VF fresh MUH.AVAILABLE at A$100
2006-08 MUH collection in 3 binders with extensive range of Commems, Defs & Pics in blks of 4 & singles plus some prs, many with Koala Reprint Symbols. Also International Post & M/sheets & sheetlets inc 2006 Commonwealth Games set. Total FV $1170 plus F-VF U selection.SOLD at A$600

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2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games set of 17 sheetlets. Fresh MUH.AVAILABLE at A$60
Booklets: 1982-2006 collection with standard types 1982-2004 & Prestige Booklets 1997-2006, FV $700+. All fresh & clean.SOLD at A$375
Decimals 60c-$1.00 Pics/Commems (1000s) in envelopes, crammed into small shoebox. Then World sorted by country in more envelopes in 3 large shoeboxes inc more Australia 1966-2006. Unchecked as received, could be possible uncancelled in the Australian stamps.SOLD at A$210
Semi-specialised decimal collection inc Sydney 2000 Olympics Gold Medal sheetlets, 2000 Year Book, 2006 Year Book (less QEII composite sheet). Total FV $290. Also ATM sheetlets & CPS MUH, FV $31 plus Framas various papers, FV $173. VF MUH. Total FV $500.SOLD at A$275

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British Empire & Commonwealth - Great Britain: 1971-2006 collection in 15 albums with excellent coverage of Defins & Commems inc M/S & bklts inc Machins plus odd FDC. Mostly VF MUH/U. VF of MUH=£530 plus significant value in all the usual. SG cat £6000+ = A$11,000+. (4850+).AVAILABLE at A$650

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Hong Kong: Collection 1863-2006 M & U in Scott illustrated album inc 1863 wmk CC 4c slate UN, 96c U, Postcard issues 1879 3c/16c M straight edge. Postal Fiscals 1882 perf 15½x15 $2 pmk Shanghae, & $3 with S1 Killer cancel. 1897 $1/$2 GU, 1882-1900 QV 2c carmine, 5c pale blue, 5c yellow, 10c Ultramarine, 12c blue, 30c brown M/MLH also 10c dull mauve, 30c yellowish-green G/FU, 1891 2c Jubilee FU, 1891-98 Surch inc 20c/30c grey-green M, 7c/10c green M, 1898 30c/10c yellowish-green FU, 1903 KEVII to 20c M/MLH, $1 GU, 1904-11 inc 30c green & black, 30c purple & orange-yellow, 10c ultramarine M/MLH. 1935 Silver Jubilee set M/MLH 1938-52 KGVI inc $10 green & violet, $10 lilac & blue G/FU, 1941 Cent set MLH, 1954 QEII to $2 M, $5, $10 G/FU, 1962 QEII Defs MLH/MUH inc $5, $10, $20 MUH, 1962 QEII Defs MUH, plus others & later issues mostly. Also small range of Revenues largely VF. SG cat £4100 = A$7600. (360, 11 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700
Hong Kong 1937-2014 collection (500) in binder with 1937 KGVI to $2, 1954 QEII to $5, 1963 multi-coloured QEII to $10, 1973 Defs to $20 black, 1982 to $50 claret, 1987 to $50 Scene, 1992 QEII to $50 grey, 1997 Scenes to $50, 2002 Cultural Diversity to $50, 2006 Birds to $50 Pelican plus a variety of other Pic/Commems inc comp sets, mostly G-F U, SG cat £250+. Then 1988-2014 MUH sets (20) inc 1999 Zodiac sheetlet, 2014 China Geoparks (14) to $10 plus 1962 QEII multi-colour Defs to $20 VF MUH (cat £100). Also some Macau & Philippines to fill the album. (550)SOLD at A$120
Japan: 1997-2006 Greetings or Thematics/Topical self-adhesive M/sheets collection in 2 s/books with good variety. All fresh & clean, FV Y54,250 = A$580. Post-Millennium Pics still hard to find. Also some Korea MUH for added interest!AVAILABLE at A$300

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Kiribati: 1980-2006 MUH accumulation with over 100 Pic/Commem sets to 2006 Dinosaurs inc 1979 Defs to $5 Flag (5), 1982 Birds to $5 (3 sets), 1994 Butterflies to $5 & 2005 Trafalgar Bi-Cent to $5 plus another 7 opt SPECIMEN inc 2002 Fish opt to $10 (scarce, cat £32 w/o opts). Also M/sheets (60) inc 43 diff plus another 2 opt SPECIMEN. Mostly fresh MUH, with high FV. (100+ sets & 60+ M/S)SOLD at A$130

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New Zealand 1988-2006 collection in Scott illustrated album extensive MUH range sets & M/sheets (also some Ross Dep, Cinderellas). Retail NZ$3000, FV alone $1400+. All fresh & clean inc good variety of the Exhibition M/S.AVAILABLE at A$475

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Red carton lot with Australia G-VGC Seven Seas hingeless album 1966-86 (new retail $200) with scattered decimals inc 1966 Navigators to $4, 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 7, other better 1970s Commem sets & Paintings to $10. Also s/book to help fill the gaps, plus pre-decimals with Kangaroos inc set to 2/-, 1949 £1 Arms (6) & 1964 Navigator 10/- Flinders (14). Die Proof Replica/Reprint cards (15 diff) ACSC cat $120. Then 1969-75 PO pack collection (50), minor duplication inc 1970 RV Jap Pack (retail $50), 1970 & 71 selected issues. 1971-75 Christmas set & most other packs (retail $570) inc AAT & Cocos Is. Australian 1980s-90s FDC mess (90) in thick PW album inc AUSIPEX emissions, M/Sheets & Long Commem/Pic sets. British pacific Islands collection in 32 hagners inc AAT 1957-2006, Norfolk Is near comp 1947-69 inc Ball Bay to 2/-, 1966 opts to $1 & 1969 Birds t $1, Christmas Is 1958 QEII, 1963 Pics, 1968 Fish sets fresh CTO. Tokelau 1997 Diana $1 Memorial & Vanuatu 95c Memorial in comp sheets of 50 (FV A$90). 1980 Moscow Olympic collection in 2 red slipcase albums (plus spare binder), horrifically expensive new issue costs, with 80 diff FDC, plus 69 diff MUH Pic/Commems with singles/comp sets & 6 diff M/Sheets. Also 60 diff World 1990s Olympic stamp packets (50 = 3000 stamps), plus 50 North Korea M/Sheets. All up, 8 red-coloured albums in large red carton. (Few 1000)AVAILABLE at A$325

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Solomon Islands: MUH investment accumulation in Lighthouse Bogenmappe album with 2006 Cone Shells set of 14 to $50 in sheetlets of 10 (FV $940, SG cat £300), Beatrix Potter sets (4 inc M/sheets, cat £70) & 2006 Exploration set of 8 (4 sets in M/sheet form, FV $156, SG cat £100), 1999 Moon Landing 30th Anniv (20 sets inc M/sheets, cat £75) & Philex-France M/sheets (16, £110), 1998 Billfish set (16 inc M/sheets, £60), 2000 Year of the Dragon pr set (15 inc M/sheets, £80). 1996 Capex set (29 inc M/sheets, £90). Plus another 58 Pic/Commem sets (cat £225) with 5 diff inc 2006 Dinosaurs to $20 blks of 4 (£70). Also 1987 America's Cup set of 10 Numeral M/sheets (9 sets, cat £225) plus odds. Philatelic Exhib M/sheets (4 diff, cat £185) with Taipei 96 (25), Hong Kong 97 (17), Pacific 97 (16) & Expo 99 Melbourne (18). Lastly 2002 Horses (18, cat £80). All fresh MUH. Very high total FV, total SG cat £1375 = A$2400.AVAILABLE at A$300
Three carton lot No 3. 28 small/medium/large s/books plus Thematic collection in Seven Seas album. America in 6 albums inc Canada (800) to 2017, Central/South America in single vol & USA (3000) to 2006. Caribbean Is/Central America (700) in 3 vol set, strength in Cuba Pics/Commems. Asia in 3 s/book with Vietnam, Brunei M/sheets MUH (13), Nepal, Bhutan & India. Pacific Islands in 7 albums inc Cook Is MUH/U to 2004 Olympics, Fiji inc 1971 Flowers to $2, New Caledonia MUH M/sheets (9) plus assorted Pic sets, NZ to 2006 inc Birds to $10, Penrhyn Is, Samoa, Solomons & Tonga inc M/sheets scattered throughout. Africa & Middle East collections in 3 albums inc Mauritius 1969 Marine Life to R10 MUH, Egypt MUH & Yemen Thematics & M/sheets CTO. Europe in final 6 books with Cyprus (650) inc 1955 QEII to £1 & 1960 opts to £1, mostly VF U (SG cat £170) plus Poland, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Yugoslavia & Malta. (1000s)SOLD at A$400

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Great Britain catalogue: Picture Postcard Values 2006 by Phil & Dave Smith. 224 pgs & illustrated throughout. Near new.AVAILABLE at A$10

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1d Carmine-rose (G104) wmk INVERTED, upper marginal single with 'Jubilee Line'. F-VF fresh MUH. SG 50aw cat £1400 for M, should be at least double, £2800 MUH. ACSC 74Aa cat $4500. 2006 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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2006-2013 AFL Football Premiers SES sheetlets (8) with West Coast, Geelong, Hawthorn, Geelong, Collingwood, Geelong, Sydney, & Hawthorn. All fresh MUH in folders of issue. FV $45, new issue costs around $120. All diff (8).AVAILABLE at A$60

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2006-2014 NRL Premiers SES sheetlets (9) with Broncos, Storm, Sea Eagles, Storm, Dragons, Sea Eagles, Storm, Roosters & Rabbitohs. All fresh MUH in folders of issue. FV over $50, new issue costs around $130. All diff. (9).AVAILABLE at A$60

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2006 Commonwealth Games $3.60 M/Sheet opt Canberra, numbered. VF fresh MUH. SG MS2599(var). Retail $25.AVAILABLE at A$10

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2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games set of 17 sheetlets. Fresh MUH. SG MS 2607/23 cat £55.AVAILABLE at A$60

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2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games set of 17 sheetlets. Fresh MUH. FV $67.AVAILABLE at A$60

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2006 Probus 30th Anniv $5 SES 50c Kangaroo with diff Probus tabs. VF fresh MUH.AVAILABLE at A$10

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2006 Adelaide Stampex $5 SES with 50c Kangaroo & tabs with various Stampex logos. VF fresh MUH.SOLD at A$20

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2006 Probus 30th Anniv $4.50 SES 50c Kangaroo with diff Probus tabs. VF fresh MUH.AVAILABLE at A$10

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2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games $4.50 SES 50c Games stamp with Canberra Stampshow tabs. VF fresh MUH.AVAILABLE at A$20

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2006 Hobart GPO clock & chimes $5 SES 50c Globe with Clock tower tabs. VF fresh MUH.SOLD at A$30

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2006 Roses 50c unsevered horiz strip of 3 sheetlets with extra row of perfs at base & wide margins on 3 sides with printer's guillotine guidelines. Fresh CTO. Unissued this format!AVAILABLE at A$50

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2006 QEII Birthday $2 sheetlet. VF fresh MUH. Only available in 2006 Year Album. Retail $55.AVAILABLE at A$10

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2006 Driving Through the Years $5 opt Adelaide, numbered, general barcode. VF fresh MUH. SG SB208(var). Pfr B305a1 cat $19.SOLD at A$7

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2006 Christmas $9 opt SCDAA Dinner, with both barcodes. VF fresh MUH. SG SB220(var). Pfr B312(1),a(1) cat $40. (2).AVAILABLE at A$20

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1854-55 Swan 4d blue, imperf, variety 'titled border' Superb MHL, original gum, 4 large margins. SG 3i cat £3250 for UN. Very rare & important variety. 2006 RPSV photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2300

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1854-55 Swan 1/- deep red-brown, imperf. Superb fresh UN, cut square with 4 margins, nice colour. SG 4a cat £2000 for UN. Rare shade. 2006 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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Cameroon: 1905-19 Yacht 1Mk red (26x17 perfs) wartime printing. VF fresh MUH. SG 24 cat £18 for M, should be at least double, £36 MUH. Mi 25IIA cat €120. 2006 Jaschke-Lantelme BPP photo-cert.SOLD at A$50

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1946 Regency Parcel Post 1L green, error se-tenant pr from UL cnr of sheet with perfs only at base & imperf on other sides. Superb fresh MUH, with huge sheet margins. SG P679(var). Sass PP61e cat €150+ for single & est cat £300+ for such cnr piece. Very rare & spectacular. 2006 Sorani photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1945 Piacenza CLN liberation local 'Pro Patrioti Piacenza' 6th opt 50L/20c. Superb MUH. CEI 1 cat €600. Rare as only 1500 printed. 2006 Dr Avi SBPV photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$170

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1945 Torino CLN liberation 'C.L.N.' fancy opt set 5c-3L, inc 30c both with & w/o wmk, 1L both red & black opts as well as the Bandiera Brothers issue. Superb MUH. CEI 18-34 inc 28A cat €5500 = A$9000. Overprints authorized by Italian regional authorities, but issue was not approved by allied commanders. Historical issue & very rare comp as only 200 sets printed. 2006 Raybaudi & 2009 Ceremuga photo certs. (18) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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1914-15 'GRI' 5mm opt DNG Yacht 5pf green, variety 'GRI without stops but with normal spaces.' VFU on piece with violet oval cancel. Mi 2II(var). SG 17ga cat £11,000. Great rarity with only several recorded. 2006 BPA photo cert, while new AIEP certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$8000

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1891-1906 Official 'O.P.S.O.' violet diag h/s opt on Pictorial 5d purple-brown, perf 11, no wmk (basic stamp SG 263). GU with part 1903 Wellington cds, sl flts but still attractive. CP EP13b cat NZ$2500, SG O20 cat £1100. Very rare genuine example. 2006 RPSNZ photo cert.. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1869 'POSTAGE' opt QV Chalon 1d rose, wmk crown CC, perf 12½, opt type SG 7a. VF UN. SG 26 cat £725. Rare genuine unused. 2006 BPA photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400