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1967 Poem of Mao 8f Yellow Crane Pavilion. VF UN appearance, but expertly repainted to remove cancel. W7-12. SG 2377 cat £180 for U or £650 M. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130
2008-12 decimal MUH collection with booklets, M/sheets inc Special Philatelic Exhibition emissions, self-adhesive strips, gutter & other blks plus Territories inc Christmas Is Lunar New Year sets & M/sheets. Fresh MUH in 3 expensive Lighthouse s/books. Huge FV.SOLD at A$1800

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Covers: 1970-2002 FDC, Commem & Exhibition pmks & other Philatelic covers in 18 albums (inc 180 hagner-style 2-strip pgs) with 870+ covers inc 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 7, 1974 Painting trio on WCS envelope (scarce), 1984 AUSIPEX collection inc M/sheets with set of 10 diff pmks (retail $60), 1989 Grand Prix set of 16 & good range of 1991-end 2001 Pic/Commem covers (FV $760+) inc International Post to $20 Uluru, Cocos Is, Christmas Is inc Lunar New Year M/sheets & various AAT Vol 19 inc 2008 World Youth Day 45c 9ct Gold Stamp FDC (No 405/500) new issue cost $130 & Sterling Silver 45c No 3397. Four diff PNC with Family, Dunlop, Older persons & Christmas Is 2006 Year of the Dog. AAT 1998-2009 Commems (13 diff) all sets of 4 diff Base pmks, FV $160. Vol 20 with 1990s PO Maximum Cards (80), near new FDC album. All neatly packed into 3 big boxes. Huge original costs inc the mostly VGC albums, pgs & leaves.AVAILABLE at A$500

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Estonia: 1991-2008 accumulation in s/book inc 1991 Arms to 2R, Commems, Defs inc blks, sheetlets & M/S. Also some Soviet issues related to Baltic States, plus joint issues with other Baltic States. VF MUH/U. FV of MUH 1300Kr + €50. SG cat £1600+ = A$3000. (775, +75 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Huge Deceased Estate Mess part 38. Wallis & Futuna 1941 'France Libre' opts (27 Diff) to 5Fr MUH (SG cat £110). Cook Islands 1893 Defs (8) to 1/- M, cat £100 as cheapest. 1899 ½d opts on 1d blue (2, cat £64). 1901 CROWN opt on 1d brown UN (SG 22 cat £180). World M/Sheets 1960-2008 accumulation (55) inc Belgium 2008 WWI Anniv, Liberia 1959-60 World Refugee Year Imperf & Portugal 1976 Exhibition (5). PNG 1987 PO Year album. B.I.O.T. small collection (51) in springback album inc 1956 opts to R10, 1968 Marine Life to R10 & 1971 Wildlife, total cat £110. Grenada 1976--77 in 15 hagners inc 1977 RV in sheetlets of 5 sets MUH. Tristan da Cunha MUH collection 1997-2006 with Commem sets (3) & M/Sheets (23) inc 2006 Anniv M/S set of 4 (cat £45). Finally Europe collection (100s) on loose pgs inc Danzig, Bohemia/Moravia, Austria & Germany. All neatly packed into medium carton.AVAILABLE at A$250

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Netherlands: Collection to 2008 in well filled near new Davo illustrated album (retail $200) with 1852 Imperf 10c carmine, 1864 1st perf 5c blue & 10c carmine. 1872 King (6) to 25c, 1891 Queen (6) to 22½c green. 1898 Defs to 1G. 1906 TB set of 3. 1913 Defs to 5G yellow. 1924 high val defs 1G, 2½G & 5G Queens. Then good range of commems, Pics & defs inc 1924, '27, '29, & 1933-49 Child Welfare sets. 1950s-60s high val defs, 1960s-70s Europa sets, Postage Dues & 40 M/Sheets. All fresh & clean, mostly F-VF U. (1600+)AVAILABLE at A$375

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1884 Stamp Duty £1 Red-Orange pmk by 'Telegraph Branch 7 MR 12 94 'Melbourne' cds centrally placed sideways with fragment of 2nd strike at right. An extremely rare (RRRR+) cds with very few reported. Superb U. SG 242a cat £120, plus premium for RARE cancel. 2008 RPSL photo-cert. (P)SOLD at A$400

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1945 SABE Authorised Private Postal Service 10L black, DIE PROOF on chalk-surfaced paper 86x64mm. Superb fresh UN as made. CEI PS2. Sass SPA 14 cat €600 for normal stamp & specialist cat had proof as x5 making est cat €3000. Very rare & attractive. 2008 Sorani photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400