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Sachenhausen-Oranienburg Concentration Camp: 1940 postcard with camp rules on front, franked Hindenburg 6pf tied by 'Oranienburg 7 11 40' cds. From prisoner to family in occupied Poland. Scarce historical item. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150
1966-end 2015 near comp MUH/CTO/VFU collection in 4 green VGC Seven Seas hingeless albums & matching slipcases (retail $1150) with 1966-2005 VFU inc 1966 Defs to $4, all the scarcer 1970s Commem sets inc 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 7, Paintings to $10, Gardens to $20, International Pics to $20 & higher val overseas post Pics/ Commems & all the non-letter rate Pics & Commems plus M/sheets & some booklets. Impressive assembly, FV approx $1350. Then 2006-end 2015 with MUH (FV over $1600) inc 2006 Commonwealth Games sheetlet of 17 & other higher val sets & M/sheets inc vals to $10 plus CTO sections (FV $400+). All up appears very comp (ex optional pages) with a total FV of over $3150 plus an extra $1150 replacement costs for the 4 near new albums. Total $4300. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$1400

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AAT: MUH collection 1957-2016 on Seven Seas pgs & hagners. Appears comp to 2015 inc 1959 Pic set to 2/3. 1966-68 Pic Def set to $1. 1973 Pic Def set to $1. 1979-81 Ship set t $1. 1995 Dolphin set & M/S plus 1995 Singapore M/S & 1996 CAPEX m/s. 2001 Centenary sheetlet. Sets & M/S to 2015 appear comp. All diff. VF fresh MUH. SG cat £780+, retail $1550+. (240 + 25 M/S)SOLD at A$325

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Decimal FDC 1989-2015 collection (now loose in box) with good variety inc M/sheet to $10, Pic/Commem sets inc se-tenant strips & blks, booklet panes, self-adhesives & higher val International Post. Minor duplication inc pmk variations with thematic types sighted. All fresh & clean, FV over $950. PO cost higher. (450)SOLD at A$275

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Decimal off-paper mix from 1960s QEII to 2015 $1 Flowers with isolated pre-decimals reaching back to 1913 1d Kangaroo sighted. A marvellous lot?? for the discerning masochist. 45,000).SOLD at A$325

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Hong Kong 1860s-2015 collection in 64pg s/book, sparse early inc QV (28) to 30c, KGV (9), KGVI (50) to $5 then QEII scattered to 1982, then near comp inc many M/S to 1997 inc 1992 type QEII to $50 inc 4 of ea for most values, plus 2002 set to $50 & 2014 set? To $50. Then extensive range of Framas for 11 diff issues inc codes '01' & '02'. Then from 1983 sets inc HK by Night & Observatory, 1984 Maps & Lanterns & 1989 Royal Visit sets all in blks of 4, good range of Pic sets (mostly 2+ sets of ea), 1987-2002 New Year sets (2+ sets of most), plus NY M/sheets (26 MUH & 8 U), other M/S inc $10 NZ 1990 (SG cat £80), Phila Nippon 91 (2, £64), 1984 Jockey Club, 1985 Dragon Boat (2), plus booklets 1993-2014 (£180+) & a few FDC. Mixed M/U early, fresh MUH from 1980 FV alone HK$3750. Mi cat €6100+, SG cat £4000+. (1290 inc 130 Frama, plus 62 M/S & 24 bklts).SOLD at A$800
Cruise Ships: Cunard Line 'Un-Board' memorabilia collection circ 1986-2015 with promotional magazines & brochures (70) mainly the QE2, with other ships sighted. On-Board Magazines/Newspaper inc 1986 QEII Voyage with Daily Programs, Newspapers Ornate Wine List. Then other memorabilia inc Souvenir pens, shower gel miniature bottles, International Phonecards, Tourist 'Port of Call' information booklets & other paperwork. A big lot house in medium carton.AVAILABLE at A$150

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1936 KEVIII 2d red wmk Crown CofA UNISSUED due to his abdication. One full sheet was presented to the Governor of Victoria when he visited the printer on the occasion of the printing of the new stamps. But when the decision was made not to issue KEVIII stamps all the remaining sheets were then officially destroyed (and not a single example was even left in archives) & all proofs, dies & plates were also destroyed. The Governor was then asked by the printer to return the sheet which he did, with the exception of the blk of 6 removed from the LL cnr of the sheet, which he had sent to William, Baron Vestey in England, so the printer did not press the point (and the rest of the sheet was then officially destroyed also). Vestey's grandson offered the blk of 6 in 2014 through auction in London, where it sold for £240,000. A single from it was then sold at a 2015 Melbourne auction for almost $173,000. Comes with copies of correspondence between the printer & the Governor regarding the return of the stamps. VF fresh MUH. A great rarity of Australian philately (P)AVAILABLE at A$140000

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1913 Double-headed Eagle black opt Turkey 1910 2pa/5pa ochre, perf 12. Superb U on piece. SG footnote, Yv 1A cat €2400+, Mi A3 cat €2000+. Very rare. 2015 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1928-29 Parliament $1 olive-green, vert pr, IMPERF horiz x perf 12. Superb fresh MUH. SG 285 footnote cat £650 for M, should be at least double, £1300 MUH, Unitrade 159c cat C$1350. Only about 250 prs printed. 2015 RPSL photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$650

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1866-67 Arms serpentine roulette 1Mk brown, roulette B -teeth 1¾mm. F-VF fresh UN, only 1 short tooth. SG 48 cat £5000, Fa 10c cat Kr 25,000, Mi 10B cat €4500 & all undercatalogued as very rare mint. Ex Faberge -pos 14 in his reconstruction (colour photo copy provided). 2015 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1866-67 Arms serpentine roulette 1Mk deep brown, roulette C -teeth 2¼mm. Superb fresh M, partial gum, all teeth amazingly intact. SG 49 cat £3500++, Facit 10c cat SFr 20,000+, Mi 10c cat €3000+ & all undercatalogued as very rare mint. Ex Faberge position 46 in his reconstruction (colour photo copy provided). Rarity in such nice condition. 2015 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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1866-67 Arms serpentine roulette 1Mk brown, teeth 2¼mm. Superb fresh MLH, nice original gum, 1 tooth split & reattached (but it is original), all others intact. SG 49 cat £3500+. Facit 10c cat SFr 20,000, Mi 10c cat €3000 & all undercatalogued as very rare mint. Ex Faberge -pos 10 in his reconstruction (colour photocopy provided). 2015 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)SOLD at A$1300

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1853-61 Napoleon 1Fr carmine, imperf, horizontal TETE-BECHE pair. FU appearance & well tied to piece, variable margins, sl horiz crease, excellent deep color. SG 77 cat £174,000. Maury 18TB cat €215,000. Yv 18b cat €150,000. One of the great rarities of France & major classic rarity of the world. 2015 Philatelic Foundation & 2020 Ceremuga photo-certs. AVAILABLE at A$15000

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Postal History: 1945-2015 covers disorganised mass in small carton, majority commercial/philatelic inc some FDC. Noted express, reg airmail, Framas, Parcel Cards, postcards etc inc various pictorial pmks FFC. Destinations inc lots of Australia also USA, Netherlands, SW Africa & more. Impossible to assess, could be something good unseen by us. (400+).SOLD at A$300

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1840 QV 1d intense black, plate 4, letters RF. Superb fresh M appearance (regummed), 4 margins. SG Spec AS22, SG 1-PL4 cat £13,000. Rare genuine unused. 2015 Scheller photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$2200

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1910-13 KGV Double Head £1 red & black, perf 15. VF U appearance with '8 JAN 20 S RHODESIA' cds, small central thin. SG 179 cat £3250. Very rare genuine postally used example. 2015 BPA photo-cert. (P)SOLD at A$1550