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1864-79 Swan 1/- bright green right marginal horiz pr, IMPERF from DLR reference sheet, wmk Crown CC upright. VF UN, all 4 margins. SG 61(p). Rare as only 1 sheet recorded. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400
1969-78 Plastic & paper PO pack accumulation (FV $330) in carton. Huge variety inc 1970 Cook (25), 1970 RV Jap (5), 1970/71 Selected Issues (5). 1971 Christmas (2) & 1972 Christmas (3), these retail $1250. Total much higher. Then range of paper packs 1973-78 inc Paintings to $10. All in single carton. Then 2nd carton with 1980-2015 accumulation, mainly PO Packs but also blks of 4 & singles in glassines. Plus some of the larger & M/sheet packs & Aust Territories. 2 medium cartons. Total FV $2400 plus high retail for the pre-1975 packs.SOLD at A$1250
2012-Mid 2015 FDC collection (160) now loose in box with variety of Pic/Commem sets inc multiples & se-tenant plus range of relevant M/sheets. FV over $500, PO costs higher.AVAILABLE at A$200

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2013 World Expo, 2015 Princess Charlotte & 2017 Concession Post M/Sheets. 25 of ea, only available from PO Year albums. Fresh MUH. Retail $25 ea = A$1875. (75)AVAILABLE at A$160
2015-16 70c-$2.75 Pics & Commems mostly in booklets or M/sheets of 10. All fresh MUH, FV $2130.SOLD at A$1000

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2017 Concession Post, 2015 Princess Charlotte & 2013 World Expo M/Sheets, 25 of ea, only available from PO Year albums. Fresh MUH. Retail $25 ea = $1875. (75)AVAILABLE at A$160

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Covers: 1900-2015 International Destination Mail (100) inc 1900 Melbourne-Norway cover franked QV 1d red & 1½d brown, 1902 Card Sydney-Berlin, 1910 PPC Melbourne-Sweden, 1930 Melbourne-London endorsed 'Per RMS Moolton', 1936 Mourning envelope Airmail to Dorset franked 2d South Aust & 3d Cable. 1941 Registered Killara NSW to Manitoba Canada franked KGVI 3d blue (5), 1946 Mitchell Centenary envelope, registered from St George QLD to Ontario Canada, 1946 Unclaimed Registered from Haymarket to Winnipeg, 1947 Registered Dalby to Vancouver, 1947 Airmail to New Orleans franked Kangaroo 2/- & Kookaburra 6d, 1953 to Poona, India franked QEII Coronation 2/-, 1958 Airmail to India franked QEII 7½d pr & similar to Bombay franked 2/- QANTAS plus plenty of other interesting covers inc 1959 from Tantangara NSW (PO 1958-61 only) to Switzerland with 3 colour franking (rare cover retail $60+). Some slightly mixed condition, still an interesting & useful group. (100)SOLD at A$230

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Exhibition M/Sheets: Massive all diff collection (158) to 2015 Singapore set of 6 inc Australia 99 Navigators (5 diff), 2005 Pacific Explorer IMPERF, 2007 Harbour Bridge with 10 diff opts, strength in 2010-15 Exhibition, Fairs etc inc London 2010, Australia 2013 (11 diff), Sydney Stamp Expo 2015 (6 diff) & Singapore 2015 6 day set, all fresh MUH inc to $10. Also PO Year album limited edition M/Sheets (12) to 2013 inc 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 Olympics Gold Medallists sheetlets. Total est FV $600, retail much higher at $2100+ with recent emissions not readily available.All fresh MUH. (170)AVAILABLE at A$550
Kiloware: Mostly 1980-2015 with wide range of Pic/Commems inc to $1. All on close-clip single paper. Weight 15kg. Unchecked as received from Mary McKillop International Mission.SOLD at A$1400
Pitcairn Island: 1968-2015 high FV attractive fresh MUH range of blks fo4 & 4 x M/Sheets or S/S, strong in post 2000. Lots of nice thematic related sets inc Fish, Dolphins & other marine life, Birds inc WWF issues, Flowers, Ships, Royalty issues inc Pr William + Princess Catherine Wedding in sheet, Bounty, Art related issues & others, many spectacularly beautiful issues. Qld dealer retail $4100, SG cat £3600 = A$7000 with list of contents enclosed. (1030+, 146 M/S, S/S)SOLD at A$800

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Australia - Cricket: 1905 'Cricketers in Action' (28) inc V Trumper (NSW), A Cotter (NSW), J Darling (NSW), R Duff (NSW), S Gregory (NSW), C Hill (SA), A Hopkins (NSW), J Kelly (NSW), F Laver (VIC), C McLeod (VIC) & M Noble (NSW). English players (17) inc Lilley, Ironmonger, Haywood & Warner. Variable G-F/VF & quite photogenic. All with 'Milo' backs, Murray 2015 cat £65 ea, total £1820 = A$3500, plus 2 damaged inc 'W Grace' & 3 Poor-Fair condition. An extremely rare assembly. (33)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Sport - Cricket: 1926 Player & Sons Cricketers Caricatures set of 50 G-VG condition 2015 Murray cat £100. Horse Racing 1933 Player & Sons 1933 Derby & Grand National Winners set of 50. F-VF condition cat £85. Soccer Player & Sons 1927 Football caricatures by Mac. G-VG condition cat £60 & hints on Association Football 1934. Excellent condition cat £45. Plus 1990s Soccer trade cards with World Cup USA 94 (72) Futera 1994 (Aust, 52) & Merlin Ultimate (198), these all New. (520+)SOLD at A$120

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Australia - Cricket 1926 Sweetacre (Minties rev) comp set of 36 with 18 Aussies inc Grimmett, Hendry, Oldfield, Ponsford, Richardson & Woodful & 18 Poms inc Gilligan, Hobbs, Sutcliffe & Woolley. Some minor foxing, mostly Fine/VF. 2015 Murray cat £500. A very scarce set. (36)AVAILABLE at A$130

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Cricket: 1928 Giant Brand Liquorice set of 24 (medium size, blue back) English Cricketers. Some rev foxing, generally F-VF. 2015 Murray cat £350. (24)SOLD at A$50

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1d Carmine-aniline (G62) rough paper, error TOTALLY NO WATER- MARK (not even any line), upper marginal with misplaced 'A' wmk clearly visible into the selvedge. VF fresh M. ACSC 72Cab cat $7500. SG 47k cat £5000.Very rare. 2015 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2700

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1d Deep carmine-aniline (G108), perf OS. Superb U, strong colour & neat cnr cds. ACSC 74Eb cat $1250. 2015 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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South West Africa: 1901 Yacht 1Mk-5Mk no wmk, opt SPECIMEN. VF fresh M. SG 20-23(s), Mi 20-23SP cat €400. 2015 Sismondo photo cert.(4) (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1998 Endangered Species 20p IMPERF horiz pr from left margin. Superb fresh MUH. SG 2015(var). Only 150 prs recorded. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130