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1841 QV 2d blue white lines, letters TK, Plate 4. Fresh UN, 2½+ margins. SG Spec ES14, SG 14 cat £5000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Kiloware: 1980s-modern era Pics/Commems. Elegant mix with wide variety throughout to 2016 $1 Pics. Mostly on close clip single paper, unchecked as received from Victorian source. Weight 10kg.SOLD at A$170

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Kiloware: 45c Pics/Commems again on mostly close clip double paper. Weight 7+kg. Unchecked as received form a North Sydney Charity. Also 2.5kg on/off paper mix in plastic bag with Pics/Commems to 2016+ NVI graphic designs. Total weight 8.5kg.SOLD at A$240

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Big carton lot inc Australia Official RAM 2017 legends of the ANZACs coin collection with 14 diff 20c/25c coins mounted into individual cards & RAM 2016 ANZAC to Afghanistan album with Victoria Cross 25c coin enclosed. Singapore 1985 Twenty Five Years M/sheet PNC (2) both with 1oz pure silver medallion (retail $75+ each). Great Britain 1992 Year Album. Japan Regional stamps MUH collection (FV Y1400) inc Official album, 3 Mint sheet files inc Christmas Is (FV $20) & Norfolk Is (FV $85) 1970s MUH Commems in comp sheets/large multiples. Cyprus 1980 & 82 Year PO Year Folders. Solomon Is 1983 America's Cup collections (5). Various World booklets (30) 1980s-90s, New Zealand 1930s-80s mix (10,000) semi-sorted into 4 plastic bags. Sweden 1890s-1950s mix (2000) inc good range of cds pmks, Australia/GB/World mess all with mostly Private perfins (1500). Australia range of 1930s KGV 1d or 2d on cover fronts selected for NSW/QLD pmks, then 1960s-80s on-paper mix (2000) all with clear cds plus modern meter cut-outs (500) & other bits & pieces. Inspection, as usual, a good idea. (15,000+)SOLD at A$350

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British Antarctic Territory: 1963-2011 collection near comp in Lighthouse hingeless album with 1963 set (SG cat £250), & every thing else inc most M/Sheets (missing only 3 sets & 4 M/S). Plus pgs to 2016 with 10 sets & 4 M/S. Mostly VF fresh MUH some perf ones to 1985. SG cat £1600. (600, inc 30 M/S).AVAILABLE at A$500
Huge deceased estate mess Part 17: British Commonwealth 1977 QEII SJ collection in thick Prinz Imperial s/book with 53 Commem sets, 22 M/sheets & 6 booklets plus GB 1971 £1 Wedgwood booklet inc ½d Machin single Phosphor line (cat £75). Also Caribbean Is 1977 RV collection 20 diff Commem sets & 8 M/sheets. 1953 QEII Coronation collection with 90 diff MUH Pics. WWF MUH sets & FDC group of 3 featuring Whales & Fish, New Issue costs around $100. Samoa 1983-88 MUH collection with over 100 sets or M/sheets inc Fruit to $5 Plate Number blks of 4. France 1956-64 collection (100s) in brown Lighthouse s/book. Faroe Islands 1975-99 in green binder with plenty of Pics/Commems plus 2016-19 New issue still in glassines (cost vendor $230). Finally Mongolia 1968-75 with Thematics & Commems fresh CTO in 56 hagners. All neatly packed into medium carton.SOLD at A$300

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Kiloware: 5.2kg World mix inc GB, Indonesia, Malaysia, NZ, Philippines, USA & Vatican to at least 2016 & other C21st Pics inc Canada, Egypt, Hong Kong, Malta, Poland & Singapore plus plenty of mostly 1980s-90s Pics, Commems & Defs plus scattered earlier. Mostly on close clip single paper. Plus ½kg Australian decimals in plastic bag. Total weight 5.7kg.SOLD at A$250
Single Country collections (6 diff) with France 1863-2009 (1450) in SG Senator springback album inc pre 1900 Ceres & Napoleons & 1925 Exhibition Pics GB 1969-2014 (800) with wide range of Pics/Commems inc scarcer Post Millennium sets & higher vals to £5 Machin. India 1888-2008 (1300) inc QV Sidefaces KEVII to 2R, KGV to 15R, KGVI to 10R & wide range of Pics/Commems 1940s-Post Millennium Era. Also Indian States (80). Indonesia 1902-2002 (900). Ireland 1922-2016 (800) inc Defs to £5 & variety of Post Millennium Pics. Italy 1866-2016 (1250) with more Post-Millennium Pics, plus Cricket collection in 7th album & misc Europe (150+) on leaves in env. Approx 3000 stamps in medium carton.SOLD at A$450

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AFL Football Card collection with full sets inc Dominance 2020, Footy Stars 2019, Footy Stars 2018, 2017 Certified, 2017 Footy Stars, 2016 Team, 2015 Champions, 2015 Honours, 2014 Team, 2014 Champions, 2014 Honours, plus misc cards. New. (2500)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Carton lot with AFL sets (15) inc rare 2019 Battle Teams (set of 54), Footy Flips (18) & Footy Bods (18) then 2013 Future Force, 2014 Champions, Future Force, Honours, 2015 Champions, 2016 Team (2 sets) & Future Force, 2017 Certified, Footy Stars, 2018 & 19 Footy Stars. Cricket (3 sets) inc 1996 World Cup. NRL (2) with 2011 Champions & 2015 Elite. All comp sets. (2200).AVAILABLE at A$170

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AFL Football Cards & ephemera inc 2011 Grand Final Record, 2008 International Rules Aust Vs Ireland Record & 2011 Preliminary Final Record. 2016 Team Calendars for Essendon, Geelong & North Melbourne. Card sets inc 2014 Future Force, 2014 Honours, 2015 Champions, plus 2019 Battle Teams (set of 4), undated Footy Pop-Ups (set of 18), 2018 Footy Flips (set of 18), plus other bits & pieces inc 2011, 2012 AFL Grand Final Committee Luncheon Menus & 2007 Collingwood Social Membership medallion. All as new with some quite scarce items sighted. Est retail well over $500.AVAILABLE at A$230

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6d Pale blue Die IIA substituted cliche. VFU 'Sydney AU 3 Special 14' cds. SG 9b cat £2250, ACSC 17C(1)ja cat $4500. 2016 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1400

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1997-2016 Prestige Booklets collection (no AFL, Zodiac, Rugby League, Cwlth Games, or coin types & none of the larger size) o/w comp, all with special M/S available nowhere else. VF MUH. FV $1290 alone. PO cost $1530, Pfr cat $3000. (110).AVAILABLE at A$900

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1902-04 Official 'Medical' h/s opt on 1898-1907 Swan 2d bright yellow, wmk W crown A. VFU, barred pmk. SG 113(var). Rare provisional used by the WA Health Department. 2016 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1902-04 Official 'Medical' h/s opt on 1902-11 Swan 1d carmine-rose, horiz pr, wmk V crown sideways, perf 12½. VFU, 'Northam 6 FE 04' barred duplex pmk. SG 117(var). Rare provisional used by the WA Health Dept. 2016 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Somalia: 1941 Mogadisciu 'British Occupation POSTAGE' opts on Italian Africa Colonies Revenues 2L- 4L, 8L/10L & 10L. VF MUH. Unlisted SG, but listed in Italian & Michel cats, mentioned in Robson Lowe. Sass 11-13 & 16-17 cat €1200+. Rare stamps. 2016 Ceremuga photo cert. (5). (P)SOLD at A$400

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1943 Military Airmail opt Angers 10Fr violet with 'Par Avion Batiment de Ligne Richelieu' issued on Battleship Richelieu in New York'. VF fresh MUH. Yv PAM10 cat €1600+, Maury PAM7 cat €1700. Very rare as only 1 or 2 sheets of 50 printed. 2016 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1886 QV 1d Surch on ½d red-orange variety 'THRFE for THREE'. F-VF fresh MLH. SG 37c cat £300. 2016 RPSL photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$220