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Pre-Decimals 1860s-1960s Off-Paper mix with Australian States (approx 800) inc Non-Letter rate vals, Official/Private perfins, NSW Revenues to £1, Tas Pictorials & WA Swans to 1/-. Commonwealth inc Postage Dues, Kangaroos to 1/-, KGV to 5d, KGVI Era Robes 10/- & Arms to £1, QEII Pics/Commems to 10/- plus plenty of the others inc Official/Private Perfins & scattered MUH inc KGVI 3½d Brown comp 3/6 Booklet scattered in the mix. Approx 20,000 stamps.SOLD at A$275

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1916 Red Cross carmine opt 4c black & scarlet, perf 13½-14. VF fresh M appearance, small tear at top. SG 204a cat £850 & under-catalogued. Very rare genuine example as probably only 1 sheet printed. 2021 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1913-22 KGV set 5c-10R,, plus 5c, 25c (3), 1R (2) & 10R shades, wmk mult crown. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 196-204 cat £350. (15). (P)SOLD at A$230

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1935 Bulolo Airmail £2 violet. VF fresh MLH, sl trace of perf tones at top. SG 204 cat £350. (P)AVAILABLE at A$110

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1935 Bulolo Airmail £2 bright violet,, plus 1932-34 Undated Bird 2d & £1 & Undated Bird Airmail 9d & 2/- (2), all used on large piece VF, 'Post Office 11 OC 37 Salamaua' cds, plus red registered crayon line, 1 x 2/- damaged. SG 179, 189, 198, 200, 204 cat £350++ as loose stamps, plus large premium for use on parcel tag. (P)AVAILABLE at A$230

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1995 Bird of Paradise 21t Surch 2nd printing full set of 6 thick opts on 1992 date large 'T' set, 1993 small 't' & the rare 1992 date small 't' set. VF fresh MUH. SG 755b-58b, 755b(var) & 756(var), Mi 743I.II/II.II & I.II/1992, 746I.II/II.II & I.II/1992 cat €2040. Rare genuine set, only around 1200 sets printed (beware of forgeries of 2 rare values). Rare & desirable as imprint blks. 2001 Ceremuga AIEP photo-cert for these 2. (6 blks). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1873 Dept of Justice set 1c-90c purple LARGE DIE PROOFS on India paper (mostly about 61x75mm), removed from card. Mostly VF fresh UN as made. SG O204-13(p), (normal cat £6000). Sc O25P1-34P1 cat US$800 (normal cat US$6685). Rare & attractive. (10). (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1899-1901 Sultan set ½a-5R, opt SPECIMEN. Mostly VF fresh M, couple UN. SG 188s-204s cat £350. (17) (P)SOLD at A$375