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KGV: 1d Green varieties (15) with single wmk & LM wmk 'Ferns' & RA joined in lower marginal blks of 4 (ACSC cat $360), SM wmk perf 14 'Neck flaw' in pr with normal ($260), Neck flaw 'reduced' (2, ACSC 80(4)ha cat $500), Dot before 1 (2) & perf 13½ x 12½ Die II single. ACSC cat $1300 for hinged, plus 50% premium MUH, $1900. Also single, LM, No wmk & SM wmk (both perfs) blks of 4 all fresh MUH. Total ACSC cat over $2300. (35)AVAILABLE at A$230

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Fiume: 1918-42 attractive collection on leaves inc 1918 'Harvesters' & 'Parliament' opt set 2F-10K U on piece SG 1-20 (cat £530), also to 1K, 1918 Postage Dues 6f, 12f, 50f black & green SG D29/31 & 1f-30f red & green SG D32/40 U on piece, 1919 'Education' 2c-10c car (2) U on piece, 1919 'Student Education' 2c-10c U on piece, 1920 d'Anunzio New Currency set & Express pr SG 131-EI46 U. 1923 Defs & Express SG 201-E214 U, plus extras M. Also 'Arbe' 1920 opt 5c green, 50c/20c U, Veglia 1920 20c, 55c/55c, 55c/5c U. Italian Occupation Fiume & Kupa 1942 Maternity set MUH, plus nice 1919 Registered cover franked 'FRANCO' opt 45/20f Postage Due. Mostly VF. SG cat £2000+ = A$3600+, plus the scarce cover. (145)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Mexico: 1856-1903 Classic inc 1856 Hidalgo ½r - 4r imperf. 1861 Hidalgo New Colours to 4R. 1864 Hidalgo perf set. 1864-66 Eagle to 8R, plus shades. 1866-67 Emperor Litho 7c-50c & Engraved 7c-50c. 1867 Guadalajara 1R Provisional on quadrille paper. 1868 Hidalgo full face to 100c. 1872-74 Sideface to 100c imperf, & to 50c pin-perf. 1874-83 perf set to 100c. 1879-82 President to 100c. 1882-83 Numeral set to 6c. 1884-85 Hidalgo to 2P inc New Colours. 1886-95 Numeral Oval to 25c inc colours, perfs, & shades. 1895-98 Pictorials to 1P. 1899-1903 Pictorials to 5P. Officials 1884-94 Hidalgo in 5 colours. 1895-98 Pictorial to 1P. 1899-1903 Pics to 5P inc opt types. Porte De Mar 1875 Numerals to 100c. 1875 Black Numerals to 100c, & 1879 set to 100c. Also 1880s-1900 Registration Labels (4 diff). All diff inc shades & perfs. Most G-VF M/U. SG cat £2000 = A$3800+. (214)SOLD at A$500

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1938 Robes 10/- thick paper. Ash imprint cnr blk of 4. VFU with 2 'GPO Sydney' cds. ACSC 214z cat $250 as a Mint imprint blk of 4, U much scarcer. (P)SOLD at A$130

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1937-51 KGVI Used inc with all Omnibus sets inc 1948 Silver Wedding set, 1938-51 Pic set to £1, plus shades. All diff. VFU. SG cat £214. (30) (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1912-23 KGV $100 black & carmine on blue, wmk mult crown. VF fresh MLH, nice original gum & beautiful deep colours. SG 214 cat £12,000+. Key British Empire high denomination in premium quality. 2003 & 2020 Ceremuga photo certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$10000

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1918 'Red Cross Two Cents' opt Pic set 1c-$10. F-VF M, some lower paper adhesion from pg, gum sl tropicalised. SG 214-234 cat £1200. Key set. (17). (P)SOLD at A$700

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1905 'ARMY OFFICIAL' vert opt Camel Postman 1m brown & carmine, blk of 4 (pos 23-24 & 29-30), Army reading up, wmk mult star & crescent variety '!' for 'I' on LL stamp. VF 2MLH/2MUH inc variety. SG A1/A1a cat £118 for M singles, MUH should be at least double, so £214, plus premium for positional blk. (P)SOLD at A$130