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Interesting selection Roos to Decimals in 2 small s/books & loose. Inc Kangaroos to 2/-, KGV to 1/4, 1930s commems inc 1934 Macarthur to 9d, 1935 ANZAC, 1936 SA Cent F-VF M. set also 1935 Jubilee, 1937 KGVI Robes set to £1 & 1949 Arms to £2 G-FU & QEII Pics/commems, to 10/- Flinders (retail $450+). Also PO Pack range 1970 to post 2000 (FV $140+), Decimal range G-FU. Back of the book inc SA inc Revenues 1916-60 to 1/- G-FU, inc Railways, 1922 2d GR FU, Australian Custom Duties to 1/- & others, cat $150+. Various others inc some GB KGV Seahorses to 5/-, KGVI 1935 to £1 & 1951 Festivals set G-FU. Mostly F-VF. (570+)AVAILABLE at A$220
Great Britain 1953-2014 QEII collection (many 100s) in 2 thick KABE s/books with wide variety of Pic/Commem sets inc many higher , Machins to £5 & Pics to £10 Britannia. PNG Decimal MUH Commem sets (216) mostly in blks of 4. Samoa 1970s-80s MUH Pic collection (400) inc Fruit to $5 blks in 4 & Birds to $20 & 60 other MUH Commem/Pic sets plus 28 M/sheets. Australia pre-dec Mint collection (100) inc 1940 AIF set in Seven Seas album with plenty of room for expansion. Used World collections in 6 loose leaf albums inc Australia KGV to 1/4, Kangaroos to 2/-, 1934 Vic Cent & 1936 SA sets. Tasmania 1899 Pic set, British Commonwealth inc Pacific Islands Thematics plus World Pics & Commems. More mess in 10 s/books inc M/MUH NZ collection, sighted 1960 Pics to £1 Geyser, Healths from 1936 onwards inc 10 1960s M/sheets & Swiss in older style Globe album. Also Omnibus style collections inc International Society of Postmasters 1976 Christmas collection, United Nations Commem FDC collection 1977-79 in & 1981 RW collections (2) in individual Max Stern folders.SOLD at A$325

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6d Chestnut & 2/- maroon. F-VF fresh MUH. SG 73-4 cat £108 for M, should be at least double, £216 MUH. ACSC 21 & 38 cat $850. (2). (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1946 Mitchell 2½d red wmk INVERTED, IMPERF vert pr. Superb fresh MUH, 4 large margins. SG 216(var), ACSC 239ba cat $750. Rare variety & wmk inverted not recorded on perf stamps. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1946 Mitchell 2½d red wmk inverted IMPERF vert pr. Fresh MUH, sl vertical crease at left. SG 216(var). ACSC 239ba cat $750. (P)SOLD at A$150

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1892-99 QV Tablet set ½d - £1 opt SPECIMEN. VF fresh M/MUH. SG 216-25s cat £650+. (10) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1933 Aviation Congress set 5m-20m in LL cnr blks of 12. Superb fresh MUH. SG 214-18 cat £1080 as M singles, should be at least double, £2160 MUH plus premium for rare large multiples. Beautiful quality. (48). (P)AVAILABLE at A$2150

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1871-78 Postage Due 60c ochre. Superb fresh UN, 4 margins. SG D216 cat £850, Yv TT8 cat €800. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1926-33 KGV 5R ultramarine & purple, wmk Mult Star. VF fresh M. SG 216 cat £75.AVAILABLE at A$50

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1937 KGVI Coronation set ½d-2½d, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. SG 214s-216s cat £160. Scarce genuine set. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1972 Reptiles set 7c-30c imperf PROOFS. VF fresh M, plus Courvoisier printers approval folder & normal set to compare. SG 216-19(p). Extremely rare - only 2 sets recorded. (8) (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1907 Large Canoe ½d blue left marginal blk of 24 (6x4) showing all types. VF fresh UN. SG 1 cat £216 as singles. Rare multiple.SOLD at A$100