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KGV: ½d - 5d Specialised collection in older-style loose leaf album with ½d green single wmk (22) inc wmk inv, 'dot before fraction bar at left' (Pos 3R11) toned upper perfs, ACSC 63(3)r cat $1200, 'neckless emu' (Pos 6L53), 'barb on fraction bar at right' (Pos 4R40) & 'vert scratch at right' (Pos 1L18). ½d green LM wmk (25) inc 'dot before right 2' (Pos 4R55), 'barb on right fraction bar' (Pos 4R40) & 'flaw in left wattles' (Pos 5R31). ½d orange (11). 1½d red Die II SM wmk perf 14 (86) inc 'saddle on emu' (2), 'THRFE for Three' (unplated) & 'extra frame line at left'. 1½d red perf 13½x12½ (150) inc 'broken crown', 'extra right frame', various plate scratches & other 'fly speck' flaws. 2d orange (49) mostly minor flaws. 2d red Die I (94) single wmk with various ink clogging flaws, mainly at base & other mostly minor or 'fly speck' varieties inc constant plating flaws. 2d brown Die I single wmk (8) inc 'line through W of Two' (Pos 12R27), 'flaw on A' (Pos 12R28), 'spot before RVT' (not plated) CTO, & 'flaws in CVT' (Pos 16R60) CTO, ACSC cat $400. 2d brown SM wmk perf 14 (5, cat $300), 2d red CofA wmk (70) mostly 'fly speck' flaws. 3d blue Die I (74) inc constant flaws, blk of 4 & prs 14. 4d olive (12) inc 'roo's tongue out' & SM wmk perf 14 (5). 4½d (9), 5d (7) inc single wmk 'dry ink'?? variety 'spot on King's head', plus others to 4d blue. Some mostly minor toning, but generally G-F U. ACSC cat over $3500. (570). (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1918 'Industrielle Kreigs Wirtschaft' opt set 3c-30c, thin seriffed opt, used for official departments importing & exporting war materials. VF fresh M/MLH. Mi D1-8I cat €900, SG ex O299-307 cat £1216. (8) (P)AVAILABLE at A$350